This thenks-a-givin’, I’m thankful for my dangass Fujitsu Lifebook T5010 graphics tablet computer. holy titties on a cow, this thing is the bestest drawing apparatus I’ve ever invested in. I got this computer at the end of last summer to replace my bamboo tablet. It’s basically a laptop with a Cintiq for a screen. and no, It’s not just some dinky 2nd rate screen, Wacom made it themselves. the screen is fully pivotal and is easily converted into tablet mode. with use of a port replicator, I can easily connect it to my main home computer and just use it as a Cintiq. Hotkeys are all there, even a capacitive thumbscan for security (all them dikk pics)  I love drawing on the go with this, It’s awesome to have this digital sketchbook with me when an idea pops into my head.

if you can’t afford a cintiq, I highly recommend one of these instead. I got mine for 99$ used, just needed an os.

Hey, Studyblrs!

I’m thinking of getting a tablet of some sort to help me study more efficiently (and because I also don’t want to keep lugging my laptop to classes if I need to type for a class). 

What are your thoughts and opinions on investing in a tablet for school? Pros/cons? Any tablet suggestions? :)