The Mild Controversies of "Dear White People"


Richard Brody reviews the new film:

"As a work of art, ‘Dear White People’ counteracts and counterbalances its tendencies in order to melt its aesthetic identity into something forcedly charming and likable. Its lack of serious political confrontation … leaves its sympathetic viewers thinking that their sympathy is enough, that the mere existence of the film, and their enthusiasm for it, is a mark of social progress."

Photograph courtesy Ashley Beireis Nguyen / Sundance Institute

Tolstoy’s 1889 novella The Kreutzer Sonata was a famously caustic attack on his wife, Sofiya. She struck back with “Whose Fault?”, a rebuttal in the form of a short story: “Like Tolstoy, Sofiya criticizes the sexual double standard, but she’s far more sympathetic to women, who are kept in ignorance until marriage, then expected to satisfy their husbands and remain beautiful and docile through a long series of pregnancies and betrayals.”

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You make him insecure (Luke)

So, if this one gets a decent amount of notes and enough requests for a part two, it’ll happen. Also, request the other boys and that’ll happen tooooo :)

"Are you excited about tomorrow?" Mali-Koa Hood, your friend and the sister to your boyfriend’s bandmate, Calum Hood asked you over Skype. You say folding clothes and putting them in your suit case, you bit your lip.
“Okay, now that you mention it…” You trailed off, staring at your lap.
“Uh oh, come on, tell Mali what’s wrong.” You sighed. You knew you’d have to get it off your chest eventually, but it just seemed so rude, especially to say it behind Luke’s back.
“Well… I’m nervous, too nervous.” You gulped, looking up at your friend. She gave you a sympathetic pout in return.
“Why so nervous, love? He’s just meeting your family. I thought you’d be excited for this.” She commented. You nodded.
“Trust me, Luke and I are getting more and more serious as the weeks go by. We’ve even been talking about moving in together between you and me. But..” You took in a huge breath.
“Go on.” She persisted.
“I honestly don’t think either of my parents are going to like him AT ALL. And I’m not just saying because I have jitters. I’m saying I know my parents and I’m 99.9% sure they’re going to take one look at him and give him the back of their hand. And ya know, they’re gonna tell me they’re not comfortable with me seeing him and-“
“Y/N…..” Mali interrupted you, eyes wide.
“No Mal, I’m not finished. My dad doesn’t even know it’s as serious as it is! What’s he gonna say when we tell him how serious we’ve already gotten? He’s gonna say that Luke is not good for me and is not the type of guy I should spend my time with, let alone date. Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that he’s a high school drop out. My family is going to absolutely despise him. I’m being quite serious when I say that. Not that I’m going to tell him that.” You ran a hand through your hair. You looked closely at your friend’s face and realized how frantic she looked.
“You just told me. And trust me, the message was quite fricking clear.” You quickly turned around to see Luke’s tall figure leaning against your bedroom door frame, his blue eyes glassy as tears welled in his eyes.
“Luke I-” you began, only to be cut off by Luke.
“No. I need some time to think. Cancel tomorrow’s flight.” Tears slipped down his cheeks silently as he walked down the stairs, out the door, and far away from you.

Look, I’d be with you if they hadn’t made Mary so despicable. If she was supposed to be a sympathetic character, they didn’t show her that way. I honestly wouldn’t have been surprised if Mary hadn’t gone there hoping to kill Katrina, not the other way around. He told her when he left England they were over and she still crossed an ocean to demand he come home, and she was jealous and whiny and hysterical. I just didn’t like a thing about her. If I had, I would probably feel differently.

If you need a good laugh, do go over to the Sleepy Hollow IMDb and revel at the knots the Ich@trina stans twist themselves into to prop up their DOA ship.

injusticeworth said: thank you yes thank you there are so many things with present!Nucky that can intrigue and just… give more of a complicating warmth and recognition to his character, nnf. (which might be removed from where you’re aiming in which case ‘pologies.)

No, not at all, I feel that! I never thought I’d say this, but… The parallels have served their purpose and I’m back to feeling about Nucky as I did in seasons 1 and 2. It’s a much more sympathetic picture. I do believe his dip in likeability during seasons 3 and 4 was completely deliberate and they’ve done a good job bringing him out of this hole. It’s like a reverse arch, where he went down and then came back up again.

Admittedly the flashbacks in the first two episodes didn’t do much for me. But after that, they’ve done an amazing job linking his experiences in the past to the present and you can see the direct influence on Nucky.

