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Pug Synth

This is what is sounds like, when pugs cry.


a little over a month ago i performed at The Avocado with cinchel and THIRDS. i put on display two pieces that i have put a lot of energy into composing over the course of this spring. after i had finished “dream array” in may, i started following a new path towards putting ‘modules’ of sequences together to construct entire movements. they still remain unreleased on a physical format, but you can listen to these two pieces performed live here.

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Mr Rogers plays an ARP Soloist synthesizer
Mr Rogers Neighborhood

Silver Apples live in Los Angeles, 1968.

Simeon Coxe III: “In this shot you can see I have the oscillators mounted horizontally in plywood along with echo units, wah pedal, and so on. Here I am playing the ‘lead’ oscillator with my right hand, keying in rhythm oscillators with my elbow on the telegraph keys, changing the volume on an amp with my left hand, and singing. This was typical.”

… via an interview with Simeon at SoundOnSound.