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my failed fan vid of taehak and oppayam in Singapore last year lol

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is this for real? lmao. even shinmae have ships too. 

oil and water manager version ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


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ค่ายฤดูใบไม้ร่วงของฮเยซอง Sweet Oct 
ขอบคุณเพื่อนรักคยองรอค ผู้จัดการแทฮักและผู้จัดการจงฮยอน

Hyesung Fall Camp Sweet Oct. Best friend Gyung Rok, Manager Tae Hak, Manager Jong Hyun who struggled for the sports relay thank you… 
Eng trans : AllaboutSix(Shinhwa)
Thai trans :

That Night Before Clarke Quay..
  • I was already in the hostel, ready to sleep when CEOs are spamming my timeline with their updates about their whereabouts... I was only "oh.they were outside now..even mentioning their location..wth" and laughed it off =)) I told my roommate (Febi) about this and she went:
  • My roommate (F):Let's go to see them!
  • Me:Nah..too lazy.. let's just sleep.. They prob already went back to the hotel anyway....
  • F:What if they still there?
  • Me:*rolls on bed* let them be.... i'm tired..
  • F:LET'S GO SEE THEM!! According to -another roommate of ours- they are still there!!
  • Me:*still uninterested* Really? Where?
  • F:Clarke Quay!! She said she saw taehak there too!
  • Me:*wake up instantly* WHAT??? SAW WHOOO??!!!!!!!!!
  • F:TAEHAK!! and RicMin!
  • Me:OMG TAEHAK!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! LET'S GO NOW!!!!!!!!! How do we get there??!! omg... *dressing up frantically*
  • So that's how we finally went there to see them (only SAW not MOB them) =))))))))))))))

just wanna say Taehak oppa (Hyesung’s manager) dress up really well, even better than Shinhwa sometimes. (actually most of the time) hahaha. (look at the previous post, he even styled his hair gorgeously!!!)

I’ll never forget in June when Shinhwa arrived Singapore, Dongwan and Taehak was walking side by side at the airport and yes i totally looked at the wrong person. lollll. (mianhe oppayam….)