For those unfortunate few of you who haven’t already seen it, here’ Sylvester McCoy playing the spoons along to the Doctor Who theme and also on Sophie Aldred


It occurs to me that one of the major differences between ‘Classic Who’ and ‘New Who’ – though, in my opinion, it’s all classic – is the companions. Not in their caliber, but rather in how they got on board the Tardis in the first place. ‘New Who’ has been consistent in that they’ve all, from Rose to Clara, been invited aboard in one way or another. Some – Rose and Clara – invited twice.

In ‘Classic Who’ that wasn’t the case. From the original kidnapping of Ian and Barbara – yes, folks, a kidnapping – to the variations of stowaway or Tegan getting lost in the bowels of the Tardis, the only classic companions I can recall being invited were Peri and Ace – if anybody can add another to that list, please do. I’m working from memory here. Admittedly, Peri’s invitation was a bit backhanded and resigned, but Ace? Now that was a true, open-hearted invite.

And Ace’s joy? Unparalleled until Clara’s when she got her second invitation.

As for the Doctor, well… he may be a man of fewer words these days, but no less eloquent.


The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made #airnzhobbit

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