Favorite laugh of all time belongs to one of my Metal heroes & good friend #TomAraya #Slayer \m/ \m/ @revolvermag’s @brandongeist recently posted up the transcript (done by my new killer intern @joshmusto from #ShitKill, thanks bro!) of Tom’s fun call in to our weekly show #666Live talking about chocolates, chupacabras, familia, farm animals, and of course NEW Slayer album & tour! Check out #revolver’s site for full word for word - laugh for laugh transcription of our @sxmliquidmetal LIVE phone interview w @whatsintheb0x —-> www.revolvermag.com <—- THIS amazing moment of the real Tom was captured last October in Las Vegas at the #HardRock before their slaying at #TheJointLV by slaytanic friend Sonny @rockmywalls —- Slayer starts their tour w #Exodus #SuicidalTendencies in Nov and I’ll see you at the show on 11/29 in the lesbian capital of New Jersey at the Wellmount Theater in Monclair! FUKKIN SSSLLLLLAAAAAAAAYYYEERRRRRRR!!!! @siriusxm @afflictionclothing #zoom @monsterproducts in-ears @slayerbandofficial #slayermakeseverythingbetter #slaytaniclaugh #metalteddybear #baberuth #metalchocolatesfortom #tacometalparty

Mega-ThanX to tonight’s special guests #666Live Tom Araya @slayerbandofficial & @jimbreuer_official @sxmliquidmetal @siriusxm replay is on NOW (LISTEN!!!!) w one more replay tomorrow (Thursday morning) 6amET / 3amPT - another Liquid Metal exclusive! Thanks as well to my partner in metallic crime @whatsintheb0x -@afflictionclothing Vegas Hard Rock store visit w Tomas last October and Jim in our house for a #tacometalparty oooooooou yyyeeeeaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Mexican feast, spirits & energy exchange w amazing friends @officiallzzyhale & @thejoestorm #halestorm w @melissammangin at f’yeah new spot El Paso up on 104th & Lexington (our 1st time & we will be back!)… Such a trip to hang w Lzzy & Joe same day Lzzy killed it performing at 830am on Good Morning America w her violin playing friend @LindseyStirling! We saw it before we drove to city and I got all emo watching her just GO!!! We’ve been long time Halestorm pushers & my entire family loves them! To see where they are going makes us proud as f! Here’s to them & THANKS for crashing our date night! Haha! See you November 28th at Melissa’s Bday party show @starlandballroom in #Slayerville NJ #tacometalparty c’mon!!!! @sxmoctane @afflictionclothing #lzzyhale #joehottinger @halestormrocks @scissorhappybylzzyhale (at El Paso Mexican Restaurant)

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Singing @panteraofficial RISE late night w @kyngpepe @kyngbasstone @kyngeddie @wellzdrumz Jonny Mop #tacometalparty @melissammangin said she heard us down the block as she was walking Rocky Dimebag! This is how we roll!!!! We had @sonos kranking @sxmliquidmetal all over the house!!! C’mon! @kyngband

Boomerangin’ #jägermeister w our favorite Australian mates & roo-fukkers @twelvefootninja @ mi casa when they stayed w @melissammangin, the kids & I in November after they wrapped up their 1st North American tour w #periphery - want to remind you that we are airing the @sxmliquidmetal interview & #SXMTakeover Fri 3-5pE Sat 12-2pE Sun 9-11pE also available on @SiriusXM On Demand - these dudes won #liquidmetal’s “Best Artist Discovery 2013” & we are stoked to see them blowup here in the states this year!!! @afflictionclothing @slayerbandofficial #tacometalparty #slidermate

Amped & excited to finally meet one of my fav new bands on Earth #twelvefootninja @ the Observatory in Santa Ana CA part of #afflictionmetalnight this past Saturday w #periphery #bornofosiris & more! The Ninja dudes couldn’t have been cooler & so thankful they weren’t dicks and that they did in fact RULE live! Haha! I was nervous whole drive that morning from Vegas straight to venue in the OC b/c I have a lot of stock in the band here in states and was hoping not to be disappointed. I was absolutely impressed w ALL!Turns out we got along so well that the band is going to be staying a few extra days after Nov 20 NYC show in NJ at the Mangin’s house where they’ll be the guests of honor at @melissammangin’s b’day party!!! Holding off trip back home to Australia for a #tacometalparty fukyeah it’s ON! @rockmywalls @afflictionclothing

Gettin’ Crobe’d w @hightimesmagazine @bobbyblack420 & @crobotband w @robcaggiano @volbeat as innocent bystander! NYC tokin @gpenofficial pic by world famous Bagel! Looking forward to having #tacometalparty w this bunch next month! @jakecrobot & the Crobe dudes start their tour this week and it’s mandatory that you see them LIVE!!! Puff puff ROCK!!! @sxmoctane

#tacometalparty @afflictionclothing Seal Beach CA piñatas @kyngband concert kegs tacos & one memorable night! THANX to all who came out to celebrate! @nikval22 @kyngpepe @kyngeddie @kyngbasstone @rockmywalls @shannongunz @ericfoss73 @cchason @ponce73 @malibloc @peepshowclothing @jessicanicole99 @ivydmuerta @cursemackey @lucindazeee & so many more!!!

