9/22/13: Brandon Saad talks about the young guys getting on the scoresheet in the game vs. Detroit (X)

For anon: I know you only asked for the hand-through-hair moment, but I can never resist his smile. :)

And the way he talks about the ‘young guys’ as THEM - DUDE YOU ARE STILL SHEDDING EGGSHELL FRAGMENTS YOURSELF. And I’m pretty sure you’d have to ask some of those ‘young guys’ to buy drinks for you according to the letter of the law.

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i just tried to link my family to the gofundme page for mike brown's family and it said it did not exist. do you know the correct url to donate to them? or if they designated a preferred charity? thank you for all your hard work.

also do you have any resources about how to talk to children about this if they ask? I’m a swim coach to a wide age group and I know at least one of my kids will bring this up at practice tomorrow and I want to be sure I handle that tactfully and appropriately.

The link I have for the Mike Brown Memorial Fund doesn’t work anymore. They must have deleted/removed the campaign.

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isn't colossus' weight limit around 100 tons

Ultimate Colossus was stronger than 616, he could carry a nuclear sub across however many miles offshore on the bottom of the ocean up onto the beach.

Of course this was before they kinda shat the bed with the character and retconned him from a young man who grew up running guns for the mob to provide for his family to a steroid junkie who was too frail and feeble to move his own metal body and got disowned by his family for being too gay. I think Robert Kirkman was responsible for that? I dunno it was really awful. Like, Colossus being gay earlier on in the series was handled pretty tactfully and was one facet of his character that didn’t overwhelm his entire backstory but also informed his behaviour in other regards. Like, he was always frustrated with how Xavier put the X-Men on display and used them like a personal mouthpiece for his political agenda, and he objected to being publicly “exposed” as a mutant after spending his life as one of the mutants who could “hide” it. That was what his character was very much built around was sort of like… When to keep things private because they aren’t other people’s business or they could make people hostile towards you when to make information public because it can help other people or make you more comfortable with yourself. Then they just kind of wiped the board like “Nope he was just a weak pansy man who had to get juiced up to prove his masculinity”.

Honestly if it was handled right that latter idea could have been some really interesting commentary on gender and sexuality in a superhero narrative as it’s own story, but not the sloppy retcon they forced by yelling over the character he used to be.

the Luke Club

Luke was leaning over me, one arm slung casually across the pathway to reach the opposite railing, completely blocking my path. I hitched my casual denim schoolbag up my bag and silently prayed he’d move his arm before I had to do it for him.

“Can I get through?” I mumbled, barely audible. He didn’t acknowledge me, but I saw an eyebrow crook and tactfully added on a hasty, “Please?”

“Or else?” He asked cheekily, leaning even further over me so there was about eight inches between us. I rolled my eyes and glanced sideways. Nobody else in the crowded hall had noticed our small exchange.

Luke was in two of my classes, was a pretty good student and also was annoying to basically anyone who wasn’t part of his select ‘group’. I, unfortuanly, was not part of the Luke club which earned me a hard time pretty much everytime I saw him. 

Though it was becoming apparently obvious that I had small feelings for him it was hard to tell if they were reciporcated and the whole thing was such a colossal confusing mess I just ignored it, hoping it would all go away or explode, that we would either end up as nothing or end up as the best anything ever. 

“C’mon Luke, don’t be a dick.” I scowled. He rolled his eyes but let me pass, tugging his lip ring in between his teeth then letting it out. 

“I’m having a party tonight.” He said, trailing behind me as I started to slowly wander away from him. To be honest, after his hand had fallen I’d forgotten every reason I’d wanted it too.

“And?” I prodded. He grinned at the prompt and continued. 

“Well, its not mine per say, its Michaels, but I was wondering if you would like to come?” He said, not even blinking. I glanced at him and looked back to the ground when I saw he was staring at me.

“Why? You’ve run out of hot girls in the school to bang and are looking to slum it?” I said it with a smile- we both knew it was the truth and if Luke Hemmings was looking to have some midnight fun with me his social status would be taking a nosedive real soon. He stopped and gently pulled my arm back so I was standing with my back to the wall, him planted firmly in front of me. “Luke I’m not looking for someone to do and ditch. I’m not looking for anyone. And there are so many girls in the school who would love you to go with them.”

