A big thanks to David Cohen for the pick of the week in artcritcal online magazine. Referring to Mary Ann Strandell’s “Fragonard Room” as PomoRococo. (original post here)

This sumptuous hypertextual collision of the postmodern and the Rococo is Mary Ann Strandell’s contribution to Symbiotaxiplasm, an exhibition curated by Savannah Spirit at SS Projects through February 16. A large ink drawing applied directly to the wall traces in appropriately feathery and ephemeral strokes the period room of the same title at the Frick Collection and forms the backdrop to what the artist identifies as “the hyperspace worlds” of her 3D Lenticular prints. “Together they mash into a symbiotaxiplasm experience pausing on various highs and lows of cultural memes – utopic and distopic – in what was the age of comfort,” she writes in an accompanying statement. Standell’s co-exhibitors are Man Bartlett, Colin Kilian, Anne Arden MacDonald, Bradford Reed and the anonymous author of an olfactorily exquisite scent installation. DAVID COHEN

547 West 27th Street #210, between 10th and 11th avenues, January 19 to February 16, 2012