One Direction Preference


Louis: Y/N claimed she didn’t like Louis, that she “wasn’t interested”, but Louis knew better. Which was why he was currently stepping foot in the school cafeteria for the first time and walking straight towards Y/N’s table. “Hello Y/N,” he said with a flirty smile. “Oh… hi Louis,” Y/N acted annoyed, but Louis wasn’t falling for it. “What do you?” Louis didn’t answer right away, instead his smile turned into a slight smirk as he climbed onto the table. Everyone in the cafeteria took notice as he got down on one knee and started speaking loudly. “Y/N, my love, my sweet, I present you this ticket to the school dance and ask if you would please give me the honor of being your date?” He asked. There was a tinge of red on his cheeks but he didn’t let his embarrassment show any further. “Louis get down.” Y/N hissed. “Not until I have an answer,” Louis responded firmly right before there was a booming voice ringing through the cafeteria. “Tomlinson! Get off the table right this second!” “Sorry! I’m leaving!” Louis said before jumping off the table and bolting out of the room to avoid punishment. Right before the doors closed behind him he heard Y/N yell, “yes!”

Harry: It had to be her. There are plenty of other people Harry could take out if he wanted to, but he wanted to take out Y/N. However there’s just one problem, Y/N isn’t interested in him. Well, so she says at least. Harry doesn’t take no for an answer though, which is why he’s slipping a note into her locker for the fifth day in a row. This particular note says ‘When I hear you laugh it makes my heart sing’ and it isn’t even the cheesiest one he’s given her. “Styles! I thought I told you to stop doing that.” Y/N said with a tiny glare when she saw him putting the note in her locker. “Well, technically yes, you did tell me to stop. However, I thought if all of the notes are completely and one hundred percent true, then why not just continue writing them and giving them to you” Harry smiled cheekily. “Why are you even doing this in the first place?” Y/N asked, ignoring the light blush that was starting to crawl up her neck. “Because I really like you and think your really cute and really amazing and wanna take you out on a date” Harry explained, looking away bashfully. “Harry, I told you-” “I know you said you wouldn’t go out with me, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still really like you. Also I don’t give up, especially not on pretty girls.” He answered. “So what do you say? Go out with me?” Harry looked at her hopefully. “Maybe” She answered before walking away. “I’ll take that as a yes! Pick you up at eight?” Harry yelled down the hallway, walking quickly after her.

Niall: Niall wasn’t nervous, he doesn’t get nervous. Except for maybe just this one time. They had to write songs about something they cared about for their music class. So obviously he wrote one about his crush Y/N. He was next to sing his song, third in the class that day and no matter what anyone says he would say he isn’t nervous. Because he doesn’t get nervous. “Alright Niall, you’re up.” The teacher said giving him the same encouraging smile he gives everyone. Y/N performed her’s yesterday. She wrote it about her grandmother who she was close to before she died. Niall //absolutely// didn’t go mushy inside. (That’s a major lie.) He took a few deep breaths before standing up and grabbing his guitar. He walked over and sat down on the chair in the front of the class and made sure his fingers were in the right position. As he was singing the song (which may or may not say Y/N’s nickname, that he gave her in grade school, in the chorus at least twice) he was watching how Y/N was reacting. He’ll be honest and say it wasn’t his best performance, but everyone still clapped when he was finished and the teacher still told him he did great. He sat back down in his seat and waited irritably for the rest of the class to finish. After everyone was done and the bell rang Y/N walked up to him and he couldn’t tell what she was thinking. “You wrote that about me.” She said matter of factly. “Uhm.. yea, I did.” He replied. He was chewing his lip, anxiously waiting for her to tell him what she thinks. “Well, I liked it.” She said with a soft smile. “You did?” Niall asked, his voice chose an unfortunate time to crack. She gave him a small nod.“I’m free at 7 tonight.” She said before kissing his cheek and running off to her next class.   

