No, sorry, this historic garment is not Haute Couture. But you are an awful person.

Anonymous Submitted: 

When there is an original striped jacked worn in Auschwitz is on display… and at a private opening a woman says “what a beautiful piece of clothing, they should have it back in production.”

So, I’ve had this submission in the queue for a couple of months, not sure how to “gif” it. I minored in Holocaust Studies and the appropriation of Holocaust stories and artifacts as a launching point for “entertainment” purposes has always been something I have found distasteful when not handled tactfully, and obviously I’m not actually capable of tact. But then this morning, a friend posted a link to this story on Facebook: 

Fashion Retailer Zara Pulls Kids Shirt Resembling Concentration Camp Uniform

So this is not only the random foot-in-mouth thought of an insensitive person in a museum failing to grasp the historical role of the garment she was admiring. An entire company missed the memo on not appropriating culturally sensitive imagery for profit. Writer, actor and tall person John Cleese has something to say about that. 

While the design elements of the Zara shirt do not mirror a camp garment, the overall similarity is unsettling. The look of the camp garments is well documented in history, as is the general look of the “Old West Sheriff” (which the article cites as the look they were trying to capture). A striped shirt alone would not have triggered that negative association in me. A plain shirt with a star on the breast would not have triggered that imagery with me. A striped shirt with a yellow star on the breast? KLAXONS.  To me, the haunting similarity of the Zara shirt to the camp garment is entirely obvious and never should have made it out of the sketching phase, while the only hint to the “Sheriff” inspiration is the embroidery on the patch (which is very difficult to see in the photo).  And of course, the Zara shirt has a stylized 6 point star, similar to, but not identical to, the Star of David. (edited for claritity)

Museums put historically significant garments on display to help us learn and teach about historical events, people and context. Fashion designers look at historically significant garments for inspiration. Both require an appreciation for the cultural context of those garments.

I don’t think that Zara produced the shirt maliciously. I do think they were incredibly ignorant. What do you all think? 

(for rozf, who said: sunsets?)

(this is a piece of the Great Unwritten Cherik High-School AU)


Charles invited him to join the astronomy club. Erik said no, as he’d said no to the chess club and the soccer team and the drama club and the academic trivia competition. Charles nodded, as Charles always nodded, and looked like he might be thinking of yet another option, so Erik said, “no group activities, Charles, not ever,” and then, because his heart had temporarily disconnected from his brain, “but there is a meteor shower tonight, I read about it online, and you—if you have a telescope—”

Charles’s eyes lit up. And Erik consequently found himself inexplicably inviting those eyes over after school, found himself answering the door and smiling an unfamiliar smile, found his face rearranging itself into happiness without his consent just because Charles was beaming at him.

Erik’s mother, tactfully, left them alone after dinner—Erik would’ve bet his car on the likelihood of her peeking at them through bedroom curtains—and Erik and Charles set up Charles’s expensive telescope and a blanket on the autumn-dry grass as the sun disappeared behind the horizon. The dwindling marigolds and fuchsias of sunset painted Charles’s smile in improbable light, and Erik breathed in fall air like apples and rust and gates creaking open, and swallowed hard when Charles’s hand brushed his.


9/22/13: Brandon Saad talks about the young guys getting on the scoresheet in the game vs. Detroit (X)

For anon: I know you only asked for the hand-through-hair moment, but I can never resist his smile. :)

And the way he talks about the ‘young guys’ as THEM - DUDE YOU ARE STILL SHEDDING EGGSHELL FRAGMENTS YOURSELF. And I’m pretty sure you’d have to ask some of those ‘young guys’ to buy drinks for you according to the letter of the law.


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Gail didn’t remember unlocking the door and entering the darkened apartment, nor did she remember stripping off her clothes and jumping in the shower. No memory existed of drying off or redressing in her pajamas.

Nope, all she could remember was kissing Holly.

And yes, she kissed Holly. Holly may have been the one to lean in first, but Gail had been the one to press their lips together. She was certain Holly had set it up that way on purpose so as to give Gail a chance to tactfully avoid the kiss if she wanted to.

She definitely hadn’t wanted to avoid the kiss.