“Doesn’t it matter who I wanna go with?” He asked, voice whiney like a small childs. I rolled my eyes and bit my lip, mentally calculating all the possible routes to best avoid making it seem like I wanted in his pants (even though I totally, completely, utterly did). His eyes flickered over me, searching across my face. As soon as he’d found what he was looking for crumpled into the skin of my cheeks or dripping from my eyes he grinned. “Knew you’d say yes. Where do you live? I’ll pick you up.”

I laughed and he crooked an eyebrow again, his mouth playing into a slight smile. “On your pushbike?” I asked. He rolled his eyes and laughed lightly.

“Nah, thats for special occasions.”

“And I’m not special enough?” I asked, fake pouting. 

“No unless you wanna be, Y/N.” He breathed out, the eight inches previously between us shrinking into an easy three. He kept doing that thing- the thing that he always had done for the past two years of knowing you, the thing that he did during your playful banter- the thing where he made you  fall a little harder. You’d never had a crush on him, god no, and you’d had plenty of boyfriends but that damn Hemmings boy, making you feel all stupid inside. 

“Whatever, I’ll text you.” You said, breaking the uneasy silence. The air felt so thick with WANT, it was choking you and you swear he couldn’t breathe either because after you turned and kept walking, one, two, three paces away, he took a second to breathe normally. You took another step away and turned back to face him, still standing facing the wall. “You gonna eat lunch with me or what mr hotshot pushbike.”

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If Ben was so reluctant to bring public's attention to his private life, why announce engagement 2 days before the start of the huge US promo tour? No need to be Nostradamus to predict that everyone will be on it asking questions and trying to find out as many details as possible. What did he expect? Journalists will be tactfully calm about it? He is 40 years old grown man, I can't believe he is that naive or stupid.

When the engagement was announced, I thought the timing was so weird (only together five months, and right before his big Oscar push) that I thought it could only be one of two things:

  1. she’s pregnant 
  2. it’s for PR

Otherwise, I don’t care if they are the love story of the century if they really wanted to be private they could get engaged early next year.  Or hell, get engaged and not tell anybody. They could get married and not tell anybody.  Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes had a baby and didn’t tell anybody.  That’s how you do private.

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I have been talking to this guy who lives in another country since we met at the end of September. We went on 1 date before he left and we have kept in contact since. Pretty soon after we met, he asked if he could come visit me (spoiler: I said yes). Now I found out he's planning to stay with me! I feel like things are moving too fast and I'm not into him romantically anymore. Should I let him know this when he visits? Should I try to hide it for 5 days and pretend I'm still interested?!


First of all, you should always tell everyone exactly how you feel, as feelings have more power than one might expect. This is not to say you should be an asshole for no reason — always have a reason for being an asshole — but there’s nothing wrong with expressing your feelings (tactfully), and often, doing so can prevent mortal catastrophe down the line. How many elaborate origin stories that are the justification for all manner of egocentric do-gooding would have zero foundation if somebody along the line had figured out how to communicate their feelings properly?

Second of all, why did you say yes in the first place? I ask with only minimal judgment; I feel it would be a good thought exercise for you to do with yourself. I hear that some mirrors don’t talk back. Get one, have this conversation with yourself in it.

Third of all, stop dating boys who spend thousands of dollars on plane tickets to stay in your apartment for five days after meeting in person once. These boys become vengeance. They become the night. They become insufferably boring very quickly.

A Supervillain

A Study in Brothers

He made friends, he had inside jokes and talked excitedly about Summer plans, and dreamed of how they would all look back on their school years someday. He made ‘associates’, he recalled his father pushing family names into his head and tactfully ignored any friendly individuals Orion had deemed unworthy of his time or courtesy.

He lounged comfortably, roaring with laughter at his own lame jokes and flirting casually with anyone who happened to walk by. He sat alone by the fire, replying curtly to anyone who may attempt to bore him with light conversation.

