“I know what I swore.” Jon said the words. “I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn, the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realms of men. Were those the same words you said when you took your vows?” // “They were. As the Lord Commander knows.” // “Are you certain that I have not forgotten some? The ones about the king and his laws, and how we must defend every foot of his land and cling to each ruined castle? How does that part go?” Jon waited for an answer. None came. “I am the shield that guards the realms of men. Those are the words. So tell me, my lord— what are these wildlings, if not men?” Bowen Marsh opened his mouth. No words came out. A flush crept up his neck.

Silence (part one)

So here it is! My new NaLu AU in which Lucy is the new student at Magnolia High but she has a special characteristic… she’s mute.

Pairings: NaLu, Gruvia, Gajevy, Jerza, others.

Setting: High School

Summary: Being new to the school wasn’t Lucy’s only problem; try being mute as well. Also add in being bullied for her disability, but fortunately for Lucy a pink haired male swore to protect her. Befriending the mysterious man, Lucy realized she wasn’t the only one with troubles in her life.

Lucy shifted her head to the right, looking at the vast school from her fathers car window. She seen students piling in the doors going to find their classes for the new school year. A tap on her shoulder brought her out f her daydream. Tearing her gaze away from her new high school she turned and faced her father, a soft look graced his face.

“Lucy dear, I know that nervous. Hell, I’m nervous for you. But I assure you we got you in all the proper classes and the best teacher aid to help you around.” Hearing his words, Lucy gave a slight nod and her own little smile.

Mavis knew she was nervous to start public school after being homeschooled for her whole life. She gulped, turning her sights back on her second home for the next eight months. Lucy reached her shaking hand, grabbing the door handle; trying to find enough courage to open the door.

“Do you have your class schedule?” Lucy held up a piece of paper, signifying she had her schedule.

“Backpack?” He questioned, seeing the light blue bag hanging off her right shoulder. When Lucy nodded, he sighed. He didn’t want to see his baby girl part from him. The two had been inseparable since her mother’s passing, even though all he wanted to do was sit alone in his bedroom and cry himself to sleep during those dark times. But he had an obligation as a father to make sure his daughter had closure before he did. The sound of the car door opening brought the elderly man out of his thoughts.

“Have a good day, Lucy.” She heard her father call through the ajared door. She twisted around to see him, giving him a little wave before closing the car door. She shifted back to the school, inhaling a deep breath before she made her way inside the unknown territory.

“Room 107…” Lucy thought to herself. She swore she’d been walking around in circles for the last ten minutes. Seeing a hallway she’s been down three times, she spotted a group of girls standing by a set of lockers. Lucy froze in her spot.

Did she have the gall to go over and see if they could help her? It wasn’t like she could ask them, all she could do was point to the classroom and hope they had enough common sense to understand what she meant. Looking up at the clock, she noticed that she only had a few minutes to get to class. Well, that explains why there wasn’t as many students lingering in the hallways. Sucking up her pride, she made her way over to the group.

She stood in front of the group, a polite smile on her face. They didn’t notice her presence until about a minute after she presented herself. Lucy seen the group of three give her a disoriented look.

“What do you want?” Lucy nearly flinched at the girls rude tone. Trying her best to not turn around and run, she lifted the piece of paper and pointed to the room number praying to Mavis that they got the message. The dull look she received told Lucy that the trio didn’t get what she was trying to say.

“Room 107? What about it?” When Lucy remained silent, the girls tempers flared. “If you’re not gonna tell us you can get lost.”

“Yeah, beat it!” The girl who hadn’t spoken yet shouted before shoving Lucy. Lucy wasn’t expecting to get pushed lost her footing, inevidently falling to the tiled floor with a loud thud. The blonde rubbed her aching backside as the trio of girls laughed at their actions.

“Nice one Mary.”

“That’ll teach her for ignoring us.”

“Thank you Kyoka, Briar.” Mary said with a celebratory smile on her face.

