Hi guys.

I am doing something special now that I just hit 100 followers, and I need to draw ponies in it, but I can’t draw them with a mouse, and I can’t go back to pencil drawings.

So what I need, is someone who can draw cute mares, and cool stallions. M’kay?

No, I have bought a tablet which is just taking incredibly long to arrive, so when I get it, I’m doing the updates.

If anyone’s interested, message me and we’ll figure something out.

(I don’t mean traditional artists aren’t good enough, it’s just the way the blog’s going)

I took the Taco or Beer Challenge and donated to Fund Texas Choice, to help people who need an abortion access the care they need.  The taco was delicious, and that special feeling you get from supporting people’s right to access choice is still lingering. YOU  can be a part of this, too! 

Pollo en Salsa Roja.

Stewing is one of the easiest ways to get the most flavor out of simple ingredients, with minimal work in both the prep and the cooking, allowing both heat and time to do their work. Even though I’ve been hearing about this “End of Summer” thing lately, it’s still incredibly hot in this city, and having an oven running for hours can seem like a nightmare. But the flavors that come out of this pretty straightforward recipe will more than make up for the heat.


When stewing latin dishes I like using a Chamba pot, which is a black clay cooking pot made in the town of La Chamba, Colombia, that imparts a truly wonderful flavor and also doubles as a beautiful serving dish.  There is very little than can be done to get this recipe to not taste wonderful, it can easily be double or tripled, and you can add as little or as much heat as you want, I like using three serrano chiles per chicken breast for a good amount of spiciness.

Put this in chile rellenos or warm up tortillas for delicious tacos.


1ea Chicken, Breast

4ea Tomatoes, Canned + Juices

3ea Bay Leaf

2ea Tomatillos

2ea Garlic, Cloves

5ea Peppercorns, whole

1ea Onion, small

1ea Canela or Cinnamon Stick

1ea Cilantro, small bunch + stems

a/n Serrano or Jalapeño Pepper, Whole

a/n Chicken or Vegetable Stock


In a pot, sear the chicken breast on both sides then add all other ingredients.  Add stock to cover about 2/3 of the way up and cook in a 350F oven, 1.5hours.

Remove chicken breast from the pot and shred with a pair of forks. Using an immersion blender, blend all other ingredients to desired sauce consistency.

Place sauce and shredded chicken back into pot, season, cover and cook for 1-2 hours, adding stock as necessary, until chicken is tender and falling apart.


Wonder Woman does the #tacoorbeerchallenge and asks you to join her!

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My Dad recorded my thoughts after getting my wisdom teeth out, the results were pretty spectacular. 

Everyone should have access to safe reproductive healthcare, including abortions, regardless of their income! I did the #TacoOrBeerChallenge and donated to Concord Feminist Health Center. Visit to learn more about the challenge and to find an abortion fund in your area!