Ancient artefacts unearthed at Bahrain Fort

Ancient artefacts dating back thousands of years have been unearthed in Bahrain Fort.

A clay tablet bearing ancient cuneiform script dating back to between 503 BC and 504 BC was discovered during a seven-week excavation in the southwestern side of the fort, along with a golden plate that has a figure of a woman engraved on it believed to belong to the era between 1 BC and 1 AD, said a report in the Gulf Daily News (GDN), our sister publication.

Archaeologists working for the French Archaeological Mission in Bahrain discovered that the tablet was used to document contracts using the Akkadian language, which was the trade language in the Middle East at the time.Read more.


Some of you might have already figured this out, but I’m sharing it anyways with those who haven’t, because this little trick saves me a lot of time :^)

(tested on WIN 7 but I’m sure it will work on other OS too)

** ** **

What to do when pen pressure sensitivity stops working after waking the computer up from sleep (etc.), WITHOUT having to restart the computer :

1.  click on Start

2.  type ‘services’ into the search box

3.  click on Services

4.  Find ‘Wacom Professional Service”

5.  right-click -> Restart

in case it doesn’t work, try clicking on “Stop” and then “Start” again :^)

anonymous asked:

I'm thinking of getting a Wacom tablet but I'm on a budget with a max of $300 which should I get

If it’s your first one, I highly recommend the Intuos Pen!

It’s only $79, and a great starter tablet. It’s the one I’ve been using for five years! (Before I was using their old bamboo line, but that’s been discontinued)

Otherwise, you could get the Intuos Pro Pen+Touch

That’s for $250, and while I’ve never used it I’m sure it has better pen sensitivity. It’s also wireless and has Expresskeys like my Cintiq.

Hope that helps!

Nvidia shield update 3. Don't install it!

They recently rolled out an update to Android 5.1 and you should NOT get it!
This update brings some performance improvements but breaks a lot of other things.
1: There is a bug that can DESTROY one or both speakers.
2: USB devices WILL STOP working (there is a workaround)
3: It will take a lot longer to start because of an app optimizing bug. (Also workaround for that)
Among some other rather small bugs.

If you have Android 5 just keep it. Otherwise you can update manually to a build you choose. (Look trough the forums for that)
If you’re still planning on getting this tablet I’d suggest you wait until a newer hardware build is available.
It looks like nvidia is developing a tegra 1X Shield already. So maybe you want to wait for that one.

Sure I still love this tablet and would get another one if they fix it up but stuff like that is everything else then okay.