“i’ll never forgive anders bc he killed innocent ppl!!!!”

right. the innocent templars and the innocent chantry they serve, full of innocent sisters and mothers who turn a blind eye and throw up their hands like “what could we possibly do to help ppl” and treat everything like a lost cause or not their problem. the innocent chantry-goers who come to pray and pay tribute for charity (which. gee. where does that go i wonder bc it does not go to help ppl in need) but treat elves, mages, even ferelden refugees, like they’re not even people. the innocent grand cleric who refuses to use her power to affect positive change, claiming it’s not her fight when it absolutely could be, when she absolutely could’ve made a difference with her power, but simply chose not to bc helping people is hard and inconvenient. she wasn’t even ignorant to the corruption she literally if you talk to her about it fully acknowledges how messed up it is but says she basically just doesn’t care enough to put in the effort to help!!!

i won’t deny that there’s a handful of “good templars” who genuinely wound up in the wrong line of work either bc of misplaced faith or need to support their families, but come on, there’s other jobs that don’t involve the active oppression of everyone but monied andrastians in hightown lmao

yes. all those innocent people anders killed. all those like two people who tend to be in the main hall at any given time. all the maybe a few dozen sisters who faithfully turn a blind eye or actively work to make things worse (like come the fuck on, patrice could not have been the only one like her)

for ever thrask or samson or leliana or w/e involved w the chantry, you’ve got dozens of ppl who gladly, unquestioningly, commit atrocities in the name of their faith, and genuinely believing they’re right doesn’t somehow absolve them

if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem, especially when you have every chance to turn against the grain and refuse to serve an obviously corrupt and oppressive institution

not to even get into the fact that anders is really only standing apart from the rest of the kirkwall gang or general heroes in any of the dragon age games in that he’s the only one who actually seems to take notice of or feel guilt or conflict over hurting and killing possible innocents. hawke and varric keep score for fun. just because the people who died in the chantry explosion didn’t attack first with actual weapons doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have gladly seen anders or any number of people suffer, disappear, or die. not to mention how many people anders helped and healed in his clinic!!! anders helped people the chantry refused but yeah he’s the bad guy alright

no one who saw the atrocities committed in the name of the kirkwall chantry and chose to pretend they weren’t there or worth standing up against was innocent full fucking stop are you kidding me

Thoughts on parenting

One of the unexpected things about Sylvia being away is that it has given me enough distance to let her make her own choices (even if they feel like bad choices to me).

When she was home and would get mad at the friends around her, I felt a deep compunction to help her see both sides. I wanted her to be compassionate. I wanted her to understand that sometimes she is half the problem. As you might imagine, Sylvia did not like that reaction. She was able to pretty clearly articulate what I was doing and tell me it made her feel bad. But, here’s the thing, I could suppress saying the words to her, but I could not suppress feeling the anxiety about it and she is very attuned to my emotional state.

Now that she’s gone, when she calls and wants to vent, I can let her. I sympathize with her. I tell her I know it must be hard. Those feelings have always been there, but my anxiety about making sure she was the BEST PERSON SHE COULD BE got in the way. Now all I want to do is support her. It’s easier for me to understand that she has to go through these emotions to become the person she is going to be. Maybe she’ll always be quick to anger and frustrated with the people around her, or maybe she’ll grow and learn tolerance at her own pace. Those are her decisions now.

Aaron and I were discussing her choice about going or not going with Sparky to the amusement park. Our gut feeling is that she told him she’d go with him and she should keep her word, coupled with the fact that if she’s trying this relationship thing out, this is a way to experience a part of ‘dating’ that she doesn’t really have any other opportunity to experience. HOWEVER, I realized as soon as she started talking about it, how much baggage I bring into that conversation. I would have JUMPED at the chance to do that with Aaron. And guess what? We’re still married. Sylvia is 12 years old. Sparky may not ever be more to her than that boy she tried out dating with. If the pull of going with her girlfriends is stronger for her, then that is where she is right now. Only she knows where she is with this thing and she is the one who has to live with the potential hurt feelings on either side. I didn’t feel AT ALL like I had to guide her morally about what choice to make, I gave her my opinion on being a good friend and being sensitive to Sparky if she didn’t choose to go with him, but that was it. I trust her, and not to make the “correct” decision, but to make a decision she is comfortable with, and the consequences of which will help shape her future decisions. 

I don’t know. Kind of random, but just things I’ve been thinking about this morning.

super-heroes-of-color asked:

I'm going to rant right now. So every time there is a discussion about colorism, it immediately gets co-opted into sympathizing with light skin people. Every fucking time. No matter the topic. Like if a white man said, "but we are all human," niggas will be quick to drag that clown, but we are all black just silences the discussion and makes it about them as if they are the victims of colorism. I'm done!

