The Madness of King Ganondorf: WW Monologue
  • The Madness of King Ganondorf: WW Monologue
  • The Wind Waker Dub

An interpretation of the final scene and monologue as given by Ganondorf in The Wind Waker.


Audio/Voices: Myself
Background Music: Ganondorf’s Theme (Ocarina of Time) by ZREO


  • This Ganondorf’s voice was very difficult to form. I tried to combine a variety of different accents, borrowing most heavily from Japanese due to the design he has in this particular game. I wanted to get something regal and powerful, but also tired.
  • Ganondorf, in his WW incarnation, has always been very interesting. I think he’s the most sympathetic in this version and at the same time, probably the most insane. He knows he has lost to the point where winning is no longer the objective - it is simply not to allow Link to succeed.
  • This is the only glimpse we have into his motivation aside from info given by other characters
  • This speech is taken from the moments directly before the final battle, and after. So….spoilers?
  • I decided not to include King Daphnes’ entire set of lines to keep the focus on Ganny 
  • Evil laughs are still fun

Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy.

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headcanon that humanstuck Aradia is the type of woman that if she hears someone being any shade of transphobic or purposely misgender someone, she won't hesitate to pound that awful fuck into the ground with a smile on her face if she needs to.

((Oh please beating them within an inch of their life would be too sympathetic every night she’d send some ghosts to the transphobic individual’s home and at first the ghosts would just move some things around without making a scene but then slowly and slowly it starts to torture the individual person because they KNOW that there is someone in the house with them and slowly they go crazy and when they finally snap u kno that aradia is just looking in through the window GRINNING))

(i didn’t see a submit button on your art blog so i’ll just submit it here)
I have a little headcanon that during the “Bite of ‘87” she got shoved over while everyone was panicking and her chest-piece got cracked really bad.
Instead of paying to have it fixed, however, the owner/s of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza locked her away where the customers couldn’t see her since she was now “broken”.
Hope you like it!! uvu

Holy guacamole this is so cool! I love how she looks here, and that you added her character phrase and the fuzzy camera. I must say that your headcanon that resulted in her being locked away is great too, especially since the poor thing gets damaged making her more intimidating (or sympathetic?) if she were in a game. I’ll add that the cracked heart makes good symbolism; like she literally got her heart broken because she was rammed to the floor by her beloved customers that she cared about so much.

Thank you so so much, I love it. ♥️

What if Simon says his final goodbyes to his family, to Eric, and the band. And what if Clary tries to go with him, but when she sees Rebecca’s sympathetic eyes, and hears Eric crack a joke when he opens the door to Simon, she knows she has no place there anymore, and that it’s his new life and old life that he’s saying goodbye to, and she wants him to have that chance where she didn’t, but she can’t stand next to him when he does it. And what if before the ascension he asks Jace to check in on his family every once in a while, make sure they’re safe, and what if Jace tells him that that’s his job now, it’s all of their’s to keep protecting the world so that people don’t keep having to say goodbye too soon. 

that last post reminds me of that stupid satirical article that had people believing a cop hit a woman’s baby out of her arms when she was breast feeding in public and killed the baby

i believed it until i saw a pic of the woman that showed she was white… of course so many people were sympathetic and decrying what the cop did

and what’s doubly gross is shit like that is actually happening to Black people but people care more about a fictional situation happening to a white mother and child

Derek had spent three days at home… Mostly because his mother made him, but partly because he was embarrassed, mortified by his behavior. Laura had teased him until she’d realized just how upset he was, and then, thank god, she’d backed off a bit. And it helped that she was back at college. His dad had been somewhat sympathetic, but his mom was obviously angry and probably disappointed as well.

Derek drove into the parking lot of the high school and parked, then just sat there. He didn’t want to go back into the school. He didn’t want to face all the people who would give him a hard time for missing class and practice… and then there was Stiles, who he’d thrown himself at, who knew what Derek was now. He didn’t know what to expect, but he probably needed to apologize. He finally got out, took a deep breath, and headed inside just in time to make it to first period.

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Tell us something about bears, please?



Um…bears are one of the relatively few mammal species (along with raccoons and I believe dolphins and whales) that have a penis-bone.  It’s called the baculum and it has cultural significance as a symbol of fertility in multiple Native American traditions.

Baculum length is also one of the measurements we take when we’re working up a trapped bear, and (along with core body temperature - guess where THAT thermometer goes) is one of the tasks typically assigned to the newest/most easily grossed out member of the crew.

Although the wildlife conservation manly men tend to get green around the gills when it’s a woman taking baculum measurements — apparently we lack the kind of natural sympathetic delicacy guys have when handling a bear’s junk.  

Here’s a picture of some babies


On 13 August, the UWA Socialist Alternative club received an email from the UWA Student Guild secretary informing them that their club privileges had been suspended, including the right to put up posters in Guild areas, access funding, and hire Guild rooms to hold meetings. 

The UWA Student Guild has outrageously attempted to censor and hamstring student clubs for their stance on Palestine, namely Socialist Alternative who are opponents in the upcoming Guild elections. The allegations are a mixture of right wing opinion, vague and unsubstantiated claims, and blatant lies. Also included is a complaint regarding posters which advertised a public meeting held by Socialist Alternative entitled “Why Israel is a terrorist state”, which the Guild initially approved, but later criticised and removed. However, they did continue to allow and defend posters sympathetic to Israel which featured former members of the Israeli Defence Force, the organisation that had just murdered over 1900 Palestinians. 

