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Tie (TOP Scenario)

Okay, this is a scenario I started working on months ago. Finally finished it! It feels weird to post a scenario that’s not requested, since it’s been a while since I did that ;)

Not really sure if it’s any good or not, but I hope you like it!

Enjoy <3

You smiledat your own reflection in the bathroom mirror as you quickly studied your appearance. Normally, you weren’t one to really admit that you thought of yourself as beautiful, but tonight there was no denying it. What the mirror showed was a gorgeous woman ready for a party - your friend’s wedding, to be exact.

“Babe?” a deep voice called from the bedroom right outside the bathroom.


“Could you come out here?”

Quickly putting on the necklace you’d chosen for the party, you walked out of the bathroom. Your eyes immediately wandered to the tall figure by the full-body mirror in one corner of the room. It was, of course, none other than the owner to the deep and – undeniably – sexy voice. Your boyfriend of five years; Choi Seung Hyun. He was fully dressed and seemed ready to head out the door, aside from the fact that his tie was a complete mess around his neck. You quietly giggled to yourself as you watched him struggle with it, a frustrated and annoyed expression reflected in the mirror in front of him.

His eyes soon left his own reflection and glanced at you through the mirror. He arched an eyebrow at you, silently asking you to get over there and help him. You smiled at him and walked over to him as he turned around. He was about a head taller than you normally – something that annoyed you most days, since he found it incredibly fun to tease you about it. The only reason why he teased you was because he loved to see your reactions, where you pouted like a little child and sometimes even stood on your tiptoes – attempting to prove that you were indeed not that short. Tonight, you were in heels and, therefore, the top of your head at least reached the tip of his nose – something you were happy about.

“Need help?” you asked in an amused tone, looking up at him.

“What does it look like, babe?” he asked and smirked.

“Let me ask you something, honey”, you said as your hands started working on his mess of a tie, “how is it that you, the man who can do anything perfectly… Can’t perform the simple task of tying a tie?”

“Aren’t you the one who always says that no one is perfect, angel?” he questioned.

“No one, except for you”, you mumbled and felt your cheeks heat up.

You could feel his intense gaze on you and the smirk that formed on his lips was hard to miss.

Even after five years, you were still somewhat embarrassed to tell him things like that. He always teased you when you said similar things, because he loved seeing you blush. He told you that you looked absolutely adorable.

In an attempt to ignore your embarrassment, you focused on the tie around his neck and allowed your hands to move with ease. A comfortable silence settled between the two of you. The entire time you worked on his tie, you could feel his gaze on you. There wasn’t a single movement from you that he missed. You smiled to yourself, while keeping your eyes on the tie as your hands did their finishing touches.

“What is it, honey?” you asked, referring to the fact that his eyes refused to leave your face.

In response, he simply just chuckled and snaked his arms around your waist – pulling you against his chest, effectively trapping your arms that were still holding on to his now finished tie.

“You realize that you’re absolutely beautiful, right?” it sounded more like a statement than a question and you smiled as another blush spread across your cheeks.

“Well, it’s not like you look so bad yourself”, you said and looked up at his handsome face.

He smiled down at you and then leaned forward, placing a short and sweet kiss on your lips before releasing you. As he turned around to study his now finished tie, you smiled to yourself as you glanced at his handsome face in the mirror.

“I can’t believe she’s getting married today”, you soon said and turned away from you boyfriend, walking over to your make-up table on the other side of the room.

You were, of course, referring to your friend who was getting married today.

“They’ve dated for a long time, though?” Seung Hyun questioned and turned around to look at you.

“It just feels weird that my friends are getting married”, you told him, “it feels like yesterday that we were still in high school, gossiping about boys and stuff like that”

“What exactly are you trying to say, babe?” Seung Hyun asked with a smirk on his face.

“… I’m getting old”, you said and pouted.

Well, you weren’t exactly old, but having your friends get engaged one after the other and then get married, it made you realize that you were all growing up. Who would be next within your group of close friends? There weren’t that many left, including yourself.

At the realization that you were a possible candidate, your heart skipped a beat as you glanced at Seung Hyun through the mirror. How would you feel if he got down on one knee and proposed? Like the happiest girl in the world, most likely. You’d dated him for five whole years now, so you were pretty sure that he was the man you wanted to spend the next fifty years or so with.

Was he ready to commit to something like that, though?

Biting your lip as the thought crossed your mind, you glanced at him yet again through the mirror. Was he?

“Oppa”, you started.

“What is it, babe?” he asked, in the process of picking a belt for the night.

“You think the wedding’s going to be fun?”

“Probably”, he said and looked at you with a smile when he’d found a belt.

“I wonder what our wedding would be like if we ever got married”, you said, trying to discreetly make him tell you whether or not he was ready for something like that.

Seung Hyun simply just chuckled at your statement and proceeded with putting the belt on, turning to look at his reflection in the full-body mirror again. His lack of an answer to what you said made you pout. What was that chuckle supposed to mean? That he wasn’t ready? Or that he… Was happy that you were wondering the same thing as him?

