cr: 묘묘는 레오레오♪

Q. what did you do yesterday?

Leo: ㅇㅅㅇ (thinking) …School.. I went to school.

Fans: woooooooahh

Hyuk: I did my homework!

Fans: woooooooahh. what? what kind? 

Hyuk: school homework!

Fans: (laughing) what? what kind? specifically!

Hyuk: specifically?

Fans: (with) length~ *basically wants a long explanation*

Hyuk: basic fitness exercises. and analyze the five essential nutrients…

Fans: (giggling) so cute

Hyuk: …and in liberal arts.. ahh.. this is hard.. (laughing) I wrote about my life’s story.

Fans: ahhhhhh too cute ㅠㅅㅠ

Ravi: he seemed to be working on it diligently. starting off with the lines, “hello my name is hyuk~”

- 141211 Suwon STAFF Fansign
cr. @ddang0kong // yuu-jin