This censorship occurs at a time when students should be uniting to fight the Liberal’s attacks against universities, something which Socialist Alternative has played an essential role in, and the UWA Student Guild had committed itself to. Yet posters advertising the August 20 student National Day of Action against cuts to higher education were also systematically removed. 

For more information see this article, and read the information on the petition page. 

If you support free speech please sign this petition and share with your friends, family, and fellow students! Anyone can sign, not just students at UWA!

“Price of being royalty,” said Hatter. He didn’t sound very sympathetic.

“And having a huge circus for a wedding, in the first place,” Alice said tiredly, leaning her head down on his shoulder. “When we get married, let’s just elope.”

Pressed against her side, Hatter went completely still. She thought over what she’d just absent-mindedly said, and had a moment of sheer mind-blinding panic.

—  Crumbs in the Butter by Spatz

my brothers week ass dad is here and i know since my mom is feeling sympathetic towards me she will let me watch a movie in the living room and im going to make them all watch brokeback mountain

Season Three, Episode Eight: Lovers Walk

I think we can all agree that seven episodes without Spike are seven episodes too many.  Luckily, we get some relief in Lovers Walk.  And now we will have to suffer for fourteen more episodes.  Life can be incredibly cruel at times.

Let’s run through some bullet-points:

  • This episode contains one of my least favorite TV tropes.  Buffy, formerly a terrible student and notoriously bad test taker, is suddenly testing at Willow-level.  I know it’s not ultimately a big deal, but it just annoys me.
  • Drunk Spike is wonderful and pathetic.
  • Spike’s interactions with both Willow and Joyce are fantastic this and future episodes.  It’s just so funny to see a supposedly dangerous vampire seeking relationship advice wherever he can find it.  And he’s just so pitiful, both women are totally sympathetic.  It’s Spike, you just can’t help it.  He’s like a slightly evil puppy.
  • The “I may be love’s bitch, but at least I’m man enough to admit it” speech might as well be the Buffyverse relationship anthem.
  • Willow and Xander are found out.  Had to happen, Cordy and Oz deserved to know the truth.  Cordy, however, definitely did not deserve to be impaled.  Worst.  Night.  Ever.

Drunk Spike is a gouache and ink illustration on bristol.

Diabetes is a douchebag.
Silver linings: prescription request for the pen needles has been accepted and processed 👍 the vanilla protein powder I ordered half price has arrived; let’s ignore the father confused looks - the package in weight and size looks like a bag of flour! Oh and used whole milk again at breakfast. I miss my semi-skimmed in taste! I ended up diluting it with water, which made it insanely runny but more eatable. My logical solution would just be to have double the amount in semi-skimmed; will actually work out to more than the whole! But mum is in a very “milk mindset” right now, so I doubt my rational suggestion would fall on sympathetic ears 🙈 so just go with it! Temporary measures for long term health.

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Marisa approaches Mokou. "So, I heard yer banned from all sorts a' places," she says. "I know that feelin'." She pats Mokou on the back sympathetically.


"Well, it’s their loss! Hah! I bet they are already regrettin’ their unwise decision of turnin’ me away! Why, I bet the regret is so bad, they are thinkin’ on how dystopic a world without me would be!"



"I am so glad we could sign this treaty between the Moon and Gensokyo with me as an intermediary! With this, only peace and prosperity await all of us!"


"I’m in such a good mood without having to clean up after the shenanigans of a miscreant that doesn’t exist but hypothetically could! Let us enjoy our continued peace!"


"Without distractions, I have achieved Nirvana and have become one with the Divine Beast within me. Inner peace is all I wish to spread with this life of mine now, unburdened and undisturbed by a bad influence."



"They’ll be tuggin’ at my suspenders soon enough, no worries. Thank you for the sentiment, though!"

There’s no denying that many of Adam Smith’s writings contain strongly egalitarian sentiments. There are parts of The Wealth of Nations that contain bursts of almost Marxist vitriol against inequality. However, none of this changes the fact that Smith, and his followers, favoured laissez-faire in almost all areas. Not that he favoured total laissez-faire, he believed in the State providing police, courts, national defence, and public services like roads. He also favoured anti-usury laws, something I’m actually sympathetic to Smith on :^).

But the bigger picture is that he was highly free market in his views, and definitely not a “libertarian socialist” as the Chomsky-drones suggest. Chomsky’s practically convinced he’s the only one who’s read Smith in 250 years.

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♚ & ♛

♚: A blog I think has an choice character concept!

// I really, really love thewidowofsolitude's interpretation of Elisif! It's a very original take on her, and makes Elisif into a really interesting, sympathetic, and much more complicated figure than the game developers even imagined. I love how the background they came up with makes Elisif perfectly positioned to fill her husband's responsibilities, and it's neat to see an interpretation of Elisif that is equal parts soft and kind and also diplomatic and clever.

♛: A blog I think wholesomely well-developed!

// askthedovah is one of my favorite muns, muses, and blogs around here! They have awesome art, really fun thread ideas, are willing to RP with just about anyone and have a lot of fun doing it, are really nice, and are just generally a cool person. I love seeing Vevel’s character development and watching her interact with a huge variety of muses, and the mun’s devotion to fun character development. Plus their human!dragons are really neat, and I love how much they care about and stick to lore despite revolving around an AU. :)