I like seeing him as a young man because it does put the entire gangster narrative into perspective. It’s all about cycles. Obviously, my sympathies have always been with Charlie and Meyer, who are fighting their way up from nothing, fighting against people who already Made It or who were born with it Made. Even though we were toldNucky didn’t come from much, he was still—in the present-day narrative—someone who Made It and had the most power and was fulfilling the role of the older generation exploiting the younger. He was an obstacle, the old guard to be overthrown, getting in the way of the young people who are fighting for their place in the world.

I appreciate that I can see Nucky in the same position, to see him fighting the similar battles as the characters I root for. It’s excellent to juxtapose with the modern day, to see Nucky on the other side of things. Once, he was that scrappy little kid, coming from nothing and fighting for an opportunity. And just when he’s made it, there are some scrappy kids behind him who will take it away. And the cycle continues.

I’m also glad I started reading Tough Jews just before this season, because it talks A LOT on how 1800s gangsters influenced the up-and-comers of the 1920s, about this idea of cycle—even down to how many gangsters drew their nicknames as an homage to figures from the former century.

At the end of the day, the flashbacks are effective because it takes Boardwalk outside of a narrow drama about prohibition, about a very specific period of time, and situates it within a larger social context. You see what led to the 1920s and you see what came after. It’s no longer just a flash, bang, Hear-My-Decade-Roar. It’s an ongoing wheel, revolving through history. It came from somewhere and it’s going somewhere. The present is always—inexplicably—informed by the past.

And the cycle continues.

anonymous said:

I just found out my aunt, who presents herself as staunchly anti-choice, had an abortion when she was younger so she wouldn't have the child of her abusive ex. I don't know how to deal with this, I don't think it's fair she looks down on women who are pro-choice or have had abortion when she knows on a personal level what it's like to be in dire need of one. I don't understand how she can call other women slurs when she should be the most sympathetic to them. It frustrates me.

Here’s the thing: all people with abortion experiences deserve support. Forget the politics around abortion - I know it’s hard, but unconditional support works best without politics.

I don’t know her reasons for being anti-choice, but maybe she regretted her abortion and the only place she found peace was through a pro-life organization. Pro-choicers are notorious for ignoring stories and experiences of regret. 

If she wants to talk about her experience, let her. Don’t interrupt. Don’t debate. Don’t try to sway her to be pro-choice. Just listen. 


femmert15 said:

I totally feel you, I feel like any development he got from last season has gone totally through the drain. If they're going to show him in any kind of sympathetic light with this new storyline, they need to really show how strong an addiction he has to magic. I mean addiction does that to people, they're driven to put they're addiction above the ones they love, i.e. Belle. But anything else? Is just him being selfish, and another main villain on the show that never faces actual consequences.

I do think there’s development for all characters in the show afterwards they do or not change along with the show and Rumple is, much like Regina, a villain who doesn’t want to change his wicked ways.
Don’t mistake me tho, I’m not doubting his love for Belle, I do believe without doubt that the love they have for each other is real and huge, however I do think they are unequal in that relationship. I was against their wedding, as cute as it was, and I do believe that Rumple is better off as a villain than a position of ex villain.
I seriously doubt there’s a happy ending for Rumple and I do not want it at all as we speak, that is because so far, he has no pay the consequences of any of this crimes. Milah remains a victim of his villainess and I do believe justice must be given here.

Is there character development for Rumple? Absolutely. Has he changed ? Yes and no. And big no on the most important parts.
I came to the point I want him to end up being just a villain tbh. Much like Regina.
I have an issue with villains who think they are untitled to this or that and who refuse to face their wrongs. But who would rather blame the victims than take a proper look at themselves.
And Killian isn’t the idiot in the situation , Rumple is the villain using him, his love and even his body in an abusing way to get to his ends which is awful and disgusting at so many levels.
The idiot is Rumple for not burying the hatchet and taking that occasion to become the man his son wanted him to be.

the thing about spike is that i hate the entire concept of his character and everything he is and does

but he’s written and acted in a way that’s supposed to be likable. he’s joss whedon’s favorite character that he’s ever written and he clearly tried very hard to make him sympathetic/funny/generally likable and he’s a fan favorite so obviously it worked

like, even i can’t say i completely hate spike even though i hate almost everything about him but i really really hate the fact that i’m completely aware that i’ve basically been sort of coerced into liking him (however little that may be) by joss whedon (and probably to some extent james marsters)

basically it’s just super irritating and i don’t like spike or joss whedon

anonymous said:

Gidday, if I could play devils advocate in regards to Jack, one could argue that he did (or even still) loves Lacie - but with years of her memory being his sole emotional anchor throughout a gradual decay in his mental health, those feelings where among the things that became buried in his search for her. It's an occurrence that pops up frequently in everyday life, whether it is in regards to an ideal, a person's beliefs or even a person's memories. (Prt 1)

…But the guidebook (which is written by Mochizuki-sensei), Jack himself, and Lacie all said the same thing: Jack doesn’t love Lacie.

