never hurts to be upgraded to a Jason Polan drawing.

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(a lil note about this picture: @jasonpolan is amazing. he does great and unique drawings of things and he paints on pieces of fruit (!!!!!). i met him at taco bell drawing club, a weekly drawing club he’s hosted for NINE YEARS (!!!!) at taco bell by union square. he drew this young leonardo dicaprio for me and i drew something for him. his drawing is a lot better but hey he’s a professional artist and i’m only good at drawing nudes. since nobody would pose for me in taco bell my drawing was shit but he still said it was good and i was happy to take that compliment from a professional artist. anyway, if you’re ever free on a wednesday around 5 you should go to the club and meet @jasonpolan other amazing people, like @danieldavidsonstudio @triciakeightley @floodfish and @thelouisso and draw something and meet amazing new yorkers. i’ll be there sometimes too.

also go check out jason’s cool work at his instagram @jasonpolan and check out his awesome drawing projects, like “every person in new york.” and you see those paintings he does on pears and shit?? that’s so cool! he paints on fruit!!! i love it.)  (at Taco Bell)

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#TacoBellDrawingClub! (scored a @stefanmarx inspired @klyonsnatborn portrait!) FUN drawing w. @jasonpolan @booger_nose @aidankoch @victor_ruelz @maryandmatt @racheldomm @sjogrenjack +++ (at Taco Bell)