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Interracial relationships, opinion?

They’re not ideal, in my opinion. Especially if the couple is heterosexual, there’s a chance of children, who will be mixed race, having a torn identity between the races of their parents, and a greater tendency for genetic diseases and weaknesses. I think it is terribly irresponsible and really narcissistic. Also they tend to be the result of fetishising “exotic” races. People get off on being with someone who is so different because they know its wrong.

I wouldn’t make it illegal though, and I would oppose anyone who tried to make it illegal. The government has no business regulating human relationships.

me when i see a new female standup comedian’s special on netflix: please don’t put down your own gender please don’t talk about how you’re not like the other girls please don’t put down your own gender please don’t !!!

someone come explain to me why buying things for myself makes me feel so alive. i think im dead inside.

How "anti SJW" blogs come up with urls

*spins wheel* logical *draws name from a hat* cyberchase characters *throws dart at a board* against *pulls a lever on a slot machine* special snowflakes