He is obsessed with her and that is one of the reasons why he continues to be an antagonistic character (despite the fact that he is a sympathetic character, unlike Miranda, for instance).

Characters that get lost in unhealthy feelings tend to end up being the antagonistic characters in the series (Yura got lost in his greedy desire for knowledge, Zai got lost in his hatred, Duke Nightray got lost to his pride and jealousy, even Vincent was wandering a bit in his guilt but Ada was able to save him in time). Jack’s feelings for Lacie are being presented in a very similar way.

It would be different if we weren’t explicitly told these things about Jack’s feelings for Lacie, or if the Relationship Chart in 18.5 Evidence had been a ? or something, but it’s not. Break and Sharon’s relationship is far more ambiguous than Jack’s feelings for Lacie. Lacie’s feelings for Jack are also far more ambiguous than Jack’s. 

Mochizuki-sensei has done a wonderful thing with Jack’s character. She has shown that while Jack himself can be a very sympathetic person, his obsession is unhealthy and not good. It is not love and shouldn’t be viewed as such.

This kind of message is really great and something that the anime and manga industry needs right now, since the fetishization of yandere relationships is getting a bit out of hand (though, not nearly bad as the lost cause that is tsundere relationships, ugh, don’t even get me started on those and how unhealthy they are).

I want to do a series of Cthulhu Mythos short stories all built around subverting the traditional Lovecraft narrative. No stoic academics and scientists as our doomed protagonists, no frightful revelations in dusty tombs, and absolutely no gibbering.

The first is probably a story about an EMT’s brushes with the fringes of the Mythos, with increasingly fucked-up people and things coming into the back of his ambulance. Another is about a homeless person (as far from the pampered scholars of Lovecraft’s work as can be) stumbling into a part of the city that our reality has chosen to forget.

Maybe try my hand at writing a sympathetic Mythos protagonist as well, though I know I can’t top the fantastic “The Litany of Earth” (a short fiction about a Deep One hybrid trying to reclaim her lost heritage). It could be fun to do a story about someone looking for the Mythos as well rather than going insane from the forbidden knowledge, something like a SETI technician trying to join a non-human consciousness.

Jealousy at Practice

It’s the anon who asked for the fluffy harry imagine and something from Order of the Phoenix would be lovely!(:

(This is my first Harry one which is suprising. Go minor characters! Haha! Hope you like it!)

Author: Sim the Bookworm

Rolling my eyes for the hundredth time, I tried to ignore the giggles of Cho Chang. Instead, I turned my attention to the Death Eater dummy on wheels. Everyone was practicing spells as it flew towards them. After today’s practice, it would need some major repairs. The paint was beginning to peel and little chips of wood were being scattered across the floor. And each time it took a sharp turn, the wheels would give a harsh squeak.

"Good work Cho." Harry told the Ravenclaw girl. I gritted my teeth and tightened my grip on my wand.

"Are you okay (Y/N)?" Hermione asked. I took a deep breath and nodded. She gave me a sympathetic look and began to focus on the wheeling dummy. It took a turn after a spell and came towards Hermione. She used another spell that sent it into the opposite direction.

"He doesn’t even try to hide it, does he?" I muttered to Hermione. She glanced at me.

"Have you tried telling him that you like him?" She whispered. Thankfully, nobody could hear us since they weren’t paying attention to us.

"No, that could ruin everything." I explained. She nodded and left it at that. Looking back at the others, I saw Harry looking at Cho. Anger bubbled since of me. The dummy changed direction and came towards me. I raised my wand.

"Bombardo!" The dummy exploded at my feet into a pile of ash and dust. I took a deep shaky breath and realised that that was a bad idea.

"Practice is over." Hermione announced to everyone. I looked at the clock that was on the wall. I realised it was in fact time for everyone to head back to their common rooms. While everyone began to leave, I walked over to the one of the cluttered shelves.

"(Y/N)?" Harry asked behind me. I turned around to face him.

"Yeah?" I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Is everything okay?" He questioned.

"Yes." He raised his eyebrows. "I swear I’m okay."

"You destroyed the dummy."

