Emotional Priorities

Some advice worth remembering now and then: Don’t get so obsessed you get unhealthy. Value real friends over status. Don’t drink too much too often. Avoid toxic people and groups. Take breaks. Miss things (the show everyone says you HAVE to watch, the workshop everyone’s dying to get into, even your own show) now and then so you can re-charge. If your friend is getting married during the weekend that there are auditions for house teams, skip the audition. 

If biologists have ignored self-organization, it is not because self-ordering is not pervasive and profound. It is because we biologists have yet to understand how to think about systems governed simultaneously by two sources of order, Yet who seeing the snowflake, who seeing simple lipid molecules cast adrift in water forming themselves into cell-like hollow lipid vesicles, who seeing the potential for the crystallization of life in swarms of reacting molecules, who seeing the stunning order for free in networks linking tens upon tens of thousands of variables, can fail to entertain a central thought: if ever we are to attain a final theory in biology, we will surely, surely have to understand the commingling of self-organization and selection. We will have to see that we are the natural expressions of a deeper order. Ultimately, we will discover in our creation myth that we are expected after all.
—  Stuart Kauffman

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I know you're not part of a system, but I'd like to ask what your opinion on people who claim to be is. Fire away!

A lot of them are doing to DID (dissociative identity disorder) what tumblr has already done to OCD, ADHD/ADD, Cancer, social anxiety, and pretty much every other mental health issue that has been featured in the media.

Here’s the thing. 99% of all people with mental health issues like those don’t go around screaming about it. Most will deny they have it until they get a professional diagnosis if they ever get one.

A lot of these people in “Systems” or “Plurals” or “Multiplicities” claim they can remember everything when another one of their identities are “Fronting” (That term alone is one i’ve never seen used with or around DID so…) but the thing with actual DID is that the person experiences periods of time where they can’t remember what happened, they black out when another identity comes into control. They can’t control when these come to light, they’re mostly used when the subconscious feels the body is under attack, they’re a defense mechanism. 

People on tumblr like to describe their “headmates” very quickly, like a lot of them have a page dedicated to pictures of what their headmates look like. A lot of them say shit like “I’m gonna have to ban my headmates from posting on tumblr.” and shit like that. 

DID cases can’t talk to their other personalities, almost all, if not every tumblr user who says they’re apart of a system says they can talk to their headmates on the regular. You hear voices with Schizophrenia, but not DID. 

They only part these system people got right, is the fact that DID identities can have different ages, sexes, and even races.

I really became fascinated with the differences and the ability to call out these systems for bullshit after reading this:

Found here

and i’ve also used WebMD to kinda back up and verify tidbits of info that i wasn’t 100% sure about. But basically anyone claiming to be apart of a system, plural, multiplicity, or having headmates are trash and i will guarantee they are most likely lying. Especially if they talk about being able to communicate between their identities or if they describe their headmates. I’m waiting for tumblr to turn on them. I was trying to find the post about one user on tumblr who’s therapist called her out and said she making her headmates up as well as lying about her abuse. Now whether she actually saw a doctor for her “DID” or abuse, or anything is even  questionable, but if i find it, i’ll post it.

  • self diagnoser:sometimes i hear a voice in my head
  • rational people:that's called thinking
  • SD:no i sometimes ask questions and it will answer
  • RP:yeah that's called thinking
  • SD:NO????? DAMN IT I HAVE HEADMAT3S YOU ABLE1ST SHIT LORD! KILL YOURSELF! #tw suicide mention #death wish

I’ll be legit right now: My blog has pretty much no chance of ever being attacked by descriptionsofspecialsnowflakes but I’m so fucking mad about it. I’m not even otherkin, fictionkin, or an obvious system. The fact they find it funny to pick on people with DID, depression, anxiety, bpd, who are trans, whatever is just so fucking disgusting.

Blogs in specific being targeted: Polykin, otherkin, fictionkin, starkin, royaltykin, trans persons, genderqueer, those who use special pronouns especially are in danger. Also targeted are those with mental disorders, especially multiples and systems. 

