also bc of pics of kibum today

taekey where they get roomed together in dorms bc  they’re both lazy fucks who didnt organize to choose where they wanted to go or make plans on who they would room with and taemin is set up when kibum comes in and taem is their for contemporary music and has all his shit set up and kibum is just ‘no T__T’ and they fight but eventually come to a standstill and work out how to organize their shit, and for the first term they hardly speak and they label everything but tae eats too much and kibum yells at him when he eats his specially made meals and taemin just puts his headphones on and ignores kibum but then when kibum is cramming for mid terms and end of semester exams ((kibum is like a science student)) at 2am taem will make tired kibum coffees and instant ramen and sleep with the lights on even tho he cant really sleep that much and eventually kibum starts making enough of his special meals so theres some left over for tae to snack on 

and at the end of the semester/year when they have the option of changing rooms/mates they just can’t bring themselves to do it and maybe over the summer break /end of year holidays or something they end up making out after a couple too many drinks (but not ‘we had no idea what we were consenting to’ drunk, just tipsy) and they end up dating and they’re cute shits who still have fights about taemin leaving his dirty underwear outside of the hamper instead of in it or neither of them stocking up on condoms because ‘it was your turn!’ and yup they would be stupid brats who are in love and idiots about it