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Nicknames: Pet
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Gay/lesbian
Favorite color: blue
Current time and date: 9:38pm 11/5/15
Average amount (hours) of sleep: 7-10
Lucky number: 3 or 4
First word that comes to mind: master
One place that makes me happy: my bed
Favorite character: Amelia Pond
Favorite meal: noodle box
Favorite drink: Cider
Favorite book: Harry Potter
Last holiday: New Zealand
Dream wedding: My country says no to me getting married, haven’t thought about it
Dream job: Tattoo artist
What are you wearing: panties

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whats your opinion on the camera episode (episode 9 season 1) where theres a camera which shows the image of someone that that person cares about, and sebastian showed up next to ciel (+ pluto) I personally never thought of it as romantic (mostly pandering to yaoi fangirls which is gross but hey, it happens) even before i realized how gross SxC is, but it is something a lot of people use to justify sc or use it as an argument that its canon, and ive never seen it brought up among anti-sc circles

Good question!

It’s been a while since I’ve watched the first season, so some of my recollections may be a bit fuzzy.

I do think it was definitely pandering, but also. I don’t think the camera actually worked? I think the camera was merely an object with a superstitious history, and Ciel decided to try it out to see if it would actually work. I don’t recall any actual examples of a photo taken by the camera being shown other than the one with Ciel.

Given that, within the image itself, Pluto is obviously looking at Sebastian, I think Sebastian set the photo up and took the picture of Ciel with himself in it. If he wasn’t actually in the photo, Pluto wouldn’t be staring right at him, and instead would be directing his gaze past Ciel towards the picture-taker.

Basically, the camera is bogus and it was Sebastian having a really good laugh at the expense of Ciel.

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Name: Javiera López Tapia

Nickname: Javi, J.L.T., SxC, Sil, Cris, Mija ovo

Birthday: 8 of April~

Gender: Female

Sexuality: I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CAN NOT LIE [She wont say anything]

Height: 1,63 cm

Timezone: UTC-3 [i guess -3, not -4… the horary is so weird lately]

What time and date is it there: 12:09, 12/05/15

Average hours of sleep: Sometimes 8, sometimes 9… one time 16 (???)

OTP’s: Wrong question *cough*(?). Specialjewelshipping, Kid x Chrona, RainbowPie, Thiefshipping *cough* Ikarishipping, Twinleafshipping, Hoenshipping, Franticshipping, Hardenshipping, Insectivoreshipping, DiMimi,  Count Bleck x Timpani, ACxTC *cough*, Shadamy, Sontails, Silvaze, Sonadow, MSxTD, Red x Blue, Phone Guy x Purple Guy [at least in rebornica’s AU and fnafology‘s AU], Mike x Phone Guy [ fnafology ], Mike x Doll [rebornica’s AU], Fronnie, Foxica, Mangle x Toy Chica, Springtrap x *COUGHCOUGH* dork, .flowtp, Masada x Madotsuki , Asakiku, FrUk, Angel Pair, GerIta, AmeriPan [only whit female!japan] *breath a little* Ryuka x Kurumi, Billdip, Fiolee, Chiga x Kokusai, Mario x Peach, Link x Zelda, Link x Minda [Twilight Princess only], Akuroku, Goku x Chichi, Bardock x Gine…

I think that’s all, whitout count my own OTPs of my characters… but you don’t want to know that (???)

The last thing I googled :  Traductor [the fucking translate, I need it like I need the air (?)]

First word that comes to your mind :  *COUGH* oh god my throat

What I last said to a family member :  Good night 

One place that makes you happy and why :  My room, here I can be and do whatever the fuck I want… like sleep uvu~

How many blankets I sleep under : 3

Favourite beverage : Fanta, Mirinda, Crush… you get the idea (????

The last movie I watched in the cinema : Home C;

Three things I can’t live without : My 3DS, My hability of draw and the people who cares about me 

Something I plan on learning :  Draw faster and learn another languague after I dominate english 

A piece of advice for all my followers :  You are here for something, big things are waiting for you, darling C:

You have to listen to this song :   Jenny (Pengosolvent Remix)

My blog(s) : Beisde this? ask-hetacomunas and silvertamiko [you little scumbag]

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