“Hey!” A new voice shouted. Lucy looked in the direction she heard the rushed footsteps coming from, eyes widening at the sight. A pink haired male, clad in dark blue jeans, a light red shirt with a black dragon decorating the right side finished with a pair of red converse, was dashing towards them.

“Oh great its the freak.” Lucy’s enhanced hearing caught what Briar had just said. The footsteps kept coming closer to them, when he finally reached the scene he positioned himself between Lucy and the three bullies.

“Whats your guys problem?!” His handsome voice shouted angrily at the trio of girls. Hearing them scoff at the boy like he was a nuisance. One of the girls stepped up to him, even though the boy was a few inches taller than he was.  

“Listen Natsu. That thing invaded our personal space and wouldn’t back off. So, we had to resort to violent measures.” She explained, the other two girls laughing in the background proving what the girl had just said was a lie. She spotted Lucy’s class schedule on the ground, picking it up.

“Its quite funny though, her having the nerve to come up to us like that. She probably doesn’t even realize who we are.” She pushed passed the boy walking over to Lucy. Crouching down, Kyoka look into Lucy’s brown eyes with her blue piercing ones. “Theres only one thing you need to learn this year newbie.” Lifting the piece of paper in front of the blondes eyes, Kyoka ripped the paper in her hands into pieces so small there was no possible way that Lucy could see which classes she needed to go too. She let the shreds fall to the ground, and stood back up towering over the defenseless girl.  

“You’re going to learn that you don’t mess with us.”

“Will you guys just leave now!?” Natsu was getting angrier each passing second, but he wouldn’t push the green haired woman out of the way. He would never lay a hand on a woman no matter how angry he was. Kyoka’s blue eyes bore into Natsu’s olive green ones.

“Seeing as if we only have a minute to class, we will. Come on Briar, Mary.” Kyoka said to her followers, who just gave dirty glance towards the duo before following their leader.

“Bitches man.” Natsu mumbled to himself before turning his attention back to the blonde girl who was still on the ground. “Hey, you okay?” She turned her head to look up at him and Natsu could see the glassiness of her eyes.

He waved his hands around frantically. “H-Hey its okay! Don’t pay attention to them, they’re the meanest girls in this joint. Their like that to everyone.” He held out his hand to her, offering to help her off the ground. He noticed she was a bit wary, but took his hand anyway. He gently pulled the girl up, hand still holding hers.

“I’m Natsu! And you are?” Lucy just looked to the ground confusing Natsu. His confusion was short lived as the first bell of the school year rang. “Ah shit! I’m late on the first day!” His expression turned solemn. “Erza’s going to kill me…” He seen the blonde put a hand over her mouth in a laughing way, but no sound was coming out. He was going to ask, but he didn’t want to be any later to class than he already was.

“What class are you going to?” When the blonde shrugged he gave a confused look.

“How don’t you-” Realization hit him. Kyoka had ripped up her class schedule. “Shit, well. The office will print you off a new one. Do you know where the office is?” Lucy shook her head no and Natsu sighed.

So much for trying not to be tardy once this year.

“Mirajane!” Natsu said making his way into the office with Lucy. Lucy observed as a gorgeous woman with long white hair and crystal blue eyes turned around to them, a pleasant smile on her face.

“Hello Natsu.” She responded. “Aren’t you suppose to be in class right now?”

Natsu sighed. “Yeah, well Kyoka and her followers ripped up this girls schedule and she doesn’t know where to go. Could you print her up a new one?” Mirajane looked behind Natsu too see the blonde, her face cutely flushed.

“Of course!” Mirajane beamed. “Can I just get your name sweetie?” The blonde’s face fell. Her heart beat racing feeling the stares of the other two in the room. She walked up to the counter of the front office, about to grab pen and paper when the sound of a bell chiming caught the trio’s attention. They turned their gaze to the front door where a short man clad in a brown suit waltzed in.

