I haven’t yet added this into the timeline here on Tumblr and may expand on it. Turok has known Sybok since he was a child and his assistant so to speak at the Vulcan Embassy in San Francisco.


Turok watched Sybok as he signed correspondence. He’d known him long enough to know that he was not himself of late and he knew the reason why.

“You seem to be overly preoccupied with this Human female.”

“As you’re prone to exaggeration,” Sybok replied quickly without looking up.

“You have checked the clock 8 times in 3.5 minutes. You have also checked your communicator 5 times and yet there was no notification to alert you to a message from her.”

“Turok, I would prefer it if you kept your observations to yourself. I’m neither in the mood or have the time to indulge you today.”

“I have heard you see her outside of a professional setting.”

Sybok glanced up at Turok who now had a faint smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth.

“She is a work colleague; we “see” each other daily.”

“Indeed,” Turok replied amused by his friend’s quick retort.

“Who I choose to associate with outside the Embassy is of no consequence to you or anyone else who questions my relationship with Miss Marshall. Would you prefer me to publish a daily bulletin on who I’m spending my personal time with to satisfy your curiosity on my private life and imagined romantic activities? By all means let me know and I’ll begin immediately. I’ll add you to the list first.” Sybok went back to his work, but couldn’t help be thrown by his friend’s words. She was becoming a distraction to him, but what did this mean?