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The Story Of Tobuscus and DoodlesByAdzie

Toby has made things in my life change so much - I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for him. I decided to sum it all up in a story leading up to now - August 2013. Sorry if it’s a little sloppy - I made this at 5 in the morning.

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I literally cried…Tadzie for life <3


Ship: Tadzie (as you can tell from the title)

What started out as a recording session for a new doodle, would turn out to be the start of something else…

Note: Sorry if it’s not the best, just wanted to write this because it was a cute little idea I had thanks to the Tadzie tag. Enjoy!

As Adele fixed her hair in the mirror, she couldn’t believe she was less than an hour away from her date with Toby! Well, at least she was calling it a date. She was making a doodle of him, and she needed him and his voice. She had moved to California soon after going home from Vidcon.

She stepped back and admired herself in her “Everyday I’m Doodlin’” shirt, red jacket, black skirt and tights. The same outfit she had worn when he had recognized her at Vidcon, the same outfit she wore when they started their friendship, and maybe… their relationship?

Her heart skipped a beat as the doorbell rang, and she hopped down the stairs and threw on her shoes.

“Hey, you look great. You ready to go?” Toby smiled, standing in the doorway of her apartment.

“Yep.” She smiled back.

“Oh wait!” She ran inside to grab her tablet. “Can’t believe I almost forgot this.” She awkwardly laughed. Goddamn nerves…

It was a silent ride to Toby’s house, but her thoughts were screaming at her. What’s going to happen today? Is Toby going to try something? God, she wished her thoughts would just shut up.

“Alright! Let’s go make a doodle! Wheew!” She had tuned in at the right time, and smiled at his enthusiasm.

A few hours later, they were done recording and had some fun during the process. A question had come to her mind during it. Well, originally when she saw the Tadzie comments on his Vidcon video, but it was back, and now she had the courage to ask.

“Toby…” She murmured while closing her first sketch of how the doodle would go.

“Yeah Adzi- uh, Adele?” He answered. She wasn’t sure whether to be sad he was almost going to call her Adzie, or happy that he corrected himself.

“Do you… do you know about Tadzie?” She asked nervously. She had to know if he knew about what she daydreamed of a few times a day.

“Tadzie? What’s that?” He raised a brow.

“It’s… the ship between us. Toby and Adzie.” She answered with a hint of disappointment that he didn’t know…

About what we have… what’s obviously going to happen… She brushed away her hopeful thoughts.

“Look, I’ll show you.” She sighed, walking to Toby’s computer and logging into her Tumblr. She typed #Tadzie into the search bar, and looked to see Toby standing next to her.

“What should I be expecting…?” He stopped when he saw the many drawings, fanfics, and posts about them. Or rather, them being together.

“Oh… oh wow.” Toby mumbled in shock of what was on the screen before him.

“Yeah. It’s really grown since I moved here…”

“You mean… you looked at this before?”

“Yeah…” She wasn’t sure how to feel. Suddenly, Toby started laughing. A lot. So Adele started laughing too.

“So, this is a thing that people spend their time creating art and stories for and look at other’s creations?” Toby said through a laugh.

“Yeah.” He laughed harder when he heard her answer. He fell over into her lap, making Adele blush.

Oh senpai… you really are too cute. She whispered to herself.

Toby stopped laughing.

“…What? What did you just…?” He stood up and stared directly into her eyes. It didn’t feel like she had ever expected, nor wanted it to.

“Toby, let me-” He reached down to her face, rubbing her cheek with his thumb.

“Look at you… you’re blushing.” He smiled, and kissed her forehead.

“T-Toby…” He made his way to her cheek, cupping her chin, then kissing both. Left then right.

“Shhh…” He whispered, making his way to her lips, tauntingly slow, leading up to their gentle first kiss.

And they knew it would not be their last.

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This is so adorable

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Found this vid of me meeting Toby for the 1st time at VidCon since the London Meetup. I had no idea he put his arm around me when he was filming his vlog! So happy this happened.

okay official ship name for me and toby is ‘tadzie’ - if you submit fanart/fanfic i will tag it. or you can tag it yourself you lazy fooks (loljkiluvu)

but yeah

let this begin


Tadzie 2

It’s baaaack…

When Toby and Adele go on their first official “date”, things take a turn for the worse…

Note: There’s a bit of swearing and protective Toby in here. Hope you like!

What. Just… what. What the fuck just happened!? Adele thought, focusing on every little feature of Toby’s face as he pulled away from their first kiss. She was confused but… happy. Extremely happy. Toby slowly open his eyes and gazed into hers. She smiled, and started to giggle, unbelieving that everything that just happened, happened. Aaaand then she realized…

“So, uh… what happens now?”

“I don’t know.” He said through an awkward laugh.