“Natsu Dragneel what kind of trouble are you causing now? It’s only the first day.” He grumbled angrily. Lucy seen how Natsu put his hands up in defense.

“Its not me Gramps! Kyoka and her bitch twins bullied this girl and tore up her schedule so I’m just trying to help her out! Honest!”

Makarov chuckled at the boys statement. “May Erza have mercy on your poor soul.” The short man turned to the blonde, eyes widening instantly recognizing who the female beside him was.

“You’re… Lucy Heartfilia correct?” The blonde nodded, relieved that the situation was averted. “I’ve spoke to your father quite a few times and informed me of your condition. The teachers aid we had set up didn’t pull through, so we’re looking for other options. But we did inform all your teachers of your situation.”

Natsu looked between the two. Condition? Teachers aid? Contacting her father? Telling the teachers? He looked to Lucy, seeing her just nod like she has been.

What exactly was wrong with this girl?

Noticing the awkward silence, Mirajane decided to speak. “So one schedule for Miss Lucy Heartfilia coming right up!” She said in a cheery voice heading over to the printer.  She pulled the piece of paper, walking back to the counter and handing it to the blonde.

“Looks like your first class is room 107 with Mr. Clive. I’ll write you two passes. Whats your first hour Natsu?”

“Oh, uh, same I have Gildarts too.” Natsu stumbled out, not completely out of his thoughts just yet. Mirajane finished the passes and handed them to Natsu.

“Have a great first day of learning you two!” Mira said waving them off. Natsu nodded his thanks, walking out the office doors behind Lucy. Still wondering what was wrong with the girl.

“So, your names Lucy huh?” Natsu asked trying to make conversation as they made their way to the classroom. Lucy nodded once again, not speaking.

He scratched the back of his head, trying to relieve some of his nerves. He couldn’t take when people didn’t talk, he couldn’t stand silence. “You don’t talk much do ya?” This time he got a different reaction, one that almost made him feel guilty for asking. She bowed her head almost shamefully, shaking her head from side to side.

He was about to speak again when he realized that they finally made it to room 107. “We’re here Lucy!” He said as happily as he could, trying to cheer her up at least a little bit. He seen her look up, her chocolate brown eyes brightening slightly. Natsu took a deep breath and turned the door handle to the door.

When he opened the door, he seen Gildarts writing some things on the chalkboard. The door suddenly made a noise, earning the attention of everyone in the classroom. Gildarts black eyes glaring at the students who interrupted his lesson.

“Oh its just you Natsu.” He said so nonchalantly Natsu took a little offense to it. Gildarts looked past him to the blonde standing behind him. “And who is this?”

“This is Lucy.” Natsu spoke for her.

“Ahhh so you’re the Lucy I heard about.” Gildarts remarked. “Well Lucy I am Mr. Clive, your history and homeroom teacher. Its a pleasure to have you in class.” He gave a teasing look to the pink haired male. “And my apologies that Natsu’s the first person you had to meet at your new school.”

Natsu felt a vein pop out of his forehead. “What the hell is that suppose to mean!?”

“Natsu watch yourself, I know who Erza has first hour.” Natsu audibly gulped at the mention of the red haired she devil. “Now, go ahead and find an empty seat. There will be a seating chart tomorrow, also get out a sheet of paper and a pencil for notes.” He instructed before the two made their way to their seats.

He watched Lucy as she set her backpack on the ground next to her, thinking the poor girl couldn’t even find her locker. She pulled out a blue and pink striped notebook along with a silver glitter pencil. He coughed awkwardly and leaned over his desk.

“Hey Luce, do can i borrow some paper and a pencil?” Lucy gave him an annoyed look but complied with his wishes.

“Thanks.” He said, not really expecting an answer back. He leaned back in his chair, ignoring the lector that Gildarts was giving. Suddenly an idea popped in his head. If Lucy wouldn’t talk to him, maybe she would write him!

