how do you stop thinking about someone when your heart beats to the sound of their name and your veins bleed the color of their lips?
when their face is etched into the back of your eyelids?
when your ears are hardwired to replay the sound of their laugh?
how do you pretend that the butterflies in your stomach don’t come alive when they walk into the room?
that your hands and their hands wouldn’t fit together perfectly?
how is it possible for you to move on when you can’t help but take them everywhere you go?
how do you stop thinking about someone?
how do you stop falling in love?
—  you don’t. you don’t. you can’t.

real talk but I’m pretty sure my ongoing struggle with depression for over the past decade coupled with other issues kept me from falling into the stereotypical machismo mindset for the most part even though I’m not perfect and I’m still refining myself I just kind of wished I could be at the point where I am now without all that baggage but then again life 🙆🏽💁🏽