Owl City- Maybe I’m Dreaming Concept Album


my mom constructed this outdoor pen for poncho! we’ll see how it works… 

it has a screen thing over the top so birds can’t swoop down and get her

this will mostly be a thing when I’m working outside and I’ll move the pen nearby me so I don’t have to keep quite so constant of an eye on her

we’ll also place something over one side so one side is shady

PLL season 6 teaser “analysis”

this isn’t necessarily an analysis, just something i’ve noticed and thought it might be cool to share:

so we all know the song mona sang in the trailer, and we know that originally it goes like this:

“hush little baby don’t say a word/mama’s gonna buy you a mocking bird/ and if that mocking bird won’t sing/daddy’s gonna buy you a diamond ring”

in the teaser, this last line is changed to “mama’s gonna buy you a looking glass.”

this sort of thing is commonly used as a technique to shock people, in a way. whilst you listen you’re expecting to hear “daddy’s gonna buy you a diamond ring” but instead you get the replacement. this causes the latter part of the song to stand out in your memory - when it deviates from the norm, it becomes significant.

i believe that this change highlights two issues, either to do with the show as a whole or -A, that will be explored in season 6:

  •  the absence of the father/ overbearing nature of the mother (when you expect to hear daddy you hear mama in the song) -a theme commonly explored in PLL anyway, especially with regard to the dilaurentis family
  • mirrors (the looking glass) - this could just mean mirror imagery as PLL commonly uses, or be stretched to mean that potentially twin theory will be further explored, or that maybe one character has been or will mirror another.

it is probably also important to think about the mockingbird and what that represents, but the possibilities are too varied to talk about in this post tbh so i’ll just end this here. i’m way too invested in this show

Piltover. He used this as a getaway ever since befriending Jayce during one trip. Not that he minded, it was a nice getaway and place to kind of hide away in. That was until a bird seemed to pick him out of a crowd. Wait wasn’t this bird….

And then there was the follow-up voice. So he as found out somewhat huh? Couldn’t hide everything, “Don’t worry about it, it seems he’s taken a liking ot me for some reason. Can’t guess why however.”


anonymous asked:

why larry u could be so much more

are you asking why I like Larry? or why Larry is a thing? I’ll answer both I guess. I like Larry because they’re cute, real, and make me happy and Larry is a thing because birds don’t have eyebrows, an anchor isn’t complete without its rope, a dagger goes through a rose, a ship needs its compass, and so many other reasons. and also why is being a larrie not good enough? why do we need to strive to “be so much more”

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how can i make my own t-stand

Get yourself two pieces of bird-safe wood, screw one on to a flat piece of wood and use a japanese square lashing knot to tie them in a T with bird-safe rope, string or cord.

You could also use PVC to create something of this effect, wrapping the perch with vet wrap or rope.


Or you could make a mini one out of pvc connectors and wooden dowels

I did a tutorial on that one here

There’s a lot of ways to do it, googling diy parrot stand comes up with plenty of inspiration for you!

thorofjotunheim asked:

A bird flew through Asgard. It wasn't a native bird either; a bird perhaps only Baldr would recognise, after even a century. A snow streak was flying into the throne room of the golden city, made for the prince. A note was tied to its leg, scrawled urgently. "I tried to stop him. I tried to stop him but he wouldn't listen."

In but a glance Baldr knew the bird’s origins, and knew what it would signal. It landed delicately on his hand, although any admiration for the species would have to wait as the god excused himself from the hall with a rushed seriousness. Only in the corridor did he find time to read the note, and the stag wasn’t no breath to panic or reply.

He had been to Jotunheim once, and it made it all the easier to return. Wrapping the golden light that beamed through the open windows around him, Baldr’s limited seidr worked to find the pathways and rays that Asgard and the winter realm shared. Rushing through the cosmos at the speed of light, he surfed solar flares and showers of ultraviolet until he cascaded down beside Thor with a moment’s brightness

No wonder he was slightly out of breath before he could speak.

‘’What is happening?’’

i was tagged by the beautiful so-caffeinated for the 20 Beautiful Women Challenge. Its after 1:30am where I am so there’s no way I’m taking a photo now! Instead here’s a selfie from Germany taken last year (hope the sunglasses aren’t cheating!)

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If you’ve already been tagged, its not your thing, you’re camera shy, or you’re a dude, please feel free to ignore (and, I apologise!)


So those open cases at the end? I’ve tripped on those types of cases so many times since working at the studio. I’m a pro at running them off now. The excuse that you’re trying to fly like a bird doesn’t go down very well.

Ok so I have to try get some sleep I have school soon but I doubt I’ll be sleeping I’m way to happy for sleep!!

I just really want to thank you Taylor for what you said to me tonight.. I’m honestly so grateful and can’t believe you said it I AM SO IN SHOCK. I can’t put into words how much it means to me that you care about me the same way I care about you, thank you for being there when I needed you, I don’t know if you know but my weekend that just past wasn’t the best.. My bird I had for 6 years past away and I’ve been having a few friendship problems at the moment and through all the darkness I see you which makes everything ok.

Good night Taylor, thank you so much again I hope you know just how thankful I am for this I love you so much. - Zoe