Liam: He was nervous, really, really nervous. No one really does this anymore, but he has to show Y/N that he’s serious when he says he likes her. That’s why he is at her door, ringing the doorbell once and waiting for an answer. He knows she isn’t home, won’t be for another 20 minutes, but that’s okay. He doesn’t need to talk to her right now anyways. “Can I help you?” Came the deep voice of her dad. “Yes, hi, are you Y/N’s dad?” He asked politely. “Yes I am, what can i do for you?” He replied curiously. “I was wondering if i could get your permission to take your daughter out on a date.” Liam asked, his hands were shaking by his side and he was hoping that his nerves didn’t show in his voice. “That’s an unexpected question, uhm.. why don’t you come in and we can talk about it.” He said beckoning Liam inside. Liam followed him inside politely and answered all the questions he was asked truthfully. By the time they were done talking (and Liam got permission to ask Y/N out) Y/N was home and walking through the front door. “Dad I’m home!” She called as she walked into the living room and stopped in her tracks when she saw Liam. “Hello sweetie” Her dad greeted. “Liam? What are you doing here?” She asked, ignoring her dad completely. “Liam just came to talk to me and ask permission to take you out on a date this Saturday” her dad supplied. “What did you say?” She asked. “I told him it was okay with me” Liam gave her a small, honest smile. “Okay, good” she grinned before walking upstairs. “Pick me up at 8 then Liam!” She called behind her. 

Thank you to my friend Tori for helping me write these!



Happy National Paperclip day!

The paperclip is often cited as one of the best examples of design. It’s timeless. It’s functional. It’s simple. And it’s taken for granted.

How are you celebrating National Paperclip Day?  Our Paperclip Day celebration is two fold. Some paperclips are in and some are out.


Paperclips are often removed from archives because they damage the materials. Here you can see that a paperclip is pried open to avoid tearing the pages when it is removed. Also notice how the paperclip has left an impression in the pages. At least this one hasn’t rusted and stained the paper!


However, we definitely are keeping anything related to the Paperclip table designed by Vignelli Designs for Knoll in 1994. From the Knoll brochure: “Vignelli Designs envisioned its 1994 PaperClip Cafe table as a companion piece to the classic Bertoia Side Chair and the firm’s own Handkerchief Chair. “We wanted to give these chairs their own table: same lightness, same feeling, same uses, explains co-designer Massimo Vignelli.”

More on the Knoll Paperclip table from the archives:

Paperclip table drawings and photos
Box 508, Massimo and Lella Vignelli Papers
Vignelli Center for Design Studies
Rochester, New York

Paperclip table model
Box 195, Massimo and Lella Vignelli Papers
Vignelli Center for Design Studies
Rochester, New York

TS2 to TS4 - Tiki Outdoor Set

Hey guys!
Here’s the Tiki Outdoor Set from The Sims 2 Seasons!
The Sims 4 is really missing outdoor sets and I thnk this one is perfect :)

I made some add ons again.
Anyway the set consists of 14 items:

Tiki Chair: Costs: 220$
Tiki Living Chair: Costs: 275$
Tiki Loveseat: Costs: 315$
Tiki Barstool: Costs: 295$
Tiki Bar: Costs: 1600$
Tiki Table Big: Costs:310$
Tiki Small Table: Costs:245$ Add On by me
Tiki Coffee Table: Costs:170$
Tiki End Table: Costs:100$ Add On by me
Tiki Umbrella: Costs:360$
Tiki Idol: Costs:490$
Tiki Idol Fountain: Costs:500$ Add On by me
Tiki Idol Small: Costs:290$
Tiki Candles: Costs 90$ Add On by me

All of them have their original colors from TS2 along with the catalog descriptions and prices.
In total we have 24 matching swatches for the chairs and the loveseat, 9 for the barstool,bar and tables,3 for the statues and the candles (All the possible variations from TS2.)

As usual please note that TS2 meshes are more detailed than TS4 so that means higher poly counts! Check them!

My Add Ons are the Single Dining Table,The End Table and the statues fountain and the candles(they are a retexture of EA mesh)

I really hope you like them..
Feel free to recolor them!
More to come!

Grab Them: