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Rising interest in retro video gaming combined with widespread access to image editing tools has started to influence the art world with the rise of pixel art. Ranging in style from the kawaii to macabre and everything else in between, there’s an eight-bit graphic for everyone.

Andy Helms makes pixel art under the moniker OK Totally. His works have themes of general nerdery; think video games, comics and cult classic films.

Japan’s ta2nb builds works of (relative) realism pixel by pixel.

This adorable kitten was user-submitted to Pixel Perfect, a tumblelog that showcases twee and girly artworks.

There are hundreds of thousands of pixel art sites across the web that showcase a variety of styles. Tracking Tumblr’s “pixel art” tag is one place to start exploring more iterations; browsing the "Weekly Selections" gallery at Pixel Joint is another.

Above image: a United Pixelworkers t-shirt featuring a pixel art design.