Instead of taking notes, he scribbled the question that’s been bothering him since the office on the sheet of paper and handed it over to Lucy.  He seen her give a surprised look at the paper and tilted her head in his direction. He gave a sly grin, happy to see her unfold the paper and read his question.

“Why don’t you talk?”

Natsu watched as Lucy sighed, her eyes downcast. He wanted to apologize but seen her write down a reply and hastily throw the paper back at him. He quickly took the paper to open it up and see her reply.

“Because I can’t.”

Natsu was surprised at her short answer. He wrote down another question before quickly passing it back to her before their teacher seen it.

“What do you mean you can’t talk?”

The glare she gave him made him uneasy. She looked like she was about to reply to his message when Gildarts spoke up.

“Okay guys I don’t feel like teaching anymore today.” The older man said dropping the chalk and plopping down in his black mesh rolling chair. “Instead, we have a new student joining us today. Lucy, would you please come to the front?”

Lucy froze in her seat. It took her a moment before she got a hold of her senses and slowly stood up, making her way to the front of the classroom and stood face flushing feeling everyone’s gazes on her.

“This is Lucy Heartfilia. Please make her feel welcomed.”

“I’ll sure as hell make that cutie feel comfortable.” Someone spoke out making the class laugh out loud. Lucy felt uncomfortable by the comment, both Natsu and Gildarts could tell.

“Thats enough.” Gildarts roared, silencing the class. “Thank you Lucy, you may sit now.” Lucy didn’t need to be told twice, already mortified on her first day of public school.

She looked at the note on her desk, most importantly the question Natsu had asked her. She sighed before putting her still shaking hand to the paper and began to write. She finished her reply and handed the note to Natsu who instantly took it. Lucy put her head down, not wanting to meet his gaze when he found out her secret.

He took the note and unfolded it, eyes widening to the size of dinner plates when he seen her reply.

“I can’t talk because… I’m mute.”


Cassie Ryder for apileofpixels‘ Buckley BC

Cassie grew up in Twinbrook, but she quickly got bored of the rural life, so she spent the majority of the last five years moving from city to city, hoping to find a job and be successful. Her biggest dream - besides becoming a well-known politician - is to find love and have kids.

Because she never stayed at a place long enough, it was hard for her to find someone to date, but now she’s hoping to settle down after winning the BC, and to gain some popularity via TV for her future career.

(I know you said vanilla, but don’t worry, her hair isn’t natural. She was born blonde.)

DL is private, I’ll send you a link soon!

The witnesses who saw a Broward County deputy sheriff kill a man who had strolled through his apartment complex with an unloaded air rifle propped on his shoulders agreed: Just before he was gunned down, Jermaine McBean had ignored the officers who stood behind him shouting for him to drop his weapon.

Nothing, the officer swore under oath, prevented Mr. McBean from hearing the screaming officers.

Newly obtained photographic evidence in the July 2013 shooting of Mr. McBean, a 33-year-old computer-networking engineer, shows that contrary to repeated assertions by the Broward Sheriff’s Office, he was wearing earbuds when he was shot, suggesting that he was listening to music and did not hear the officers. The earphones somehow wound up in the dead man’s pocket, records show.

anonymous asked:

Becommissar date night and they run into one of kommissars ex-girlfriends and Beca gets jelly.

“No. Vay.” Luisa gasped lightly, looking over Beca’s shoulder with wide eyes. Beca stopped mid sentence, looking behind her to see a tall, light haired woman lock eyes with Luisa, a smile on her face. “Johanna?” The DSM leader was still in quite some shock, standing up to greet the other woman. 

Beca watched as Luisa strode over to the woman, who she could’ve swore looked like Karlie Kloss at first glance, and the pair wrapped their arms around each other. She wasn’t sure why, but a feeling of uneasiness settled in the pit of Beca’s stomach as the hug lingered, as if the two had known each other in the past. 

