zayn is truly like that movie trope where a supernatural being has to pretend to be human for a little bit and they think they’re doing a good job at it but really they’re out here in these streets with a nokia phone from 1952 and an outfit from 1998 talmbout some “what’s up my brethren the weather outside is tubular!” in the year of our lord 2k14

im reinstalling tinder for like the 5th time just so i can press x on everyone until i encounter someone i know and go like LOL SAW U ON TINDAAAA

being a black woman and watching that street harrassment video was so uncomfortable because on one hand i’m like ‘as a woman i can feel for her and can understand how disgusting it is to be accosted by a bunch of gross dudes trying to infiltrate your space’ but on the other hand it’s like ‘why did they decide to film in a neighbourhood that is majority poc ??? why does it feel like they’re actively vilifying black men and playing upon the “”aggressive black male”” stereotype’ like it’s frustrating to have to be critical of these kinds of things all. the fucking. time. when most people will just take it at face value