anonymous asked:

No one wants to see your cosplays.

Then don’t….follow…. us?

Okay real talk. You guys all know our policy is that we don’t post hate mail. But this one is just confusing. ALL we post is our cosplay related stuff. Thats ALL this blog is. We never reblog our fandoms or cool posts cause we know you are here for the costume stuff. 

We are never, ever offended by unfollows. If you don’t like our stuff. That’s really okay! Block us, ignore us — there too many people in the world to expect that everyone like us. Just unfollow, it’s totally cool. You won’t hurt our feelings, make the dashboard you want. 

Quick heads up — all our cosplay posts are tagged ‘Aicsoplay’ in the case that you want to follow us for our asks and want to blacklist our actual cosplays!

As far as hate goes, this one is just odd. At least insult my shoddy craftsmanship, I mean, I’m a terrible sewer and I always revert to hot glue. Or my nose. 

I really hope I never accidentally hurt Tyler and Troye’s friendship…