As you tried to figure out what the handsome man meant, you failed to notice that he’d turned around and had walked over to where you sat by the make-up table. You were brought back to reality when he bent down and snaked his arms around your petit form, resting his chin on your shoulder. He studied you through the mirror in front of you, while you studied him as well.

“I can’t really answer something like that”, he said.

You bit your lip and realized that he’d most likely seen the disappointed pout on your face when he hadn’t answered. Did you have to prepare for another round of teasing?


Realizing what he’d just said, you immediately took the negative route and interpreted his words as him telling you that he wasn’t ready to think about something like that. That he didn’t want your relationship to take that kind of turn.

“What I can say, without a doubt”, he continued, “is that you’ll be the most beautiful bride in the entire world”

As those words exited his mouth, you were so overcome with shock and happiness that you – at first – failed to notice his choice of world.

“… Wait”, you said after a few moments, “I… Will be the most beautiful bride in the entire world?”

“Yeah”, Seung Hyun said and smiled at you through the mirror, before releasing you and standing up straight.

You turned around and stood up as well, giving him a confused look. Did that mean-?

“You… Want to get married one day, Oppa?” you asked.

“Well, marriage wasn’t really something I thought about a few years ago”, he said, “but then I met you five years ago and saw the world in a completely different light”

“Which means…?”

“If I hadn’t met you, marriage would most likely never be on my list of must-do’s”, he told you.

Hearing him say those words, you were unable to keep a big smile from spreading. Seung Hyun could be such an annoying little brat at times, finding it absolutely hilarious to tease you. Then, however, there were times like this one, where he was the sweetest and most romantic person ever. How did he do it?

The fact that he felt the same as you made you very happy. That meant that, one day, you would be the one to walk down that isle, towards the man who had your entire heart.

“You’re mine”, he stated, surprising you a little at his sudden possessiveness, “and I want the world to know it”

“With the amount of times you’ve become jealous when we’ve gone clubbing, I’m surprised the whole world doesn’t know already”, you told him and smiled triumphantly as a surprised expression spread across his face.

Yes! He wasn’t the only one capable of teasing.

“Those guys have no right talking to you or dancing with you”, he told you after quickly having recovered, snaking his arms around you.

“Whatever you say, Oppa”

Giving him a small kiss on the lips, you were starting to really look forward to that ‘one day’ in the future. The day the two of you would start a whole new life together. If it was him, the future would definitely be something to look forward to.

“Ready to go, babe?” Seung Hyun soon asked, releasing his arms from around you.

You smiled at him and nodded, looking at your reflection one last time and concluding that you were ready to attend the wedding.

Quickly placing your hand in Seung Hyun’s outstretched one, the two of you made your way through your shared apartment and out the door. While you walked towards the building’s elevator, the fantasies about what your future would be like started playing yet again in your head.

To think that something so simple as a tie could make such a conversation start amazed you. If you could’ve met the person who invented the tie back in the day, you would’ve made sure to thank him! Even if your relationship had been more than great before the conversation about marriage, now the relationships future even seemed amazing.

Maybe you should buy more ties for Seung Hyun?

You know, for the talk about whether or not you should have a baby and things like that…

BIGBANG Releases “2015 Welcoming Collection”! Reservation Begins on the 6

BIGBANG gives fans a meaningful gift before they come back after three years of absence

BIGBANG who is to come back after three years of absence, begins reservation for “BIGBANG’s 2015 WELCOMING COLLECTION”. 

“BIGBANG 2015 Welcoming Collection” for which reservation begins on the 6 this month, consists of a talk video that shows honest and frank conversation between the members, as well as a making video. 

The talk video includes new year’s resolution of BIGBANG, as well as interview of each member, to heighten fans’ expectations. Plus, the collection shows who BIGBANG really are, in the making video. Thus, it will be a great gift for BIGBANG’s fans. 

Other than the videos, BIGBANG’s photobook with numbering stickers hand-written by the members themselves, desktop calendar (Apr. 2015 – Mar. 2016), diary, postcard, mini photocard, and poster yearly calendar are included in the collection, which makes it meaningful for fans to have. 

Notably, as “BIGBANG’s 2015 WELCOMING COLLECTION” is released when BIGBANG’s comeback as a complete team is imminent, three years after “STILL ALIVE” released in 2012, the collection is expected to have all the more pleasant and special meaning for fans who have been waiting for them for a long time.   

Reservation for the collection begins on the 6, and the actual sale will begin on the 25 this month, on YG E-SHOP as well as on/off-line record shops nationwide. 

Meanwhile, BIGBANG is now committed to preparation for their new album, to come back after three years of break. On the 28 last month, BIGBANG presented a great performance on the stage of “Tokyo Girls’ Collection 2015 S/S”, and was selected as the only K-Pop awardee with 2NE1 in “2015 YouTube Music Awards” in March, to draw big attention from music fans.