t j lane

About the T.J.Lane escapee thing

You can’t just compare this to Mike Brown, first off. It’s its own case.

Secondly, this isn’t in any way the American Justice System’s fault. He got convicted to 25 to life. That’s what you’d hope for his acts. The fact that he escaped from prison is another matter.

Don’t get your ideas mixed up.

T.J Lane

If I had the the power I’d break him out, I’d break him away
He’s a prisoner who shouldn’t be, the world got it wrong,
It won’t ever be right until they realize the rights and wrongs in this life,
Until they realize every action has a reaction,
If you bully us, knock us down, beat us up
We will beat you back, its not wrong, its only right
You push us, we push back
So don’t cry like a bitch, when we grab guns and have fun,
Remember every action, has a reaction,
So stop making fun of us, stop laughing
and we won’t grab the guns,
Like TJ Lane, he isn’t the problem,
the problem is the preppy’s who think picking on us is fun,
the guilty are the one’s on the outside looking in,
they’re the darkness and we’re the light,
when the darkness strikes, we strike back,
and show the world how cruel they are,
T.J just reacted, to tell you the truth I would’ve reacted in the same way,
shit I would’ve been there with him,
I would’ve went down with him,
I would’ve wore a “killer” t-shit too,
I would’ve flipped them off too,
not because I think its cool,
but because I know what its like,
I know what its like to dread going to school because I know I’d get bullied so bad I’d cry,
I’d get so embarresed I’d wanna die,
I know what its like,
So when he fired away, I didn’t bat an eye, they died, I didn’t bat an eye,
I’m not going to lie,
they got what they had coming to them,
just because the bullies don’t use guns don’t mean they don’t kill,
they killed us a long time ago,
TJ was just fed up, so he grabbed a gun and had some fun,
I don’t feel bad about it at all, in fact I just want to talk to TJ and let him know, I got his back,
I’ll defend him like he’s my best friend, I understand him,
I could care less if you do or don’t, just understand, actions have reactions,
and one day hopefully this will all end…

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