House of Horror dwellers Mya Krueger, Ava Evil Witch & @artie777 x666 Zombies Halloween 2013 @ The Mangins! Artie is one of my best friends and does so much for my family… Last night after working cutting hair all day @ Bangz (Montclair NJ) he came over and cut ALL our hair! Me @melissammangin & the girls! We all love Artie & he is also the BEST cook I know! We are throwing #tacometalparty for #Megadeth #fearfactory #nonpoint next Fri before the Wellmount Theatre show at Artie’s apartment which is on the same block as the venue! Thanks brother for ALL!!!

Crobenators uniting under ROCK! @jakecrobot & Brandon @crobotband #ridefordime Chicago this past Sunday after their impressive as all hell performance!!!! Doesn’t matter how many folks are in front of them they ALWAYS BRING IT!!! Thanks Crobies for playing at the 5th annual Ride For Dime Chicago and for getting me Crobed out w a frikkin green apple, haven’t done that in a long time! Of course my @gpenofficial kept us lit all day as well!!! Next time I see you guys it’ll be at my house for an epic #tacometalparty and I’ll make sure to have warm PBRs for y’all!!!! #throttlefest @chadleephoto @dimebagdarrelllegacy @dimebagdarrellofficial @panteraofficial #dimebag @afflictionclothing @sxmoctane @sxmliquidmetal #blacktooths

#tacometalparty #Casamigos tequila w Machine Head’s @demmelitionmh right before he played us NEW fukkin MH and we were completely blown away by how sick the songs sounded! You can hear the aggression brewing with each line of Rob’s vocals, and these guys have once again outdone themselves!!! “Beneath The Silt” is name of one of my favorite new #machinehead tracks WOW!!! Thanks Phil for sharing your music w/ us and for hanging at our humble Metal home!!! Tacos & guacamole by the amazing @melissammangin, drums during jam session by @wellzdrumz & crappy social media videos by @perezmanny haha! @machine_head1 @sxmliquidmetal @afflictionclothing — BTW we were all hurting bad the next day!!!

Epic Man Cave jam session w Machine Head’s Phil Demmel at last night’s #tacometalparty where we blasted through #pantera #metallica #slayer #foofighters & more I can’t remember right now cuz we had more than a few shots! My boy @wellzdrumz #thehixon nailed the drum parts and I know we’re both freaking out over this holyfuk experience! More pics & stories from this very metallic taco feast coming! Much love & respect to our shreddy friend @demmelitionmh @machine_head1 fukyeah!!!! @melissammangin @perezmanny @afflictionclothing @deanguitars

#rockontherange stand-outs & fun as hell bros in @crobotband @revolvermag @sxmoctane #rotr14 interview- haven’t stopped listening to their new 4 song EP & their jam “Skull Of Geronimo” is one of my new favs!!! So stoked to hang w them on @kyngband tour & this past weekend they, from being so cool & fun, solidified a future headlining gig in the Man Cave for our next #tacometalparty fukyeah! @afflictionclothing @jakecrobot @gpenofficial rips!!! #glife

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Dazed & confused walk to bus this morning after killer #tacometalparty w @twelvefootninja @stevicninja @rustyninja79 @qinxen

.@twelvefootninja mates attack @sxmliquidmetal today 6-7:30pE @siriusxm interview & #sxmtakeover w @stevicninja & @rustyninja79 (Russ is not in this pic singer @qinxen is in this shot taken by @rockmywalls @revolvermag #goldengods2014 #blackcarpet) -our special replays Wed Noon ET & Fri 8pE also available on SiriusXM On Demand & in their Takeover the mates pick out tracks from Meshuggah, Deftones, Impending Doom, Korn, Dillinger Escape Plan & more! See you tonight at their headlining NYC stop at Webster Hall! And tomorrow #tacometalparty with whole band at my house, the Ninja’s home away from kangaroo balls country!

Quick hang & #jager shots @afflictionclothing NYC showroom near Times Square such a badass location for a #tacometalparty coming soon! Tonight I brought my intern @aly_cat_302 so she could pick out a bunch gear that she totally earned! #affliction @sxmliquidmetal #jagermeister @deanguitars @gpenofficial in my hand! (at Affliction NYC Showroom)