Spent last night touching up one of my earliest breed arts while I waited for commission files to upload!

I have to say I’ve learned quite a bit on how different markings should work & look since I did this set.  I DO in fact know urajiro should not be showing on the black coat, however in the game I play (furry-paws) they either didn’t know this, or didn’t care when making the game, so it does.  It makes for some very interesting combos, but also some challenges in making sure urajiro looks natural on both red pigment & black pigment coats (no small feat I assure you!) 

I also decided it would be fun to add more marking variation (because wind hounds totally didn’t have a billion to start with oops).  Mostly this was by deciding to factor in white genetic variances, for example, the first is a piebald (spsp), but there’s 3 piebalds: spsp, spsw, swsw from less to more white :D  Same idea for the irish, from barely irish to collared irish!  For high marking breeds I’m not sure if this is a good thing LOL but for some who have like none, this will make me much happy ;-; 

So in between working on requests & commissions I might poke at some of my other older sets too.  Except Briards, they were perfect (not really they just have zero things that could be updated like this oops).  

Don’t mind me, trying to add a slight more realism genetic/phenotype wise to a fake dog breeding game.