I once rented an industrial forklift from the Hertz Equipment Rental store in Bakersfield, CA for a GEICO commercial we were shooting at Tejon Ranch, which is far enough away from Los Angeles that it made sense to get the thing from the Bakersfield location instead of the LA location that I usually use. Isn’t my job fascinating? Up until Camille and I drove from Minnesota to California, that was my one and only Bakersfield experience. Calling someone there to rent a monster truck sized forklift. 

The drive from St. George to Oakland was about 10 hours long, not including stops, and the only cities that our route took us through were Vegas and Bakersfield. So, like it or not, we were going to be eating lunch in Bakersfield. Bakersfield has kind of a shitty reputation as a boring, urban-sprawly place devoid of culture. I was hoping to not feel this, but as we drove around trying to find somewhere to eat, I kind of started to feel it. So many strip malls and office parks and highways and nowhere to eat and sad palm trees and ugh. 

We eventually found our way to Los Tacos, and the tacos I ate there were actually pretty decent and also incredibly cheap. Camille, however, ordered a burrito and it came “wet” with a ton of sauce on it and this may or may not have caused a small temper tantrum. She was tired. I forgave her.