“I’ll… just, uh, be going. I- I should start animating if we want this done by Friday.” She corrected, hoping she hadn’t offended Toby.

“Wait…” He stopped her, grabbing her wrist. “So, I’m doing a meet-up this weekend-”

“I know. I’m a fan of yours, remember?” She giggled.

“Right. And it’s fine if you don’t want to go, since you’re working on the doodle and stuff… but, maybe you’d like to come with me… and be in a vlog?” Her biggest dream of her and Toby (besides them being together of course), was going to come true this weekend.

“Uh- uh- uh- uh sure!” She answered, trying (and failing) to keep down her fangirl squeals. Toby smiled and said goodbye as Adele left, only to squeal and giggle uncontrollably as soon as she got to her car.

The rest of the week went unbearably slow as she waited for the upcoming weekend, but luckily she had PLENTY of animating to keep her busy. But finally, finally, FINALLY it was here. Their first date? What do you classify going out with an amazing youtuber who’s like a hero to you that you’ve kissed and shipped yourself with but you’re not really dating or are you?

A few hours later, you’re walking around where the meet-up is planned to be, looking for Toby.

“He was supposed to be here 15 minutes ago… where is he?” You mutter. You were supposed to meet up first, then he’d bring you to wherever he’d be talking to everyone else.

Wow… to think just a few weeks ago I was just “everyone else”… She thought.

“Hey.” Someone whispered in your ear, alarming you. You flinch and turn to see Toby, and hear everyone else noticing him too. Screams of fans turn into a mob heading towards both of you.

“Oh shit…” Toby mumbled. You hadn’t heard him swear like that since the early years of his channel.

“What do we do?” She asked, trying to keep her calm.

“We run like hell!” He screamed, grabbing her wrist while she was being pushed away. They had lost each other, and now she was just a part of “everyone else”.

Toby got up onto the stage, looking worried when she wasn’t up there.

“To any Doodlens out there, do you see Adele out there? She’s… kinda supposed to be up here with me.”

Just then, someore grabbed Adele’s hand roughly, and started pulling away.

“The stage is the other way, you know.” Adele told the stranger.

“I know.” They replied.

“Where are you taking me then?” She had already started pulling away from the man.

“Right about…” He stepped into the nearby alley, pulling her with him. He was strong, and that was going to be a problem. “Here. Now, I wanted to talk to you about something. Well, we did.” He motioned to the little girl in the shadows of the alley, and she stepped out, and gave Adele a hug.

“I really like your videos.” She smiled and hugged her tighter.

“Honey, why don’t you go back to the meet-up? Get Mommy and take her with you.”

“Okay daddy!” She grinned and ran off, leaving her alone with the stranger.

“Now, I want to talk to you.”

“Why couldn’t we chat at the meet-up?”

“Because I couldn’t do this.” Suddenly, he punched her in the jaw, knocking her down.

“Ah, son of a bitch…” Adele mumbled. She got kicked in the stomach next, and he pulled her up just to punch her in the nose.

“That’s enough!” A woman yelled. Yes! I’m saved! Adele thought, holding her possibly broken nose.

“So you’re Adele. Toby’s girl.” She hissed.

“Um, I don’t know about that, but-” The woman turned out to be strong as well, pulling her up by the collar of her shirt.

“He’s mine, got it? I’ve worked to damn long just to have some British bitch mess it up. Stay away from Toby. Or else this is going to happen again.” She dropped her to the ground, only to leap at her and start to strangle her. The guy just stood with his bulging, wondering if he was going to see someone be killed…

As she started losing consciousness, she felt the strong grip release her. She gasped, and saw Toby standing next to her.

“Toby! I was just walking to the meet-up and I saw that this guy was beating Adele, and I didn’t know what to do! I obviously couldn’t take this big guy on-”

“Cut the bullshit. I don’t want-” Suddenly, everything was dark.

“Don’t you ever touch my girlfriend again.” He growled as she regain consciousness. The pair ran off, and Toby crouched next to her.

“Adele, are you okay? I’m so sorry… I just… God dammit…” He trailed off.

“Seriously? Just look at me, do you think I’m alright?” She looked down at her blood stained shirt (hopefully it was from her bleeding nose), and started to laugh.

“Why are you laughing?”

“This has been a great first date, huh?” Toby giggled. Then, it slowly dawned on her that she was just beaten in an alley, and someone was willing to do it again. She almost died. Soon, Toby was holding her in his arms, carrying her to the remainder of the meet-up.

“Everything’s ok… Shhh…. I’m here.” He whispered to her, occasionally kissing her forehead. After cleaning her up, he carried her to the stage and started to vlog.

“Audience what? What are you doing looking at DoodlesbyAdzie!?” The audience cheered, and she smiled. Maybe this day hadn’t been so bad after all…