Be aware of this blog and block them. Perhaps also remove personal information like kik, skype, personal email, etc. if you are a blog who does any of the above. 

Calling all Otherkin


Otherkin, fictionkin, starseeds, therians, multiples

I am writing a collection focusing on the lives of otherkin and other related groups. If you would like to contribute, please inbox me with your preferred method of communication. It will be discussed through interview format, either in text or by speaking. Either way. It can remain entirely anonymous too as I will post the questions in a text post and you can send me answers in an ask. Or we can do the interview over…

Literally whatever you are most comfortable with

You will control all of the information going into this. After the questions are answered I will edit them into something a bit more like a single narrative. Any further questions may be directed to my askbox.

The entire public education system is dominated by SJs, and to a lesser extent, NFs.241 Keirsey (1998) noted that the “largely clerical curriculum” in the modern school system bores Rationals. It
is seen as a good thing to do thirty identical repetitive math problems even if the INTJ understood the concept by the time they finished the tenth problem. Sadly, for many INTJs, school is nothing but an exercise in “grinding,” i.e. doing a mindless task over and over to earn points. Teachers believe grinding to be an indispensable part of a child’s ability to remember a concept long enough
to take a test on it. Actually, it has been well demonstrated that many INTJs can get excellent
grades on tests while simultaneously cutting classes and not doing their homework. Many, many,
INTJs are seen as underachievers or as working beneath their potential because they decline to
sacrifice real productivity in order to perform hours of mindless repetitions.
The fact is, INTJs simply hate busywork and do not care about proving to anyone that they know
the material. As far as the INTJ is concerned, they’ve reached 100% of their potential just by learning what they are supposed to know. Everything else is pointless busywork once that goal is
reached, and things such as homework, practice, study, and other measurements of “how well you
know the material” are superfluous.

Rantity Rant Rant.

Honestly, I wish aspects of life (especially High School, College,etc) would stop pressuring individuals to be perfect all of the time and have their crap together constantly.

  • Its okay to fail tests, you deserve to succeed, but please don’t feel like you are a terrible person for not passing everything, because honestly, making academic mistakes does not make you a bad person. We always get told how grades are the most important thing we can have, they do advantage us in some areas, I will admit, but honestly, being a nice person, who doesn’t hurt anybody will get you so much further.
  • You don’t have to look or behave perfectly all the time. You are just a human being who is living a life which is totally unplanned, and 95 per cent of the things we do are spontaneous. You are already wonderful and fantastic, and you honestly do not need to look or be perfect to achieve that.
  • Making mistakes doesn’t make you a bad person.
  • There is nothing wrong with feeling hurt or going through difficult times. Although it isn’t pleasant, you are entitled to struggle. And struggling doesn’t make you a bad person either.
  • You do not have to know what you want to be. I bet some of the most admirable, interesting, intelligent, wonderful people have spent most of their lives not knowing what they want to do with their lives.

I don’t know..I see so many people get pulled down and torn apart by systems like school. Even though systems are useful and needed in this world, I just wish they didn’t make people feel so negative…it really hurts and angers me. (◣_◢)

Please try not to be affected by those systems, I know its difficult and we all experience it, but you are worth so much more than just that! (✿◠‿◠)

I’m very sorry if my ranting bothers anybody, I hope you are having the beautiful day and week that you deserve.

I'm here, and I'm still slightly confused.

I’ve just spent the last ten minutes staring in disbelief at my screen. Not because there was anything wrong, but because there was something right.

Today, believe it or not, the first draft of this novel is actually complete. I still have editing to do, I still have some messing around to do, and it’s still several thousand words short (believe me, with the way I edit, that will be made up in the editing process). But it’s done.

I’ve worked faster on this novel than I have on anything else I have ever written in my life. I began around late October. It has been around five months. And while I’m still working, and it’ll be at least a week, maybe more, before I can bother my beta-readers with it, this first draft is a huge step.

