Tatl & Tael earrings!

Not my best photo but I’m using a phone to do it.

These are made from purple and yellow glass beads and silver plated wire, and each is about 3cm (1.2in) long including the hook.

I will be selling these, along with other jewellery, at London MCM Comicon! Find me at stand U3, by the game stage. There will be big red “COSPLAY SOS” balloons over my table!


- We meet again, Wolf, Have you fulfilled your destiny?
- Salamandra is dying, soon to be a memory…
- Salamandra means nothing. It was but a particle of chaos, the tool of the madman you just slew. Your past, your destiny, the reasons for your resurrection… All remians unknown.
- Words, words, words…
- You’ve always used them ably to mask uncertanity and fear. I once promised I would follow you.
- Gibberish, specter. Tell me what you want or disappear!
- Reflect on your deeds, witcher. I stood near you when you arrived at Kaer Morhen, an omen of its downfall. I observed as you judged the villagers of the Outskirts, leaving only blood and fire behind you. You brought death upon Raymond, endangered Shani mindful only of your goals. Chaos followed in your wake. You slaughtered dozens with your witcher’s sword. You threw gold to the Scoia'tael, feuling new massacres. You left Vizima in chaos only to bring destruction upon Murky Waters. Every one of your decisions brought further devastation, each choice you made led to greater evil. How did you feel when your elven friends set fire to Vizima and slaughtered dh'oine?
- Stop!
- Do not deny it, witcher. You are my greatest champion, a perfect means of destruction. Wherever you walk, death and chaos follow.

(Finally, yeeeey)

Ladies and gentlemen– She’s my witcher OC, a weird “little” girl named Aryel, but only a few people use her real name. In fact, she lives in the forest alone with monsters and the Iorveth’s Scoia’tael to piss them off like a lovely tribe.

She’s… strange. Weird. She’s a witcher but mostly a bandit, an outlaw: like Berengar, she went against the code and not only once. She took part in battles, popular revolts, robberies too. She never was neutral in decisions, like a true witcher should be-! so, adding the various crimes and the constant troubles (who put a drowner’s brain in Iorveth’s soup?) the witcher’s order decided to put a reward on her head. Iorveth gave her his forest and protection in return of her witcher abilities, which we’ll see soon maybe.

Like her past. Her teacher. Her everything-

alternativerabbit asked:

On dhea'lam! I first have to say how awesome you are for doing all of this, you are the raddest person ever. I was wondering if you could translate a phrase for me? I was hoping to use the phrase 'the calm before the storm' as a female name for my inquisitor. Again, you are really awesome and all the time you've spent on this project is appreciated. Sule tael tasalal

On dhea’him!

Thank you for the kind words, and I’m glad that you’re enjoying the project! I’m always willing to translate phrases and names provided it isn’t something I’ve already done before. And even then I’m more apt to politely link you than not answer.

Felas i’ve tarasyl’nin - The calm before the storm. 

As a name:

Felas’i’ve’tarasyl’nin - Usable, but I doubt you want that much of a mouthful. 







Felivetanin is neuter. Felivetanis is masculine and Felivetania or Felivetanina is feminine. 


anonymous asked:

What do you think about in the witcher 3 there will be a scoia'tael camp and it's all just immersive elven language like in the black ones camp?

I honestly hope there will be! I’d love to go explore Elven ruins now the the world has opened up to us! This game looks lore packed!! :’D

-Mod Hazardous.

anonymous asked:

"He doesn’t, not while he was gone and not since he’s been back, a silence between them that was never there before growing in the weeks that have passed since the beginning of the semester, the end of the summer when Taele left and whatever it was that existed between Spock and herself evaporated in Puri’s shout down the street, the excited flurry of them leaving for the ship." Just wanted to let you know from one writer to another that this was beautifully written.


Eeeek, thanks!  Not gonna lie, I think I half stole this line from the end of the chapter when Puri actually does shout down the street but hey, it worked once so why not go for round number 2!  

Previously on The Witcher Diaries: Geralt proves his innocence to Vernon Roche following the assassination of King Foltest by another witcher. Accompanied by Roche and the sorceress Triss, Geralt of Rivia heads to the town of Flotsam, hot on the trail of the kingslayer, who is working with the Scoia’tael, the non-human rebels led by Iorveth.

One of the reasons I didn’t get very far in The Witcher is because I wasted an ungodly amount of time gambling. I could probably be further ahead in this game too, but well, monster slaying doesn’t pay as well as it used to. Dicing, fighting, and arm wrestling? That’s where the orens are at.