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Borrowed Clothing

Prompt from anon: Cas becomes human and starts wearing Dean’s clothes Sam sees Dean’s clothes in Cas’ room and thinks they finally got over their sexual tension when they actually haven’t, Sam tactfully confronts Dean and Cas overhears, Sam thinks he broke them up or something because it’s really awkward then he accidentally walks in on them like naked cuddling or something? Thanks love x


“It’s been a month, Cas. Being human involves buying your own goddam clothes.” Dean growled lightly as his eyes scanned over his favorite loose hoodie that was currently covering his ex-angel’s torso.

Cas just rolled his eyes and continued to stay glued to the television. “I don’t have the time or the money to be going shopping. Anyway, who knows if I will ever get my Grace back. It seems like a waste when you don’t wear half the clothes in your closet.”

“Yeah, well, wearing someone else’s clothes is weird when it isn’t for just a night or two.” Dean slumped down in the chair a couple feet from Cas and let his body melt into the cushion. “It implies that you are-I don’t know but it is weird.”

“Weird.” Cas said the word softly. “Weird is when you are an angel fallen from heaven and having to watch obnoxious things on television because the two demon hunters who are your only friends prefer to ignore you than teach you the ways of humanity. Weird, Dean, is not me wearing your clothes.”

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Miss Manners on: Brows

Q: How do I tactfully inform a co-worker, without offending her, that her choice in penciling-in her eyebrows is unattractive and not very “normal”?

Miss Manners says: You wait patiently until she says to you, “What do you think of my eyebrows? Should I not pencil them in like this?”

Your Head Bitch says: You know what’s not in any way rude? Wearing your eyebrows in an unconventional fashion. You know what is? Going up to someone out of the blue to tell them they look unattractive for any reason, but in this case because they wear their eyebrows differently than you would choose to. Bitch looks in a mirror every morning when she’s putting her face on. She knows what her eyebrows look like. If she’s cool with it, you should be too. Once you’re promoted to head of office eyebrow management, you can feel free to issue your professional opinion. Until then, you have no qualifications and no one cares.

Surprise! Unsolicited opinions are not welcome.

So when you meet that person who both loves you and disagrees with you (even if they don’t always do it tactfully), rejoice. You could’ve gotten a doormat, a yes-man (or woman), a person who would smile politely and comply with whatever you suggested. And if you had gotten someone like that, only God knows how many wrong turns, missed exits, and longer routes you would’ve taken before you realized that He didn’t send you a mate to agree with you; He sent you a mate to help you grow up.

the thing that pisses me off about tumblr is that people dont know how to accept and debate other opinions tactfully and successfully. you guys are all happy and great until someone brings up another side or opinion and then you lose your shit. It is so great to care about the issues about the world but jumping down someones throat whenever they dont agree, no matter how wrong you thing they are, will not only get us nowhere, but it is super disrespectful as well.

…It’s a very small number who are able to receive this honor of being nominated, so I feel lucky and blessed because I know how many actors out there didn’t get that call on Emmy morning.”

But Washington is quick to add that she’s careful not to equate accolades with accomplishment. “I think there’s a little bit of a danger in making any award the symbol of success,” she said. “There are phenomenal actors like Tatiana that aren’t nominated this year, and absolutely deserve to be. So, I’m always reluctant to say this is the symbol of doing GOOD WORK— but that being said, I feel very, very, very blessed.


Kerry Washington. "How Kerry Washington Survived The Most Gruelling "Scandal" Season Yet". Jarrett Wieselman. 9 August 2014. (x)

How one gracefully accepts an honour, genuinely acknowledges and celebrates the talent of another; and professionally and tactfully comments on a poor quality season…She knows. And she’s letting you know, she knows.

At least Keke is there...damn we need to prioritize and focus on the real issue...

Lord now yall complaining cause Keke Palmer showed up in a skirt and heels…At least she is there damn! First her comments about spreading love pissed yall (Even though I dont totally agree with her sentiments myself but hey Free Speech) but now that she at least showed the hell up when others have yet to (Jay Z, Beyonce, hell I’ll throw Obama in the mix too) yall complain about what she wearing and calling the girl fake. Are yall there? Are yall taking the risk of being tear gassed (while not being tactfully dressed)? I’m not defending young woman because I do feel as though she is dressed inappropriately for the situation and yes I do feel as though this may be a ploy for forgiveness but you know what…who gives a shit?!? A child was murdered in cold blood and a community is being held hostage for peacefully demanding justice. We have a serious problem here and yall wanna trip about ideology and dress codes….seriously? Lets be mad that Ferguson has military grade weapons, tear gassing tax payers (and children) for exercising their Constitutional right to peacefully assemble, being corralled like cattle under a curfew, and a broken justice system basically demonizing your right to be human and rewarding a white thug in a cops uniform the murder of an innocent child. Let’s get upset that our lives are basically deemed worthless by our government. Let’s talk about the civil war being fought in the small town of Ferguson. And let’s all agree to do that first and then we can discuss Ms. Palmer’s fashion police infraction when the time comes, prioritize and focus your anger on the issue at hand….and again she’s there, your not….


