The Tadjik kid

The Tadjik restaurant owner’s kid. He became the little translator for us because his mum doesn’t speak Chinese.

We helped him with his home work and his mum asked me for my number and wanted me to help with his study later. I told them I live in Beijing. By the time we finished his home work, the whole family were gathered in this little restaurant. His uncle said something, and everyone laughed. I asked what he said. The boy said “he said you can get married here in Tashkurgan.” he was so embarrassed by what he had to translate and he covered his face with his hands. I laughed and ask him “who am I going to marry?” he hid behind his mum and said “don’t know”. Then everyone laughed again. I left my number anyway.

The next morning I left a bag of stationary for him outside their restaurant and took the bus to Karakul lake. I got a phone call just before the bus leave from the little boy. He asked me “are you leaving now? when are you coming back?” I said “soon”. It’s a promise.

-О,так вы с АУЭСа?А на кого вы учитесь?
своим одногруппникам за спиной:
-Эу,на кого мы там учимся?
—  На дне рождении одного из мегагостеприимных таджиков :)