Here you go Trendsetters! My Arachnarok in all her glory, isn’t she purty?! I no longer have my Night Goblin army but I kept her because my lovely wife bought her for me all by herself after hearing me say how cool the model was, this included going into a GW store as an unaccompanied female with no clue on anything wargaming, which can be pretty scarey!

After sitting undercoated for over 2 years I though it was time to give her a lick of paint, and used her as a perfect test bed to try and advance my airbrushing beyond basic basecoating. I think I need to get a water seperator, especially during these moist winter months, because I’m getting a few explosions out of the nozzle which I think are caused by excess moisture. I am very happy with how she came out though, blending with an airbrush is magic!

Anyway, enjoy the pics. Next up on the bench will be a small X-wing commission I should be receiving on Monday.

Woot! I am so excited! While I was just getting to get my books signed I was notified I’d won again in #ptk_toys with the photo I’d taken of a #Warhammer figure constructed and painted by @inoue77 Yay! #award #warhammerfantasy #photography #toys #tabletopwargaming #tabletop #graveguard #hobby #hobbytime #vampirecounts #whfb #miniaturewargaming #gamesworkshop (at mi casa)


Finished a quick little commission tonight. A custom Millennium Falcon for the X-wing game. Nice and easy conversion with the purple inserts, re-shade the exhausts and panel lines, and a little engine glow to finish. For a pre-painted mini the X-Wing factory paintjob is ok, it was hard to resist the urge to go all out and fully repaint it though, but that would defeat the purpose of a quick commission!

Its for my client’s girlfriend in an attempt to get her playing, I wish him luck!

Time for an update on my Smash Effect team. The ladies are coming along nicely, I should be able to finish them off tomorrow night and then get started on Willhiem the cybernetic, hmg toting gorilla. I’ve also sorted the colour scheme for Kitsune the Samurai Fox girl. On Sunday I’ll be having some practice games too(I’m making an exception to my personal “If it ain’t painted, it ain’t played” rule), so expect some action shots Sunday night!

Now that Christmas is over I can post these up. I couldn’t post them when I finished them a few months ago because they were my gift to my sister, who follows my blog and I didn’t want to spoil it!
I got them second hand, and true to the joys of second hand minis, they were not in the best shape when they arrived. Inches thick paint was easily sorted with an acetone soak, but Gandalf’s staff was missing and needed to be scratch built, and some gentle straightening on Legolas’ bow was needed. I haven’t painted any LotR minis before so it was a fun little project, and my sister loved them, which was the best part!


Happy Saturday everyone! Here’s my first 3 Smash Effect team members all finished and ready for a practice game tomorrow. They are a mix of Incursion and Secrets of the Third Reich miniatures for those wanting to know where they come from. I mostly enjoyed painting them, especially Katya, she was a joy with how crisp her detail was. Ash’s flames are very flat so were tricky to get right, but I’m really happy with the results. Greta fought me all the way, especially her face as there is no detail so I had to rely on my painting skills to add some detail to it. On the flipside though I nailed(IMHO) her white shirt and her legs. I was very anxious while adding her stockings today as I was so happy with the flesh, but I think I still managed to keep the detail there. Also pictured is a wip shot of Greta’s constant companion, Willhiem. I think he is going to come up great!


Happy Saturday everyone! Here’s a couple of wip shots of my Infinity bikers. You can see the custom touches I’ve added in(sissy bar, fishtail exhaust, extra headlight, etc) and their bases. I’m digging the old school bike mods mashed up with the futuristic bikes themselves, plus the little Mad Max-esque post apocolypic addition to the base! Hopefully the greenstuff will cure overnight and I can lay some paint tomorrow. I also started basing my 15mm dog pack, they are some tiny pooches!


3 posts in 3 days, I do spoil you lot! Here’s a wip update on the Infinity bikers. The bases are almost done, just a little work on the skeleton sign post to go. The bikes are looking flash, I tried airbrushing a candy type effect using ghost tints over a metallic base and they came out beautifully! Very happy with the results. I pinwashed in the panel lines tonight, ready to start the rest of the details tomorrow night.

I feel like this Smash Effect project will become a bit of a “How SlyFox paints” kind of thing, what with all the updates…..Anyway, here’s the 3 ladies from last night with their clothes blocked in. It’s refreshing to change it up and move on to models I haven’t painted or had anything to do with before, I recommend it if you feel a bit stale with your current projects!


Hello everyone, this is Willhiem, somebody rustled his jimmies and he is not amused! Willhiem is the 4th member of my Smash Effect team, and by far the largest. He was also the most fun to paint so far, although Kitsune the fox girl might take that honour yet! Unfortunately this will most probably be my last post for a couple of weeks while I go away for work, however rest assured I will return soon to finish my team, and begin some of the many other projects awaiting paint on my shelf. Stay tuned, and thanks for stopping by!


Here’s today’s efforts from Meg’s masterclass. Once again I learnt a lot. Unfortunately I didnt get him finished, it was stinking hot in the shop today, and I rode my bike and didn’t bring a change of clothes, kevlar lined jeans in a hot closed in shop do not make for nice painting times!

Today we covered:

Metallics - Meg showed us how to shade and highlight metals, as well as some funky colour change pigments she uses. If you check out the Flower Knight from the links in yesterdays post you’ll see how jaw dropping it is!

Painting Woodgrain - Megs advice for painting wood was to forget about trying to pick out any of the sculpted woodgrain on the figure. Her method uses overlapping strokes of whatever colours you have at hand(seriously, we used blues, greens, oranges to try and mess it up, but nope, it all comes up brilliantly!), then blending some brown glazes over the top to bring the wood tones in, and an ink glaze to add the final shine. This method also translates well to bases, check out her Sansa figure’s base on her Putty and Paint page to see the results. I didnt get a chance to paint my figure’s wood, other than the basecoat, so dont look too hard!

Colour shift - The final lesson was the colour shift on hos sword. This was a matter of using the 2 brush blending techniques we had been using the whole course to blend the various colours through.

This masterclass was well worth the money and time to attend, if any of you get the chance to attend Meg’s(or any pro painter for that matter) class dont hesitate! I feel confident in my abilities to take my painting skills to the next level, I have a huge shopping list of hobby things to get now for my kit, and am very keen to get some minis(maybe some of the new Malifaux stuff maybe) to start practicing on. 

I’ll finish with 2 of the most useful things I have learnt over the 2 days:

1 - Buy good brushes. I always thought it was a load of crap, but after using some Kollinsky Sable brushes for this  I am a convert! Everything is so much easier to paint. Its worth the cost, you only need 4 of them, a size 2 and 3 sable brush( watercolour brushes, not the miniature ones), and a size 2 and 3 synthetic watercolour brush(this is for metalics and inks as they tend to shorten the life of your sable brushes with their alcohol content and metal flakes)

2 - 2 brush blending is the only way to fly! Seriously, learn how to do it and you wont look back. Your painting will improve out of sight and speed up too. And the money you save not using washes can be put towards some good brushes!