i love the names you get on old sewing notions. in particular i go silly over the sylko threads whenever i can find them. here we have bright peacock, lotus blue, forget-me-not, sandalwood, oriental poppy, firenze blue, caramel, frog green, and alice blue. others from my selection include cornflower, dark sapphire, dark saxe blue, cork, chestnut, mink, light old gold, coral pink, blossom pink, grass green, mid and light olive.

one thing i love is that the sylko threads turn up all over. i’ve seen people all over the english speaking world turn them up in vintage and craft shops. i’m also yet to pick up any of the… less politically correct colours, which would be… odd.

Somehow or another, I have ended up with my Gran’s old tin of thread. It’s fairly ordinary, a square Crosse and Blackwell Christmas Pudding tin. Most of the threads are pretty standard, maybe ten or so years old, but there are a few on wooden spools, like some of these below. Sylko branded, the colours have sometimes beautiful, often funny names. My favourite nine are pictured here.

J Dewhurst & Sons, Sylko fast dye mercerised cotton, Made in Great Britain.
Chinese Green
Dark Lovebird
Gay Yellow
Almond Green
Dark Claret
Mid Blue Slate
Light Seal Brown