I deeply sympathize with trans people. It’s something I want to do but can’t. I couldn’t go through all that, and then be left with non functioning genitalia. 

However, I sometimes wonder if the reason most of them are trans (at least on tumblr) is because of emotional issues.  Most of tumblr claims to be highly depressed and have anxiety issues. Tumblr is like the haven of people who have been depressed, self harmed, bullied, and are social outcasts.  That fucks people up. I know I’m going to get a lot of shit over this opinion. The reason I’m wondering is because I myself have deep emotional problems and I want to be male. Another smaller reason I’m so reluctant to begin transformation into a male, is because I know how emotionally unstable I am. There just seems to be a pattern to me with emotionally unstable people and gender identity. 

Before like thirty people reblog this with I have no problems and I’m trans, you’re sort of in the minority on tumblr.  This is a minority vs majority situation. A lot of trans people on here claim to have depression and anxiety and a lot of social issues.  This is what I’m just trying to bring up, and maybe you don’t even fit in this category at all. I’m wondering if some people received emotional help and acceptance, would they change their minds about being trans.  Not everyone would of course but if you think with an open mind you have to admit its a probability that some would. 

The best part of my post on corporal punishment is all these non-US commenters telling the abuse sympathizers that spanking is ILLEGAL in other countries because of the abuse correlation

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Help me! I have a desert in ma throat!

Oh no! Worst feeling ever.  I sympathize deeply.  Try getting Throat Coat tea?  It helps a lot. 

  • me:psychopath? me? never. absolutely not
  • me:[completely fucking fails at sympathizing with people's emotions]
  • me:[lies to everyone and manipulates people]
  • me:[has terrible judgement and does not learn from experience]
  • me:[basically shows all 20 traits]
  • me:okay well. maybe, there's a possibility as,.,,, maybe,,

you’re not supposed to love and respect your mom just because she gave birth to you like I hate that I fed into that for so long and excused every horrible thing she did to me just because she had sex and birthed me even though she’s done nothing but be the worst to me since I can remember yall tell people to run from abusive relationships, which is right, but then you turn around and sympathize with the abuser and tell people to respect their abuser if the abuser is that persons mother. ok

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This isn't even the first time Alex Hirsch hasn't cared about poc he's consistently an ignorant child and doesn't even put poc on his show. I noticed it's only white fandom tumblr who's trying to sympathize with him right now and I find that so interesting. You and white tumblr are so transparent.

i’ve been complaining about how he doesn’t have POC on his show for a while now but to my friends who watch the show (i stopped watching it because of how i noticed other problems with it) and i am not sympathizing with the guy, i know what he did is completely and utterly wrong and that he’s done stuff like this and even more than that before 

i’m trying to be open to the IDEA at least of him getting better through people consistently pointing out to him that he’s being offensive and really, i’m kind of afraid of the gravity falls fandom harassing me for criticizing his behavior so i’m trying to keep myself safe 

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As cute as the depictions of Maxie and Archie as dads are, ragging on Norman is demeaning. My dad was a truck driver and was rarely home when I was young, but he worked his butt off to support mom, my brother, and I, and we're forever grateful for it

pretty much the same boat as i am

my dad has also been a truck driver ever since i was little.
while now he works for a gasoline company and gets to come home early, before he had worked for pepsi and varying other companies where he would have to go out on ferries to our neighboring islands and often wouldn’t come back for a day or more.

it isn’t quite the same as major truck drivers who go across the country, but i can sympathize, and it is also why i perceive norman still as being a good dad.

what is your opinion of the film Sophie’s Choice?

Chaim’s Comments - Spoilers Throughout

OK. Just watched the movie for the first time in about 15 years and honestly… I didn’t like it. Oh, there were things about it that I liked. But as a whole, I’m not a big fan of the movie for a number of reasons.

From an artistic point of view, the film it is overlong, relies too much on telling when it should be showing, and the character of Stingo feels inauthentic and forced.  It has a profound staginess to its craft that just doesn’t take advantage of the medium. It is carried almost entirely by the performances.

The script is centered around holding its twists first that Sophie’s father was a Nazi sympathizer and not the good man she made him out to be, the second that Nathan was a paranoid schizophrenic and not actually a biologist, and the third that Sophie was given a choice at Auschwitz of whether her son or her daughter should be spared, ultimately choosing to save her son.

The movie exists only for individual scenes. It does not do a good job of feeling like a larger whole. The voice-over narration feels desperate to apply a profundity to the goings-on that would be better served by simply allowing the audience to listen and think for themselves. It also centers the experience on Stingo’s coming of age rather than on the particular traumas of Sophie and Nathan. 

