RE Factor Tactical Blasting Cap


  • 3.5”x2” Velcro patches sewn on front and back for adhesion of patches

  • 1”x1” Velcro patch sewn on top of hat for IR square

  • 1”x1” Velcro patch sewn inside cap for storage of IR squares

  • VF-17 Panel sewn on inside of hat for signaling

  • RE Factors of different explosives printed on inside tape for quick reference

  • Mesh backing on hat for increase ventilation

  • Built on a FlextFit platform for increased comfort

  • Patches not included

My take on the regular Team Rocket thug. I never got the ‘threatening terrorist’ vibe from them even thought that’s what they were supposed to be. I always pictured them as more of a paramilitary group that pulled off bigger jobs than stealing a Pikachu, like bombing Pokemon centers or robbing highly guarded facilities full of rare or man-made pokemon (like where mewtwo was created). They certainly don’t seem to be short of funding that would enable them to do so.