Am I late for Gemsona week?
I made an emerald one and the legs are supposed to be the space leggings on the right……..
Edit: So my gem is emerald (I know it’s popular but-) I summon a sycthe since it’s one of the closest weapons to a flag. I used different shapes of emerald to put the detail in the Sycthe! I hope you enjoy it!

Things currently in love with!

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  1. One Song: Yours Again by Red
  2. Two Movies: Howl’s Moving Castle and Under the Red Hood
  3. Three Shows: Parasyte, ID Discovery, and Naruto 
  4. Four People: Now that’s just plain rude! I can’t choose 4 people
  5. Five foods: Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies, Pasta, Chicken Cobb with Avacado Salad, Sushi, and cheese 
  6. Six Tags!! magicalgirltosh, muse-of-music, hethran, sycthe-eater, obi-sweets, and miss-salem

Recto: Horizontal view of the figure of a bearded old man with his right arm turning a grindstone, his rusty and chipped sycthe lying across a trestle, and his left foot tramping on an irregular shape which is inscribed: SPAIN.
Verso: Sailing boats.