I suspect, due to the nature of this blog, people would want to know what my opinion of the Holocaust content was and, when compared to other such films, outside of the big scene at the end of the film where we see the titular choice, it felt like the Holocaust was simply a background so we could exult in watching Meryl Streep emote her brilliant heart out. And it is a brilliant performance. Streep is incapable of anything less. But as a movie about the Holocaust, the fact that her experiences are treated largely as mere backstory to a beautiful, suffering woman our narrator is infatuated with rather than as something larger bothers me immensely. While one could definitely talk about survivor’s guilt and Sophie’s repeated refusal to help the greater good when she could have ultimately proving futile in the face of an enemy like the Nazis, the movie itself just uses that as more fodder to watch Sophie suffer beautifully so that Stingo could exult in her damage. 

As for Nathan, well, Kevin Kline’s performance felt incredibly vaudevillian in the wrong way. I’m not an expert in mental health treatment in the 1940s, but his brother’s whole “spy on him for me” treatment plan didn’t make a whole lot of sense. That he could be charming one moment and utterly abusive the next was clearly the intent, but I’m bothered by the movie’s most important Jewish character largely existing for the purpose of giving Sophie a tragic way to die at the hands of a Jew (which she clearly felt was a fate she deserved for turning her back on the Jews, and then the Polish resistance before going to Auschwitz) while not holding said Jewish character responsible for his actions due to his schizophrenia. 

Is the film’s portrayal of the actions of Poles during the Holocaust fair? I’d say that it was. They were treated better than the Jews, but they were still inferior and were still subject to horrible abuses and murder by the Nazis. Had the Nazis won the war most of the Poles would have been killed or sent to lives of hard labor. But the movie did point out and did not equivocate from the point that Jews were a primary target and the Poles were secondary, nor did it deny the existence of Polish anti-semitism before and during the Holocaust. Sophie actually tried to save herself at one point by pointing out to Rudolf Hoess of all people that she was a good anti-semite just like her father.

Ultimately, though, this movie’s melodramatic tone and its story within a story approach feels somehow overwrought and distancing. It doesn’t trust its more compelling events to stand on their own. The whole framing story should’ve been excised and we could’ve had a very effective hour and a half instead of a sporadically effective two and a half hours. People who want to see a great performance from Streep should see it. People who are looking for a strong dramatization of the Holocaust or even as a strong movie on its own merits outside of Streep’s performance could do better elsewhere.

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Sorry to hear what happened! :( I really sympathize with you especially since I had a really similar experience myself. You know, you could just go into making visual novels! :9 I'm sure none of us would complain! Hehe. Also just wanted to let you know that Aloners is officially #1 on englishotomegames! Hope that cheers you up a bit. :)

Thank you for your sympathy, and I’m very sorry that you had to go through something like that. And, hey, I’m definitely pursuing visual novels. There’s no question about that. It’s just all logistics, man, y’know?

And, wow! #1 in the Free Games list. That’s pretty mind-blowing, isn’t it? ^_^ Thank you, everyone!


Ashton & Bryana at BBC Radio 1's Big weekend

what you go to them for when you're mad
  • aries:backup. they'll tell you when you're wrong, but when you're right, you want them on your side. they will give you 100% support, and argue for you.
  • taurus:validation. you think you're right. but you need to know for sure.
  • gemini:distraction. you're fucking pissed and it's all you can think about. your gemini is exactly the person to help you get out of your head.
  • cancer:sympathy. your cancer will sympathize with you. make you feel better, and stroke your bruised ego by telling you you're right, even when you might not be.
  • leo:loyalty. you want people on your side, and you especially want a leo on your side. they fight for people they love.
  • virgo:an action plan. they know just how to plan the perfect argument or counter strike to whatever or whoever has pissed you off.
  • libra:an honest opinion. they'll tell you if you're being a dumb ass.
  • scorpio:to brood. they'll let you talk about it for fucking ever. helping you to analyze each aspect of what happened. may even join in with virgo to plan the demise of your enemies.
  • sagittarius:empathize. they'll tell you about a time when it happened to them too, and how they got through it.
  • capricorn:don't go to them if you're mad tbh unless you want to be more mad
  • aquarius:as a distraction. different than gemini. will probably let you rant about it before telling you to chill tf out and smoking a blunt with you.
  • pisces:to reflect on it all when it's over. your pisces is perfect to assess the damage with. how to apologize, if necessary or just how to move on from it all.


Well, I guess if this is what their strategy to gain new sympathizers has come down to, I guess that’s good news..?

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