One of the Best New Podcasts of 2013 - @SawBones is indeed a marital tour of misguided medicine.  Comedic relief @JustinMcElroy of My Brother My Brother and Me and his charming MD wife sydneemcelroy give historic recounts of absurd and crazy medical practices throughout history (think Drunk History without the drunkenness [mostly]).  Their charming banter and bizarre science strike a chord with me.  Some of my favorite episodes include: The One Problem with Benjamin Rush, John Kellogg’s Odd Prescription, and Plague Medicine.  It also has my favorite theme song on the Maximum Fun network ^_^  @MaxFunHQ

Sawbones: The Four Humors
  • Sydnee:It looks like you have too much blood, you need some more melancholy.
  • Justin:Excellent, well I will definitely look into that. Seeing as it's been February for five months now and it's been winter for seven years I'm actually full up on melancholy right now, thank you very much. I've been living in a frozen tundra wasteland and I've never left this house.

Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin welcome you to Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine. Every Friday, they dig through the annals of medical history to uncover all the odd, weird, wrong, dumb and just gross ways we’ve tried to fix people over the years. Educational? You bet! Fun? We hope!

Another entry in my ever increasing list of “must listen” podcasts. 

The Father of Homeopathy
  • The Father of Homeopathy
  • Justin McElroy, Sydnee McElroy
  • Sawbones


Sawbones: The Father of Homeopathy

This week on Sawbones, Dr. Sydnee and Justin introduce you to the father of homeopathy, an unconventional alternative method that has persisted for over 100 years. Also, Justin attempts to cure his non-existent asthma with chicken.

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Music: “Medicines” by The Taxpayers

Episode 12: JTRHNBR
  • Episode 12: JTRHNBR
  • Justin and Sydnee McElroy
  • Satellite Dish with Justin and Sydnee

Greetings, MBMBaMbinos!

As some of you may already be aware, Justin and his lovely wife Sydnee have a podcast of their own about television called “Satellite Dish.”

This past week’s episode features some special guests… Travis and Griffin AND their girlfriends Teresa and Rachel.

Super MBMBaM synergy!

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Satellite Dish: Episode #07 - Out of Africa

Sorry HATERZ, but after a two month absence, your TV watching buddies Justin and Sydnee are back with their grim take on the TV landscape. What’s on order? How about Mad Men, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother a fond farewell to America’s Next Top Model and SO much more?Listen And hey: share it with a friend!