I can only guess that it’s because this is the first time I’ve been writing something that has such support, such interest, and has provoked such discussion. When I started out with this, I never expected myself to actually become so passionate about the subject. I expected to write a novel and be one of so many people writing about the subject, leave it for several years forgotten, and maybe eventually shove it in a literary agent’s face and go ‘please sir…’. What I’ve found is some incredible friends, a community of people that have helped me no end with answering even some of the odd questions I’ve come up with, and more importantly, a huge gap that is bigger than I ever thought it was in the novel market. A huge gap that should have been filled years ago.

I became so passionate about this very quickly. I couldn’t quite believe that there was a whole, pretty large group of people that the world didn’t even recognise as existing, let alone as people. Not in this day and age. And I got angry, and I got upset. I’m a writer, so the way I deal with those feelings is words. With a novel, to be precise.

But I haven’t done my bit, and I’m not going to sail off into the sunset with some (likely very few) royalties and a brief ta-rah (sometimes I’m honestly too British for my own good). So if you’ll have me, even when this novel is entirely complete and hopefully sitting on shelves, I’m going to stick around.

And to anyone who tries to tell me you guys aren’t people, or you don’t exist… well…

- K Hart

All whites are racist

Yes, all white people are racist. We are the primary beneficiaries of systematic racism. Just as the primary beneficiaries of capitalism are capitalists, whites are racists within the system of racism. Racism is in no way just ideas, it is a system stemming from capitalist exploitation which expresses itself through the psychology of all social forms. So if you are white (I am also) you must fight all forms of racism within society without making it about you or liberalism. And if you wish to fight racism you must fight against capitalism because they are inherently connected to each other.

A case for empathy, despite how dumb people are

I was going to type “can be,” but we are, generally and arguably, quite capable of being duped. We are invariably capable of buying into lies, accepting information without question, etc.

When we make the argument that people are so stupid to buy into consumerism, to capitalism, to whatever overarching system exists, and then allow this to make us bitter and judgmental of other human beings, I feel that we’re making a huge mistake in terms of where we are placing blame.

If people are as stupid as we believe them to be and we revel in our own ability to distance ourselves from social pressures and consumerist ideals, then we are underestimating the power of consumerist cultures and blaming—in some ways—genetics.

Not everybody will possess all the qualities that make someone skeptical of overarching systems and capable of distinguishing intelligence from credentials. Moreover, doesn’t the sheer scale of people who live life as subjects to overarching political systems and capitalist societies point to the power of these systems themselves?

If we believe other people to be stupid—intelligence being something determined by genetics as well as developmental health and environment—but also blame them for their own stupidity in buying into these systems, we are being incredibly unfair. Can you ever blame someone for not having the tools to do something, when they don’t get to make the decision about whether or not they have the tools? No. So where can the blame be placed? On the systems that exploit this fact of life, rather than the individuals themselves.

So this is why empathy is so important for us to be able to break down these problems. “Think for yourself” is wonderful advice! It helps catalyze liberation from manipulative systems—but only for individuals who possess the lived experiences and mental capacity to recognize patterns and individual pieces of information, and the ability to tell the difference. The rest of the human species who has been fucked directly by genetics and indirectly (and directly) by environment are still slaves to the corruption and victims of it.

In conclusion, be nice. You are never justified in judging others for their mental capacity. But you can judge the immoral consequences of systems that lack empathy and a genuine moral outlook.

Think about it this way. We have 7,000 languages. Each of these languages encompasses a world-view, encompasses the ideas and predispositions and cognitive tools developed by thousands of years of people in that culture. Each one of those languages offers a whole encapsulated universe. So we have 7,000 parallel universes, some of them are quite similar to one another, and others are a lot more different. The fact that there’s this great diversity is a real testament to the flexibility and the ingenuity of the human mind.

The systems by which we organize our thinking, and in which we attempt to pass on that thinking to the generations that follow, represent what you might think of as a foreground of activity - of positive, convinced, self-reliant action - and this foreground can have validity only insofar as it attempts to impose credibility on that vast background acreage of human possibility that has not yet been organized.
—  pianist Glenn Gould, generalizing on how little his training and experience had prepared him for the challenge of experimentation and improvisation