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More fanart anime for you all to enjoy!
I titled this piece Cat’s Cradle because Kyubey is cat-like(hehe) and Cat’s cradle is an old string game that two or more people can play that is endless, loops and loops with gaps opening and closing- one can play this game till every thread frays and snaps. The game cat’s cradle is much like the endless curse that afflicts these girls in the story, the only way to end their game is to either give up or become destroyed and disfigured in the process.

anonymous asked:

I'm thinking of getting a Wacom tablet but I'm on a budget with a max of $300 which should I get

If it’s your first one, I highly recommend the Intuos Pen!

It’s only $79, and a great starter tablet. It’s the one I’ve been using for five years! (Before I was using their old bamboo line, but that’s been discontinued)

Otherwise, you could get the Intuos Pro Pen+Touch

That’s for $250, and while I’ve never used it I’m sure it has better pen sensitivity. It’s also wireless and has Expresskeys like my Cintiq.

Hope that helps!