wow~ My first follow forever!  ^^ I didn’t think i would have time for one but here it is! Everyone who follows me and everyone i follow deserve to be on it > < Everyone has been really nice to me, and even though i cant be on all the time, i wanna thank all my followers for going with it. And if anyone has ever even liked my blog its only because of these people~♥ im sry im so awkward i dont even know what to say

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To end the year, Tarah has decided to end the year with her first follow-forever evaaar!

This will feature blogs that Tarah enjoys to stalk. Tarah follows a total of 177 blogs as of Dec 17th 2012, 6:32pm, and has limited it to 50 blogs that spam her dash errday with beautifulness, with a special mention to all the other blogs that aren’t on the list because she couldn’t put them all.

So what Tarah did was put together a list of blogs she liked after thoroughly and stalkingly going though them. She put symbols, cartwheels and rainbows and bolded the ones she saw often on her dash, or the ones she often 'watched' from a distance. From there, she made another list much like the one below.

If you are not on the list now, and are upset about it, think 'Likely, I was once on this list.' and smirk about it by yourself.

Tarah also likes to speak in the third person.

TUMBLR CRUSHES (i loveu your bloggeu)
.k-ddictions .lwuhan .teadustt .adorkablekpop .ichigobunni .taboki .supersnazzy .fernandaabreu .sunggeww

사랑해 친구~~~(i loveu youuuuu + your bloggeu bby)
>hohhan >thetruthaboutmyforever >aetherealis >sungminz >alex-lubs-kpop >krislybear >bubblepopmaker >asianandproudtobe >capsule-corpse >duubu >lisapenguin

니가좋다~~ (i probs stalk reblog you errday)
cheesedragon hwolssin

namwoohyun-ah monotune electroheart zelow korean-fashion beyoutiful-seoul happiness-is-on-its-way inspiring-photos curiouscinnamon seoul-of-my-heart datehyun myungblo dongholdme southkoreans tokyeol ryeou kgyeong pikappachu fuckyeahjapanandkorea

—-just bw
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Go follow these wonderful blogs, if you please. I will lurv you forever. (◡‿◡✿)

taboki asked:

18 and 32~♥ 。◕‿◕。

18: ever liked someone you thought you didn’t stand a chance with?

I don’t think so. D:

32: what are you looking forward to in the next month?

Not dying tomorrow. And Christmas ^^