ゲームをしての時、顔がいつもより熱い。心臓がすごくドキドキするよ。熱のせい?ひょっとしたら、カレのせい?ふふ~ (^m^) 私、よく分からないよ~ (^^ゞ まあ、以前以来、最高のプロポーズシーンだよ!さすが、私の大好きなカレです!!!)^o^(

Face to Face With a Truth

Recalling a conversation he and the Magician had, Syuu knew how he felt about Gin. He wasn’t going to complain though. Instead, the small plan was devised. He knocked on the Magician’s door, hands in his hoodie pockets.

He knew how Yu could be all too well. He knew Yu wouldn’t have the balls to even confess unless he was either ready or he had to. And the former might not happen, considering he was withdrawn when it came to this sort of thing.

momoi-syuichiro asked:


1. First impression: A top-notch pastry chef who look nice :p
2. Truth is: A tease + do-S guy but I like it~ (^///^)
3. How old do you look: 20+ years old
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Yes~ Your sweetness + cuteness makes me laugh! (^3^)
5. Have you ever made me mad: Yes when you purposely do it.
6. Best feature: Everything! , your sadistic…
7. You’re my: beloved Fiance and the daddy of my baby~ (^///^)
8. Name in my phone: 柊くん ♡