And then they were walking back towards their table, a man following the stranger close by, holding her hand. “Beca, zhis is Johanna, an old…friend, of mine.” Luisa introduced the girls, knowing perfectly well that if she’d introduced Johanna as who she actually was, Beca just might have a mental breakdown. Not because she was the extremely jealous type, but because, yes, Johanna was irrevocably and undeniably, gorgeous. 

“Nice to meet you…” Beca smiled warily, extending her hand out for the girl to shake. Johanna gave her a warm smile and took her hand in hers, and damn it, why did German’s have such nice skin, or else Beca would’ve been more inclined to pull her hand away and have this woman, who couldn’t seem to keep her eyes off of Luisa, walk away. 

“And zhis is her fiancee, Felix.” The Kommissar added, noticing her gilfriends tense nature and hoping it would ease her suspicions. Thankfully, Beca was able to pull her eyes away from the blonde beauty and instead rest them on the blonde man beside her. He must’ve gotten the short end of the gene pool, because while his face was nice and sculpted, he stood at about a foot and half shorter than Johanna. 

Beca gave the couple a smile once more, before the air turned tense. Wrapping it up, Luisa and Johanna rambled on in German for a few minutes before Johanna and Felix made their way to their own table. “So, old friend?” Beca mumbled, picking up her fork and playing around with the food on her plate. 

Luisa sat down and sighed, looking at Beca with apologetic eyes. “Okay, so ve dated for a little vhile vhen ve vere traveling together in Europe.” She admitted, placing her hand over Beca’s on the table. “See? I didn’t tell you because I didn’t vant you to get upset.”

“Upset? Why would I be upset? I’m not upset.” Beca cut in defensively, shaking her head as she took a piece of bread from the bread basket and began to tear it apart and stick it in her mouth. “I mean, I didn’t even notice that she was six foot two and looked like a freakin’ Victoria’s Secret model.” She added fiercely knowing she was being unfair but not being able to help it.

Luisa raised an eyebrow in curiosity, leaning forward in her seat slightly. “Feisty maus, are you jealous?” She asked incredulously, a smirk playing at her lips. 

“Well what is she even doing here, huh? There are plenty of other restaurants in Berlin.” Beca grumbled, ignoring her girlfriends question, which already had an obvious answer. 

“Zhis is one of zhe best restaurants in zhe country, Beca. Zhat’s vhy ve are here, as vell.” The blonde pointed out with a chuckle, shaking her head. Beca huffed, looking over at the table where Johanna and Felix sat, only to find Johanna looking at Luisa, and quickly turn her head away at the sight of the brunette’s eyes burning into her own. Beca looked back at Luisa with a helpless look on her face, pouting as she got up from the table and made her way to the bathroom. “Beca!” Luisa called after her, not sure if she should follow her or give her a moment.

In the bathroom, Beca leaned against the sink counter with her arms folded across her chest, looking down at her feet. Honest to God, she never got jealous. Plenty of people looked at Luisa, even flirted with her right in front of Beca, and it didn’t bother her ever, because she knew Luisa was hers and she was Luisa’s. But Johanna had also been hers at one point. And Johanna was beautiful, she was stunning, breathtaking…everything Beca felt she lacked. She was barely an average height for a woman of her age. Her hair was…well, mousy, and plain, and didn’t do much. Her skin didn’t glow and her eyes didn’t shine, and she wasn’t perfect. And that was probably what was driving her crazy, because Luisa was perfect, and she deserved nothing less than. And that wasn’t Beca. How was she supposed to compete with that?

“Beca, are you in here?” Luisa’s voice rang out through the bathroom as she entered, and Beca refused to looked up as the clicking of familiar heels filled her line of hearing. “Little maus.” Luisa tsked, her voice gentle and soft as she neared her girlfriend. Suddenly Beca felt strong hands on her biceps, rubbing them gently in comfort. And then Luisa placed a finger underneath the brunette’s chin and lifted it so their eyes met. “I am sorry. I did not know she vould be here. I did not zhink you vould get so upset.” Luisa apologized, kissing Beca’s forehead tenderly.