"It needed repairs anyway." I retorted.

"Seriously, is everything okay?"

"Yeah, just- just go talk to Cho." I told him. He looked suprised.

"Cho? Is this what this is about?"

"Yes! You can’t see how I act around you! I’ve always liked you and I- I couldn’t tell you because I don’t want to ruin our friendship but it looks like I-"

Instead of finishing my rant, Harry stopped me by pressing his lips to mine. I pulled away and stared at him. My heart was beating hard against my chest.

"Uh, okay?" I managed to say. Both of us were red in the face and I ran a hand through my hair.

"Cho was helping me talk to you. Except I see that was better."

"You think?" I laughed. He smiled and held his hand out to me. I took it and we both walked out of the Room of Requirement. I had to admit, I was happier than before.

anonymous said:

How do you think Zerrie will burn out? I won't be surprised if it's another fake cheating scandal. Modest/HJPR seem to have their panties in a twist now that the boys are seen with Azzoff so they'll have Zayn look like an asshole. I don't know about you, but I'm hoping for early/mid 2015 instead of late 2015 although I do have that feeling that Modest will hold onto Zerrie up until November 2015.

Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised at another fake cheating scandal because they can feed a fake story to the Sun again, get lots of press, make Perrie look sympathetic and give Zayn one last kick on the way out.

When it ends totally depends on when 1D’s contract with Modest is up and if Modest has any real gameplan other than fauxmancing for Little Mix. I’m guessing they don’t. :/

A set-up for something bigger...

I recently read some posts about the beast clan update and how it promotes racism and colonialism. Another thread said it was mirroring humanity’s rise to power on earth and how we change the landscape and make native species go extinct.The thing is, I don’t think it is promoting either of these things.

The dragons are fighting and thoughtlessly changing the face of the world. If this does reference colonialism / environmentalism, (I am skeptical of this, but even if it doesn’t, its interesting to think about…) II don’t think it’s saying it’s a good thing. All of the lore paints an incredibly sympathetic picture for the beastclans. Watch the video. Everything about it is sad, and it’s really a rallying cry for the beastclans, not for the dragons. It makes you feel bad. It’s not painting dragons to be good guys.

If anything, it’s saying that colonialism or industrialization is bad. I feel like there’s going to be consequences for this update in the long run for the fighting and expansion our dragons are participating in. I think that the dragon flights are going to have to take note of what they’re doing and change their ways.

I would not be surprised if this is the first chapter of something bigger. The staff has stated that not all dragon clans are against the beastmen, so we don’t have to roleplay that way. They also hinted there’s a mega conflict coming up of dragons vs other flights vs allied beastclans vs independent beastclans vs shade. My money is on everyone coming together vs the shade, or everyone comes together vs the shade + shade-compromised factions. Or everyone coming together vs the deities -they’re not very good gods, and dragons and the beastclans may be better off in the long run without their agenda.

This makes RP a lot more interesting!

  • I’m so proud of Laura
  • I felt bad for Danny, but that’s exactly what she needed to hear?
  • Laferry was also adorable, swerving the ship before it sunk
  • Whereas Carmilla went from bemused to I think at least a little sympathetic of Danny
  • (She knows about that feeling of wanting to protect Laura—but she let’s Laura fight her own battles first, and that’s really the difference between the two of them)
  • Can’t decide if I ship the ot3 or just Carmilla/Laura but I do really love how everything is lesbians

So my doctor was v good, nice but not overly friendly which was was what I wanted. I feel like I’m not being taken seriously when people are overly sympathetic.she was v matter of fact yknow. So she said I have anxiety but that it stems from a depressive disorder and that bcos anxiety is often louder, its easy to forget about what’s causing it. She said I have avoidance issues which is p much my entire life summed up tbh. She told me I seem to be having one long episode rather than separate ones which I guess is bcos I’ve never dealt with any of it before. She’s put me on 150g of sertraline for five weeks and if it doesn’t work she’s gonna change em completely. She’s also going to write a letter to my uni to whoever I want to make sure they understand that it’s clinical and not just me messing about. She asked me about everything, my childhood,my family, my friends, work, if I smoke. I spoke honestly with her about suicide thoughts which I’ve never done before. I didn’t talk about self harm, she didn’t ask me. I’m back in five weeks to her again and she said we’re gonna sort it all out because it’s not right and not fair that I should feel like this bcos these are supposed to be the best years of my life. Which is what I constantly worry about. I keep feeling like I’m wasting every second by being so sad all the time. I want to be better please.