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Some of our team was challenged to do the Ice bucket Challenge so we decided to take it on in our own way. 

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And for more information on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis please see:

We also nominated some fellow web-series creators shipwreckedcomedy and thecandlewasters (which Nessa referred to as the Cast and Crew of NMTD because she is elderly and forgets things- forgive her).

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I love this intro because it confirms Matt’s always been a friendless loser and now that he actually has people who accept him and agree to hang out with him he is going to make up for all of these lost times and we are going to have all the fun AND IT’S GOING TO BE SO GREAT YOU GUYS OH MY GOD!!! 

a very quick little guide to a potential structure for a Modern Languages personal statement for soyopeyemi

important note: this is by no means a one-size-fits-all-stick-to-this-structure guide. Your personal statement is about you, after all. It’s just a good idea to have some sort of structure

university applications is literally stressing me out.. like i am aiming for the top universities. and i am spending days to produce the best personal statement. but i am worried at the same time if my grades might not be high enough for them, if i will get taken for an interview, what would it be like, how do i prepare, will i get the grades they require when they send me an offer. i’m already worrying about the future and it is only the beginning

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What’s coming up in RuneScape this September?

Well, the biggie is Elf City. After 10 years of waiting, it’ll open up!

But that’s not all. This month, we’ve also got a new Grouping System, we’re allowing a limited amount of skill resets, we’re making Runes more valuable, plus loads more.

AND - exciting news - Iron Man Mode will be making its appearance this month!

Find out more by watching this month’s BTS!


     Ever wonder who astronauts are talking to when they say “Houston”? Here we are. The “White Flight Control Room” at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, housed Mission Control for every shuttle flight after STS-70, which launched in July of 1995. It was renovated in 2014 for future use with the SLS program, which will ultimately fly to Mars.

     It may be interesting to compare this modern facility with the Mercury Control Center, which I covered in a previous post (click here to view). The Mercury Control Center, and the inception of “Mission Control”, was headed by Christopher Craft, whose name now graces the side of the building which houses the White Flight Control Room.

     While standing in places like the White Flight Control Room, I often think, “If these walls could talk~”. I didn’t have that feeling here. This was my generation’s flight control room. I followed the drama that unfolded here via live TV. Instead, I thought to myself about what future drama might happen here. I can’t wait to see.

     So, there you have it. When astronauts are standing on Mars, and begin a radio transmission with the word, “Houston”, you’ll know what room they’re speaking to.