“I’m not upset, I just-I’m not her.” Beca whined, her voice getting quiet. Luisa furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

“Of course you are not her. You are you.” The blonde shook her head, confused.

“No, I…she’s perfect.” Beca sighed in surrender, not wanting to meet those icy blue eyes that had always made her melt. Realizing what her girlfriend was saying, Kommissar cupped the woman’s face gently and pressed their lips together for a moment. 

“Sure. So she is perfect. Perhaps in her own vay; in her legs and in her smile. But you,” she smiled cheekily, rubbing her nose against Beca’s in admiration. “You are zhe perfect one. In everyzhing. Your legs. Your smile. Your brain; your laugh, your voice, your kisses…” She giggled as she trailed off, pressing Beca against the counter with her hips and kissing her once more. “I vant you.” She confirmed, before her hands trailed down the Bella’s body, one resting on her thigh, teasing the hem of her dress, and the other at her neck. 

The German’s lips moved from Beca’s, down her jaw line and eventually to her neck where she would nip occasionally, leaving dark bruises in her path. Beca threw her head back in pleasure, clawing at the back of Luisa’s dress, wishing her own dress was a bit loser so that she could spread her legs a bit more as Luisa’s thigh pressed up right in between them. “Fuck…” The smaller woman breathed, her eyes fluttering shut at the sensation of Luisa’s tongue prodding at the newly formed love bites. 

“Oops.” The new voice sent a shock to both the women, Luisa jumping and looking up, while Beca’s eyes snapped open towards the door where Johanna stood. “I’m sorry. I’ll…um…” The blonde breathed, a bit flustered at the whole scene as she turned on her heel and scurried out. Beca smirked in triumph, while the Kommissar held back a laugh. 

“Talk about perfect timing…” Beca grinned, pulling Luisa in for one last kiss before they fixed themselves up in the mirror and made their way back to their table.

Almost Lover: Nate Maloley Imagine Part 2

Part 1 

Sorry it got a bit lengthy, but I hope you guys enjoy! kristenthecreator

You and Nate kept in constant contact the first month after his departure. You two had scheduled Skype dates every night, where you were always grateful that you hadn’t begun to show yet, and texted and talked on the phone all throughout the day and night. But soon you had less Skype calls, then less phone calls, and then all you ever did was text. Then it became a rare occasion when you’d receive anything from him at all. That’s why you were so surprised when one day you found a message on your phone that read, “Hey, I’m home. And I want to see you so bad. I missed you like crazy. Let me know when you’re free to meet up.”

You swore your heart stopped beating at the message.

How the hell were you going to explain to him that you had a child? His child?

It had been so long since you last saw him and you always figured that would’ve been the last time. You had no problem with being a single mother, although you were young, you had a stable job and an apartment big enough for you and your daughter and parents and life-long friends who fully supported you and loved your little girl almost as much as you did. You were secure in your lifestyle. But the thought of Nate re-entering your life sent your head spinning.

“Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.” You repeated over and over as you paced across your kitchen tile.

Your daughter’s nanny, as well as your newfound friend, Carrie, sat with Ava in her arms watching as you had your little outburst.

“Hey (Y/N), why don’t we try to calm down a little bit, love?” Carrie tried.

“Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god!

“Okay or not.” She dead panned, shifting your three-month-old in her arms.

You tangled your hands into your hair and tugged in frustration before finally willing yourself to take a deep breath and take a seat across from Carrie and your little girl. You rested your forehead in your palms.

“What the hell am I going to do?” You asked, desperation clear in your voice.

Just then Ava began to fuss.

“I think someone wants their Mommy.” Carrie cooed and you held out your hands for your baby girl.

As soon as Ava was in your arms, she settled and even gave you a small smile. All your troubles seemed to fade away as you looked into the wide hazel eyes of your daughter and smiled softly down on her.