weinersoldier said:





Shonda Rhimes is Kerry's boss......

Kerry is the star of Scandal (no matter how much she says otherwise) and Shonda Rhimes is her boss.

People expect her to criticize Season 3’s writing and do it in a tactful way.  How exactly do you do that with someone like Shonda Rhimes?  I don’t know what she is like behind the scenes, but my opinion after reading her tweet responses and some of the comments she has made in interviews is Shonda doesn’t handle criticism very well.

Try criticizing your boss’ work (tactfully) and see how well that works out for you.

She also has to promote the show and ALL of the actors being the lead even if she disagrees with the story lines.

Kerry has had a lot of expectations put on her since day one and from statements she’s made, she definitely feels the weight of them.  She feels responsible for the success or failure of Scandal and all of the people who work there (the co-actors and all of her co-workers behind-the-scene).  She is not going to say or do anything that will intentionally mess up an work gig for anyone.

I do agree she is always “politically correct” and she should be politically correct in the right situation.  During one of her speeches at the 2013 NAACP Image Awards when she said Scandal was an ensemble drama and there was no lead, I will always feel she gave away her power when she spoke those words.  Again, being politically correct and shouldn’t have been.  NO.  Scandal was supposed to be a drama about a lead/star actress who happens to be a black woman who is a powerful, beautiful, smart, savvy fixer who had issues in her personal/love life.  That’s the show I tuned in to see.

Kerry and Tony are on the same level as Kevin Spacey/Robin Wright.  They are both excellent actors and it was a very big deal to get them for the roles of Olivia and Fitz (even though Shonda will always act like it wasn’t).  I’ll always give her the side-eye for making Kerry audition for that role because she was “too pretty”.  She didn’t say Tony was “too handsome” to be Fitz…….

I’m honestly not trying to bash Shonda.  I am critiquing but I don’t work for her….LOL!.  She can be an awesome writer when she is “on”.  I don’t expect perfect (no one is) but I do expect continuity and story-lines that make sense.

My last comment is, I’m so glad she has Tony on set with her.  He loves, respects and protects her.  There is no telling what would happen if he wasn’t there.

if you really care about what’s happening in Missouri, don’t just blog about it. this is something you can talk about with your friends and coworkers (tactfully) to inform them about what’s really going on + help spread a national discussion on the topic. Have some sincerity fr fr

10 Quotes for Writers by Writers: Real Talk II

"My own experience is that once a story has been written, one has to cross out the beginning and the end. It is there that we authors do most of our lying."
Anton Chekhov

"Rejection slips, or form letters, however tactfully phrased, are lacerations of the soul, if not quite inventions of the devil—but there is no way around them."
Isaac Asimov

“No writing is wasted. Did you know that sourdough from San Francisco is leavened partly by a bacteria called lactobacillus sanfrancisensis? It is native to the soil there, and does not do well elsewhere. But any kitchen can become an ecosystem. If you bake a lot, your kitchen will become a happy home to wild yeasts, and all your bread will taste better. Even a failed loaf is not wasted. Likewise, cheese makers wash the dairy floor with whey. Tomato gardeners compost with rotten tomatoes. No writing is wasted: the words you can’t put in your book can wash the floor, live in the soil, lurk around in the air. They will make the next words better.”
— Erin Bow

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The system that employs racist ideology doesn’t care if black people remember victims or not. If the opinions of black people were valued then so would our lives. It only matters that white people forget. Because if they do, then each incident appears isolated. If the incidents are isolated, then racism ceases to exist as the plague of a people. And if they’re not personally infected, affected, or reflected by racism, it isn’t their problem. In this way, white people, too, are oppressed. Oppressed because those noble enough to speak against this unjust system are tactfully silenced by the idea that there is no system at all.