Table corners can be dangerously sharp. Protecting young heads and grown-up shins from painful bumps and bruises is great, but doing so adorably is awesome. These Japanese corner protectors are shaped like cute animals: green frogs, white cats, and brown bears. However when attached to the corner of a table they appear to be attempting to devour your furniture whole, which takes their inherent cuteness to a whole new level:

Om nom nom nom!

They’re currently available via Yahoo! Japan or Amazon.

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Here is the CANYON/GORGE/DRY AREAS RANDOM ENCOUNTER TABLES! Thanks to ummitsmikeagain for suggesting the idea! I had a lot of fun making this table and i think (personally) it’s quickly becoming one of my favourites! I hope you all get some use out of it, i’d love to here what situations your players get into!

As always, if you have any suggestions, feedback, questions or ideas about this table or future works, feel free to ask me here! Happy adventuring!

HERE’S THE DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzFqRLlZdgtjNE9rSlhwN0QwRGs/view?usp=sharing


**Srsly’s Passive Aggressive Umbrella Table**

I have recolored the perfect patio stuff, ‘Passive Aggressive Umbrella Table’ in my new color pallette. Sometimes you want to go out back  and eat under an Umbrella. Bold stylish colors? Eh? Yeah, that’s what we have for you. Take this umbrella or don’t. Actually, please take it! We’re sorry.

Perfect Patio Stuff Compatible

Found under: Surfaces > Outdoor Table
Cost:  §400

This is a standalone item, and will not override any other items.

.::Download Rules::.

Do not re-upload
Do not claim as your own
No pay sites
Recolors not allowed
Do not alter without my permission
Tag SrslySims if you use, I would love to see them in your game.

30 colors included!


Looking for the chairs?  Slatted Perch - Dinner Edition

No issues found, play tested. If you have an issue let me know and I will look into it.

Made with: Sims 4 Studio

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I used to get mad when men would make jokes about how women’s periods make them irrational, but now I just remember that during Victorian times, a table’s legs were thought to arouse men so they invented table cloths to cover them up so men wouldn’t get erections during dinner

I might cry for no reason but at least I’ve never gotten a BONER for a fucking TABLE