“Am I allowed to offer advice?” Carrie asked quietly.

You pressed Ava’s small body against your chest and held her close.

“Yes, please. Please tell me what to do!” You replied.

“(Y/N), I can’t tell you what to do. But I do see how happy Ava makes you. And I think that Nate deserves to know that happiness as well, don’t you?” She asked carefully.

You contemplated Carrie’s wise advice as you kissed your daughter’s curly head of hair.

You nodded in response and Carrie grinned.

“Now the only question is how.” You said.


You opened the door to see Nate on the other side and just as it always had, his smile sent your heart hammering and butterflies flying in your stomach.

“God I missed you.” he spoke before swiftly taking one long stride inside the door and gathering you up in his arms.

And just like that, as you were wrapped up in his embrace with your head set firmly against his hard chest, you were back to being young, carefree, and hopelessly in love.

“I missed you too.” you croaked.

He held you for a long while before pulling away carefully and examining your apartment.

“So this is your place, huh?” He spoke and offered you a grin.

You nodded your head.

“Yeah, yeah. This is it.” You said, observing Nate as he looked around and smiled.

“It’s very you.” He said.

“Well that’s the point, isn’t it?” You asked with a small laugh.

Nate presented you with his dimpled smile and shrugged.

“I guess so!”

“So can I get you anything?” You asked, walking into the kitchen with Nate shortly following.

You panicked when you saw a baby toy on top of your kitchen counter and quickly swiped it off.

“What was that?” He asked.

“Oh, nothing. So what can I get you? I have water, soda, juice…” You rambled off as you opened up the fridge, quickly closing it halfway and standing in front of it when you noticed the bottles of milk and juice that were on the top shelf for Ava.

Why were you acting this way? You brought him here to tell him the truth!

“Water’s fine.” He stated with a smile that send the butterflies stirring all over again.

Maybe you weren’t ready yet.

You nodded and went to retrieve a glass of water, setting it in front of him and watching as he took a sip. He put the glass down and smiled at you.

“So…how have you been?” He asked.

Just as you were about to respond, Carrie walked through the door with your daughter placed firmly in her stroller.

“Almost forgot the sunblock! Little girl burns just like you do!” Carrie stated with a laugh before taking in the sight of you and Nate in the kitchen.

“Uh-oh.” She said.

Your worried eyes landed on Nate but were surprised to see him smiling.

“(Y/N), you’re a mom? When did that happen?” He asked pleasantly.

Your throat instantly went dry.

Carrie still stood in the doorway.

“Um…do you still want me to take her…or…?” She asked.

You shook your head and walked over to her, promptly picking the little girl from the stroller and into your arms.

“I got her.” You told Carrie.

“I’m so sorry.” She whispered to you.

“No, it’s really okay. You were right. He should know.” You replied, holding Ava to your chest.

Carrie nodded before mouthing ‘good luck’ and walking out the door. You shut it behind her and walked back into the kitchen with Ava in your arms.

Nate smiled when you settled back in your seat beside him. You shifted Ava so that she laid in your arms instead of against your chest. Her hazel eyes connected with Nate’s matching set.

“(Y/N)…she’s beautiful.” He gasped.

You couldn’t help but smile. Ava cooed and held out her little hand and Nate quickly offered his index for her to grip onto, which she did almost immediately. He smiled down on the little girl.

“(Y/N), seriously, when did you become a mom?! I can’t believe you didn’t tell me!” He gushed, still completely oblivious.

“Um. A while ago.” You replied uncomfortably, but luckily Nate was too busy being enchanted by the baby to take note of your discomfort.

You could see in his face as a thought occurred to him.

“Are you with someone? I mean like…the father? Is he around?” Nate asked carefully.

This was it.

You swallowed hard before replying.

“Yes. He’s around right now.” You said.

Nate furrowed his brow as he met your eyes.

“What?” He asked out of clear confusion.

“Her father is in the room.” You said.

Nate glanced around the room, still clearly puzzled.

