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Described by the press as “alien” and like “a fox let loose in a chicken shack,” the sounds of the Moog synthesizer filled MoMA’s Sculpture Garden during the final event of the 1969 Jazz in the Garden concert series.  

[View of the concert performed by Robert Moog and the Moog Synthesizer, part of the Jazz in the Garden series, The Museum of Modern Art, August 28, 1969. Photographer: Peter Moore. Photographic Archive. The Museum of Modern Art Archives, New York]


Someone from the Netherlands modded a few Game Boys into a synthesizer, god what I’d do have this

Check out more stuff like it at his website and YouTube Channel


i made this plushie synth for my partner milescosmo’s birthday a couple of years ago, but i never took any good photos of it!

it’s all hand stitched and took about 8 hours to make out of felt, synthetic polar fleece and acrylic wool. all of the coloured patch cables are attached with pins and can be rearranged as often as you like, or removed if you want to cuddle it!

if you’d like to commission a piece like this, get in touch - - and also check out this plushie typewriter I made for another friend! x



16-step Arduino synthesizer, 3D printed models, Glitched Image, Webcam, and Processing Visuals

I was inspired by Duchamp’s art boxes full of small ready-mades and prints. I wanted to create a similar object within the realm of New Genre art. 

I am also interested in Wunderkammern and attempting to create poor facsimiles of existing technology (e.g. a macbook). Filmed in the Whitman College Book Arts Studio.