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ahh this is such an old topic, personally I give the word “abuse” a much heavier meaning, anyway some people see it as abusive because of the way they treated each other (most of it due to the fact they avoided talking about pretty much all their problems) and because Dirk’s attitude made it looking like Jake wasn’t free to leave him, and then when Dirk broke up with him he ended up putting all the blame on Jake (even tho he was very aware it was also his own fault)

so there’s no denying they had a lot of problems, but they also acknowledged them, just not to each other, and if they learn from their mistakes I think they could still make it work in case they decide to try again

anyway back to the point I don’t think you have to stop shipping something just because the ship itself has had some bad sides, like you can be aware of those sides but there’s no need to make them the main focus all the time!

some people just seem to see this ship always in a negative light because they think by shipping it one supports or justifies the things they did wrong, we (I) don’t, personally most of the times I draw them I just imagine them 1. either in a no-sburb setting where maybe they didn’t grow up so socially awkward and never had that many problems to start with or 2. post-game setting, assuming they did manage fixing their problems in the meantime

I think you can still enjoy the characters and the ship either way if you focus on the good aspects rather than the bad ones!

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feelin’ this. like i love jake abel, but matt cohen is forever my michael

After Matt Cohen’s performance he had a lot to live up to…Jake did awesome but having him be Michael for even a brief moment felt wrong because I couldn’t connect it. I couldn’t get past seeing Jake as Adam but I didn’t have that problem with Matt when it came to young John and Michael.

So no matter what I read or write or imagine Michael is forever and always Matt Cohen. Ugh…I wish there had been more of him. Just look






I need to remind myself of the night I left it up to God. I keep forgetting and it’s making this all much harder on me than it should be. I need to remember the night that I knew Jake was acting differently towards me and our relationship was coming to the crossroads. I have to remember Matthew 16. I have to remember what He spoke to me. I have to remember that night I told The Lord that even though He knew what I wanted- that I didn’t want Jake and I to break up- and even though I was terrified, I would trust Him. I would trust in His plan. I was so afraid of the heartbreak that would come but I told Him I was tired of fighting and I needed Him to take the burden from me and direct my life where He wanted it to go even if it meant my heart would hurt for months, or a year.

Nearly 6 months later my heart still hurts and the pain it lighter but it still feels heavy. I’m holding onto dead weight. I’m holding onto a dead relationship. I’m carrying a dead person’s weight on my back. But it’s because I’m not trusting in God’s best for me. The trust I had in His plan six months back on that storm-ridden night is not enough. It needs to be renewed every morning.

“If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.  For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” Matthew 16:21-28

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what about in the twenties? honestly you're so helpful

That’ll help me focus my answers a lot. Here are some POC males in their 20s that I really enjoy seeing:

  • Avan Jogia (Age: 22)
  • Diego Boneta (Age: 24)
  • Carlos PenaVega (Age: 25)
  • Kim Woo Bin (Age: 25)
  • Yoon Shi-yoon (Age: 28)
  • Jung Yong-hwa (Age: 25)
  • Skandar Keynes (Age: 23)
  • Alfie Enoch (Age: 26)
  • Jacob Artist (Age: 22)
  • Raymond Ablack (Age: 25)
  • Dev Patel (Age: 24)
  • Sean Teale (Age: 22)
  • Christopher Larkin (Age: 27)
  • Jake T. Austin (Age: 20)
  • David Lambert (Age: 21)
  • Osric Chau (Age: 28)
  • Peter Gadiot (Age: 28)
  • Darren Criss (Age: 27)
  • Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Age: 29)
  • Dayo Okeniyi (Age: 26)
  • Sinqua Walls (Age: 29)
  • Michael B. Jordan (Age: 27)
  • Tyler Posey (Age: 23)
  • Michael Trevino (Age: 29)

Aaaanndd, I’m going to clip it there. There are so many more that I like and I’ll probably think of more in the next five minutes but this should do you for now if you’re just starting to look.

Frustration || Jake + Aspen

Jake rushed out of his sister’s house, slamming the door behind him. Scarlett had made him frustrated, he was on the verge of wolfing out. For once, he was able to restrain himself from hurting her      to bad, at least. He shoved her a couple times, but that was all. He slowly calmed down as he slowed his pace. It was dark, and he wasn’t sure where he was. He’d ended up in an alley, surprised when he saw another figure at the end. A female figure. “Hello?” He called out, staying in place.


Text Message ⇆ Jake
  • Marley:Hey! So I finally came up with something.
  • Marley:It's Marley, btw. :)
  • Marley:So if I'm Angel Eyes then you're Puppy Eyes.