The pickings for good vegan apparel are pretty slim. The font can be bad, the clothing shapes can be bulky or boring, the colours can be off, and the message might not be the one you’re looking to convey (plenty of “vegan” shirts about just eating healthy). 

I’m not saying I’m a shirt-printing whiz or anything, but if any vegans out there need help/advice for ordering printed clothes online - including designing your image and making sure the quality doesn’t get lost in printing, or finding a good online print studio to use - I’m here to help. 

The example above is a dark grey/heather black canvas fleece pullover hoodie from this customized clothing website with a simple design I edited in gimp. (At average price for a printed sweater - about $40)

MiSTie’s Unite!  We have a custom Mitchell Shirt with a photo logo and seven revues that include three hi-lariously great ones including Tom Servo’s “waka-chicka” comment, an amazing one from, of all people, the U.S. Council of Bishops and, well…

Mitchell is no better than Laserblast

We hope you L♡VE it!

FYI: Yes, I put the mock-up shirt on a… fat guy large gentleman.