Soo tacobuddy96 asked: Hey nalu-natic have you ever thought of drawing Lucy giving birth to their first child?

So, I did it!  But I have to say I modified it a little bit bc I’m gonna be honest and say that giving birth makes me a little uncomfortable so I did the scene after that.  It’s a little messy sorry…  This one is more my art style- I’m still trying to get used to using my tablet so it’s not that great but I hope you like it!


boy was this meticulous. 

I did this a while back when i first got my tablet which was actually a month and a bit ago. just trying out the pen sensitivity and practicing my pen aim.

black hole’s fascinate me.

this picture was actually inspired by cat because most of the time when you try to take a picture of her she turns into a black hole that consumes all light and you can hardly tell that she’s a cat. 

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More fanart anime for you all to enjoy!
I titled this piece Cat’s Cradle because Kyubey is cat-like(hehe) and Cat’s cradle is an old string game that two or more people can play that is endless, loops and loops with gaps opening and closing- one can play this game till every thread frays and snaps. The game cat’s cradle is much like the endless curse that afflicts these girls in the story, the only way to end their game is to either give up or become destroyed and disfigured in the process.

So I ordered my brand new tablet and you all will be swimming in new colorings soon

my six year old bamboo pen finally died so ordered a new tablet and i’m so fucking excited!!

i know no one cares but i just wanted to write of my happy new purchase xD