So yesterday was a big day…


He was in Sydney for a few days, and had a signing session at the Kinokuniya store last night.

Didn’t get that many photos, since our queue was behind his stage/podium area, but still had a really great time, met and talked to lots of great fans and had so many interesting conversations! Got to show off my Avengers shoes (yayomg!) and Tom was awesome - such a nice person, he took the time to talk to everyone (staying back an extra hour to get through all the ticketed people) and was just really nice (he lead us in singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to a few lucky people).

Part 2

i really need to tidy & clean my room and do general life admin but i’m procrastinating because i’m lazy. this weekend my bf and i were housesitting at a place out in weston and it felt like a little holiday. didnt see anyone we knew all weekend, different house, breakfast at a different cafe… it was lovely and so relaxing, being home in my own place feels weirdly like ‘back to reality’. on wednesday we’re going up to sydney for conor oberst tho so that should be awesome! really looking forward to it. this’ll be my fourth time seeing him, i think? i love his new album so yay! 

i feel a bit weird because i havent been seeing some of my friends as often as i did when i was single, but for most of them i assume that they’re now relieved they can just hang out with their partners and dont feel like they need to keep me entertained and have me hanging around thirdwheeling.  

my secondment at work finished on friday so tomorrow i’m back to my usual boring duties. i had a lunch meeting with our manager though and she and i came up with some projects for me to work on this year, so hopefully that will help to liven things up a bit. 

camping this weekend i think? hopefully heading to namadgi and might get a hike in, depending on the weather. 

2015 has been pretty good so far and i hope it stays that way. 

futaiim asked:

(I know you love Alias) so Alias for the Send me a fandom

I love Alias and I love you too! Yay!

THE OTP: Sydney and Vaughn, hands down

M/F OTP: Besides SV? Jack and Irina

M/M OTP: Never thought about this one… ummm… I really don’t have one

F/F OTP: Irina x anyone Renee Rienne and Sydney Bristow

Fav Female: (how can I choose, they’re all so awesome!) Sydney Bristow
Fav Male: Jack Bristow

Least Fav Female: Anna Espinosa
Least Fav Male: Robert Lindsey of season 3.

Why I joined the fandom: My parents introduced me to the show and I fell in love with it 5 minutes into the first episode I saw.

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[Kate] Really?! [Harry] Yep. We're leaving today. [Sydney] Awesome! [Jack] I'm so excited! [Kale] *looks at the other kids then us* Yay!

*laughs* you guys ate gonna love it.

Best family night … Divine dinner at Subcontinental followed by my husband photobombing Everyone at the terracotta warrior lantern exhibit. (Which the kids thought was hysterical) He left no photo unbombed… So awesome #parentsgonewild #terracottawarriors #sydney (at The Lanterns of the Terracotta Warriors)

So I just got home from Sydney and spending some pretty awesome days with my man. Safe to say I’m a bit sad about being home again. So on the Friday our flights magically landed at the same time (serendipity much?) and we just grabbed a cab back to his and hung out for a bit. Valentines Day was on Saturday and we don’t usually celebrate it but this year we went out to dinner then bought Moet and some rum to make mojitos. It wasn’t much but it was fun :) and any night spent with Jhai is special to me anyway. 
Although he doesn’t look thrilled in this photo, he had a great time too haha