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arent there parts in the story where you type 'trickster' and something happens. can you explain that?

In [S] YOU THERE. BOY. if you press ctrl+t you enter trickster mode and can walk through walls.  This easter egg works best in firefox so if you’re using chrome and it’s not working try switching browsers.


In honor of the Transgender Day Of Visibility, here is my transition so far.

I was born on the 14th of July, 2000, in France. I grew up with three siblings -two sisters and a brother, in a small town next to Paris. I’ve been telling myself I was gay since I was 9 or 10. I found at what being transgender meant around the start of 2014. I’ve never felt like I was a girl, and I started presenting as male last year. I’m still pre-T and pre-op obviously.

First pic: 2009. I was about 10 in that picture, and I was just living my happy childhood, nobody judged me and I was really happy that way.

Second pic: 2010. I was still about 10, but I decided to put that picture because it was at the time I started questioning myself and I was having trouble being accepted.

Third pic: 2012. At this time, I was struggling with weight problems and I was being bullied at school for being different. Even thought I was a positive kid, things were hard for me.

Fourth pic: Important time of my life, took this picture in april 2013. I got my first short haircut and since then I started being confused about my gender and what I really wanted to be.

Fifth pic and sixth pic: 2013. I started presenting as male on the Internet, and accepted that I was transgender.

Seventh pic: Mid 2014. Let’s be honest, at this point of my life I was absolutely miserable. I was struggling with self-harm and depression, I was being being bullied at school and I had almost no friends. I tried to keep it up but honestly, it was really difficult. I was really confused about my gender and my sexuality, and I had no help or support.

Eight pic: End of 2014. I started presenting as male all the time, even thought I was not out to anybody, except on the Internet. I tried to stop self-harming and I also started eating regularly. I moved to another college and I stopped being harassed.

Ninth pic: March 2014. I took this picture today, and this is how my life is now: my parents are starting to accept the way I dress and act, I’ve been clean for two months, I’ve been in a relationship for three months, and I have loving friends (this one is for you, Dean).

I know some transgender persons had it worse than me, but I just want to share my story. My life has been a roller coaster of emotions but now, I’m at a really good point of my life. I obviously still have ups and downs, but I’m happy the way I am and I can’t wait for more. I don’t have the most supporting parents, but they’re trying to understand. I’m glad I didn’t give up and I’m happy some people still believe in me.

- Raphaël

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could you list as many of aaaaaaaall the kisses in homestuck? i need this. for important research purposes.

I can’t give you all but I’ll give you as many as I can remember.

John -> Rose
Jade -> Dave
Feferi -> Sollux
Karkat -> Kanaya
Terezi -> Tavros
Jake -> Dirk
Dirk -> Roxy
Dirk -> Jane
Rose -> Kanaya
Aradia -> Equius
Vriska -> Meenah
Hussie -> Rufio
Vriska -> Tavros
Spades Slick -> Snowman
Roxy -> Dirk

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what happens when the white army wins? like in every session the black army wins and then the players have to defeat him. but is it possible for the whit army to win and you have to kill the white king or does the game just break

They can’t.  Prospit is always destined to lose the war.

Rumple and Regina are positioned as the cursed spindle of a spinning wheel and Maleficent, respectively, within the show’s Sleeping Beauty storyline and Emma is Aurora.

Regina’s not getting a redemption arc this season. She’s not getting a redemption arc at all. She never has been, she never will. It’s part of her basic character traits to not be satisfied with any happy ending she ever achieves, so she will never, ever get a happy ending. That’s just a part of who she is.

The Sorcerer is Killian’s father and Cruella is Killian’s mother.

Regina and Rumple are going to torture Henry during much of the final episode.

Regina wants Henry’s heart to make herself the Author and travel back in time so she can rewrite her own story.

Will is the reincarnation of Liam—that, I’m pretty sure of.

Robin is an agent of the Sorcerer.