Things I love about The University of Southern Denmark:

- Unisex restrooms EVERYWHERE

Things I don’t like about The University of Southern Denmark:

- They still haven’t fixed the sink in the restroom I like to use. It’s just sitting there, dripping.

- It’s dripping through the roof a lot of places when it rains.

- It’s cold everywhere during winter.


Good news for me I forgot to share on tumblr: I’ve been accepted at Syddansk Universitet (South-Danish University). I’ll be studying International Business-Communication, which will involve English, IT and web. Should be good if I manage to address my study habits.

Of course this also means I will have to move to Jutland to study so not sure how my internet-surfing ways will be affected yet.


I got accepted into Syddansk University! I’m gonna do a bachelor in English and then go on to do a masters as well. Luckily for me I live in Denmark so I’ll be applying to do a semester abroad my 2nd year. I have so many places I’d wanna go! My options are:

Fort Lewis College (USA)

Ohio University (USA)

University of North Florida (USA)

University of Wyoming (USA)

Southampton Solent University (England)

Deakin University (Australia)

Griffith University (Australia)

St. Francis Xavier University (Canada)

University of Calgary (Canada)

University of Northern British Columbia (Canada)

I don’t even know what my 1st priority would be but I’m kinda leaning towards Australia!

Udsist fra vores rum, på 14 etage. Jeg bor i 1459 sammen med en pige som hedder Camilla fra Syddansk Universitet. Vi skal åbenbart have styr på titunsind underlige ting inden vi kan begynde. Medical checkhup, ny nøgle, og ID kort. Men idag skal jeg købe hovedpuder og lagner og måske en underlig potteplante eller et eller andet. Længere opdatering følger, senere idag. 

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