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Birdies after my Dental appointment.

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The title of the video gives it away so don't watch it then? So many people on tumblr are moody lately maybe I'm in a bad mood too but when did everyone get so picky and complain about everything. I swear it wasn't this moany last year :/

Lots of people here finally entered puberty and are pmsing real hard at the same time

It’s official

I’m going home to Maine!  May 13th baby and I’ll be back on the east coast!  Better than all of that, is the fact that I connected with my long lost best friend and other half today.  I cannot go on about all the intrinsic reasons this lady is my other half in a female form, but many years have passed where she moved out of state and never had various forms of social media, and I did the same.  I contacted her sister, got her number and low and behold she’s been looking for me all these years too.  I cannot stop smiling.  This is the highlight of my year.  Of years.  I feel so happy and thankful to know she’s alive and well, and I cannot wait to see her again.  We both have changed and learned so much, its a relief to hear that her and I have been experiencing lives trivialities and sychronicities even though we’ve been a world apart.  I haven’t had many friends whom over time have changed, and changed like I’ve changed.  Has been learning lessons and blessings in her own way.  I cannot wait to share these stories of heart, and hear about all the wonderful news.  Here’s to new beginnings!

tentatum​ became sychronized

Curious. The woman doesn’t see her, but knows Alma is there.
She moves like a ghost in the tiny cell she’s been given, a frail
little thing wrapped in white. Unseeing eyes dart her way, and
Alma smiles.

A wraith, wrapped in the guise of a child, broken nails scrape
against the glass separating them. She’s strong. She’s like her.
She needs to be free.

“ F̡̝͈͉͓̟͔̞͔͝r̩͉̣̘̟̱̣͎͢͜͝í͉̥̣͈͕̯̜ͅe͏͉̫͘n̵͙̻̤̰̝̰͔͍͜d̙̕͟?̺̳̰͕̲̜̕͢”

The glass shatters beneath her touch, crystalline shards blowing
out and slicing at her flesh, for how close she stands to the room.
It triggers an alarm, somewhere within the facility, but she has
long since given up on worrying about that. Anyone who can stop
it has been taken care of well before Alma came to stand in the cell.

“ C̲͉̜̻̩̟̀o͓͉̕͢͡m͈̩̗͜ȩ̜̟̙͖͎͉̞̭.̺̠̗̫́͝”

It isn’t a request.

‘Healthcare’...  Sickcare.

‘Why do you talk about this junk man?’


Across the globe there is a huge collective of us. It is us that see things which others refuse to acknowledge. We don’t ‘fit the mould’, because we are not meant to fit something that everybody else does. We are different, Misshapen, deformed, but it is the mutation that leads to a species evolution.

Weird? Thank you.

While others carry on with their school chores, work, heavily preoccupied in the mind, we like to sit back and think, question that which no one else does. Think about the world around us, how we can exist as beings as perfectly created as we are. However, often interpreted by today’s society as a ‘lack of ambition’, ‘laziness’, ‘stuck in his/her head’… ‘Madness’? No. 

We were placed strategically across this globe, an interconnected net of consciousness, and like the nets that trawl the sea, we will eventually drag others into this synchronised reality that we coexist amongst. The ideology of unity is spreading, countering the negativity that is spurred on by the global corporations. Lust, Hatred, Competition, to name a few… The closer we draw together, the better our connections to this planet will be.

Taking medication, that supposedly ‘cures or supports you in your recovery’ from bad health or disease, from a company that economically benefits from your malnutrition, obesity or sickness is a combination for disaster. Pumping our bodies with countless chemicals that often are harsh and tiring on our bodies, in order to counter this that and the other seems ridiculous. Adopt a natural organic diet, drink plenty of water, and DON’T eat at McD’s, KFC etc… That’s the real JUNK.

Common sense people.

Spread positivity, make someone smile. Enjoy a laugh here and there, and most of all love, love, love. Love the food you eat, the people you chill with, the clothes on your back!

This gathering of atomic matter that we are is a physical expression of the universe, that alone is enough to make me smile. 

Now, run along!

Go smile, you beautiful fuck.