Peter Petrelli + blue aura

Blues are wonderful care givers, and emotionally charged about everything they do and everyone they embrace. However, they easily fall into the trap of trying to make everything right and satisfying the needs of others. They are passionate and dedicated, and will often let emotion override logic – while this is a sign of strong faith, it can sometimes lead them into bad relationships. They need people around them who will let them know when they have done enough, will show appreciation for their love and support, and will make sure their needs are met. Blues also need people around to pull them out of abusive or unbalanced relationships. They need to remember how hard and sometimes impossible it is to change people. (x)

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Zachary Quinto Presents: “The Craft of Acting” with Newcastle Brown Ale #IfWeWon


Queen of Sylar;

i nominate: sylarthritis

i’ve only been in the heroes fandom for a few months, but her blog was one of the first i came across when joining. her love for the character shines through and although i had a couple of people in mind on who to nominate for sylar, i couldn’t imaging anybody else being queen of this well loved character


Queen of Isaac 

I nominate: sylarthritis

From your beautiful edits and gifs, to how much you reach out and contribute, you are a major part of the fandom. You not only have been around since the resurgence, but really helped bring it to light. Your love for this character is something that has always stuck with me, and it’s always nice to see these under-appreciated characters get shown the love they have earned.