Ah, those famous opening words… And now we welcome our protagonist, Rand al’Thor. Presently a blissfully unaware sheepherder whose biggest problem is being uncomfortable around Egwene. Oh, poor boy, you’re in for a hell of a ride from here on out.

Landscape study for the Quarry Road that Tam and Rand are travelling along to get to Emond’s Field. Not based on a particular photo but I just took inspiration from a bunch of references.

Some studies of our main man while I’m at it. I don’t know if he would wear a bracer as a common thing, but the are fun to draw. Longbows are damn tall.

One of my favorite WoT pics yet, except for the fact that Perrin looks possessed (only his irises are yellow!). I’ve noticed a pattern with the pics of the three ta’veren though. Perrin always looks pretty scary, Mat always looks pretty cool, and Rand looks both really scary and cool.