He spoke enthusiastically of his future, his ambitions, a different career path would take his interest every week. He nodded, disheartened as he listened to his father rejecting his passionate interest to play Quidditch professionally, feigning interest in a more traditional job.

He grinned excitedly as he turned the pages of his dirty magazines and nudged his best mate’s arm to show him pages that particularly caught his eye. He crept silently through the most obscure corners of the vast library, thumbing curiously through yellowing pages on the achievements of his ancestors.

He glared fixedly into his mothers eyes, fists clenched tightly and held defensively, as he argued fiercely over the justice he was so utterly passionate about. He stared fixedly at the plate in front of him, hands shaking uncontrollably under the table, hoping his silence would prevent his involvement.

He cheerfully guzzled priceless wine, getting outrageously merry and causing a scene just to laugh about it later. He sips delicately and comments on the sharp taste and fruity palette, always careful to remain well below his limit of tolerance.

He jumped at the chance to fight for his beliefs, to defend his friends and become the hero. He gulped and nodded grimly, mumbling some nonsense about duty to his blood and trying to force a confident smile.

He gloated, he displayed his badge with honour and played up his role to anyone who was interested. He never wore short sleeves again, shaking hands politely and moving on from anyone who wished to congratulate him.

He made sure that his movement’s legacy lived on, that they would go down in history, receiving all of the glory they deserved and that he would be famous for breaking free of his Black family bonds. He took every precaution to assure that his tale would sink with him, forbidding society from ever knowing the truth, taking his last breath with the bitter knowledge that his name would never be cleared and no one would ever discover what happened to the second son of Black.

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Wait, what's the Doritos pope doing now? I thought he and IGN were staying far away from the entire situation.

First, Geoff doesn’t work at IGN.  He works for G4 and is a freelancing writer.

Next, he sat down after the Mike Morhaime speech at Blizzcon, where Mike asks for a stop to harassment.  After the speech he sits down with Geoff and Geoff says “Thanks for taking a stance against GamerGate” despite Mike not actually saying “GamerGate” and seemed, tactfully, to not take a side.

Mike looks at Geoff when he says “GamerGate” and the look on Morhaime’s face pretty much says “Seriously, fuck you, dude”.  Geoff pretty much put Mike in a spot where he couldn’t speak.  Either he would have to agree and put GamerGate against Blizzard or he would have to decline and be called a shitlord.

Much as they study the construction, dynamics and persistence of ‘collective memory’, historians seem to be embarrassed to turn their attention to their own relationship with the past. The ways in which the fruits of historians’ efforts are to be presented and understood have been discussed ad infinitum, however, the desire to study the past at all has largely been tactfully ignored. Despite – or perhaps because of – popular engagement with historical research, an admission that historians are excited by the past seems to leave them dangerously open to charges of sentimentalism. A discreet but sturdy barrier has been erected between ‘memory’ and ‘history’ on the grounds that the first is affective and sensory, the second critical and dispassionate (for example see Halbwachs 1980, Nora 1996, and more recently Landsberg 2004). As Mark Salber Phillips (2008, 58) has recognised, ‘if sentiment designates the area of human experience we have worked hardest to historicize, it also names the kind of historicization we are most careful to disavow’.
—  Emily Robinson, Touching the void: Affective history and the impossible (pg. 505).

quite-write replied to your post:I’m never sure if I should feel honored or…

Ehh?? Uhh.. a little flattered, but mostly you should be “how do I contact the webmasters/admins to fix this.” AFF has a wall of shame for copiers - not that it’s well advertised.

I don’t want to shame them, because that discourages creativity. But, I just want to point out:

Hey! This story you wrote is almost IDENTICAL to a chapter in Summer Beach Read that I wrote. I don’t know if this is just a very, very interesting coincidence or not. If it is, WOW the universe is weird! If not, and you were influenced by my work, I’m glad you liked it enough to want to copy it, but maybe you should try something different.

As I always say: “All authors steal, good authors steal without getting caught.”

Or something to that effect. 

Gods that I don’t believe in, if you’re out there, please remind people that one can be tactfully murdered. Probably. And if not, one can tactfully ask their friends to do the murdering for them.

And that if nothing else, people better have some fucking contingency plans a week from now.