We had the BEST weekend camping with two of my favorite families in the whole world. We had originally planned to go to a Jellystone Camground, but waited too long to book the sites, so we had to change plans a few weeks ago. I am actually pretty happy that it worked out this way - we stayed at a great campground on a massive lake that we take our boat to often, in the woods.

We were able to be as noisy as we wanted (a rare treat among campgrounds!) and spent a lot of time under blankets by the campfire roasting marshmallows and enjoying each other’s company.

I was most impressed that all of our friends made it through the entire night in their tents! Zac + I decided to get an RV (or as J calls it, “the bus”) over the summer and have taken it on a few trips already. We are really spoiled with our beds and toilet (not to mention heat and AC) and a whole mess of other completely unnecessary conveniences (ahem, satellite tv) that make camping not really camping at all. I like glamping, and I’m not sure that I would’ve made it all night in the tent like my friends did!

I’m really excited to give our boys all of these wonderful memories of camping and going to different places in the bus. We always were glampers when I was growing up, first with a pull behind trailer and later with a Minnie Winnie RV, though none of our setup were nearly as glamorous as this one! Some of my favorite memories are the times we spent heading down to the coast or to the river for a few days to camp. Really, I have my parents to thank for my newfound love of camping!