“Holding her finger.” You clarified even further and watched as Nate’s face went white.

What?” He spoke almost in a whisper.

He looked down again at your daughter, noticing the now clear resemblance: the hazel eyes, the dark curls, the button nose.

He was still and completely silent and you sat, awaiting a sudden outburst of anger. But none came.

“She’s mine?” He asked softly, tears in his eyes.

You realized then that tears of your own were pooling in your eyes as you nodded.

“Her name is Ava.” You told him.

“Ava.” He repeated the name as if it was the most gorgeous sound he’d ever heard.

Ava cooed again and gripped Nate’s finger closer to her chest.

“Nate, I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you. I didn’t know how…I was so young and I’m so sorry…” You tried to explain yourself, but Nate’s mind was elsewhere.

“Can I hold her?” He asked softly.

A tear slipped down your cheek.

“Yeah, of course.”

You handed Ava over to her father and watched as he handled her with gentle hands and looked adoringly down on her.

“Oh my god.” He muttered and you couldn’t help the joyous giggle that bubbled from your lips, thinking of how you’d repeated that phrase over and over in panic at the thought of this moment.

Tears were spilling freely down your cheeks now as you watched Nate hold Ava close.

“Is it crazy to say that I think I’m already in love with her?” He asked.

You laughed slightly.

“Not at all. She tends to have that effect on people.” You replied, remembering the first moment you’d held her in your arms and how quickly you’d fallen for her.

“Nate, I’m sorry.” You tried again.

He looked up at you and shook his head, reaching over to wipe the tears off of your face, and then cup your cheek in his hand while still holding his daughter with one strong arm.

“How could you be sorry? You gave me the most beautiful gift in the world, baby.” He said.

You sobbed and pushed your face further into his warm palm.

“If anyone should be sorry, it’s me. I should’ve been here. I should’ve known. It’s not fair that you had to raise her all on your own.” He continued.

“I had help.” You replied meekly.

“Yeah, but she should have her father.” He said, bringing both hands back to her.

“I mean, if that’s alright with you, of course.” He added quickly.

“It’s more than alright, Nate.” You told him and he smiled yet again before leaning in to kiss you; a kiss that made you wonder if the butterflies he gave you would ever settle.


Jamie watched as his wife was dragged out of Wentworth by Randall. Murtagh waited outside to take her back to Craig Na Dune per Jamie’s wish, he didn’t wish any harm to come to them. 

Shall we begin?

He looked groggily at the light as it filtered through the small window, he would hang, his wife was safe, he smiled when he felt Randall wake beside him, “I am sorry to shatter your illusion of hope but you will not die today” he whispered into Jamie's ear, Jamie looked up at him in horror, “you swore to me you would kill me!” He growled slowly, and painfully, he sat up looking the other in the eye. Randall was smiling broadly, “the Duke of Sandringham has stopped your execution on the strict understanding that I would be taking custody of the dangerous warrior” Jamie started shaking, “no” he mumbled over and over, “please no” 

Roger Wakefield smiled as he found it, “yes I’ve found it, James Fraser…execution was cancelled by orders of the Duke of Sandringham but it does not say what happened to him after” 


Her body was glowing. Utterly shining.

Whether it was her sunscreen or the sweat on her body, Nico didn’t care.

Maki was sunbathing with Eli, the two done with their skin that resembled snow. Nico was under the shade with some exotic drink in hand; a BiBi date on the shore.

Dim red eyes traced Maki’s slim back and her reddening spine; her lips could feel her sweaty thigh and her hands itched to pinch off the straps of her bikini top….

She swore she saw a sliver of teasing purple escape the confines of Maki’s arms, practically inviting her over while their leader was asleep. Nico gulped down the collection of saliva on her tongue and looked away. Today she would will herself to ignore it.

But damn if Maki wasn’t going to get it tonight.


Yang was alone with Yatsuhashi. She had made a mistake and engaged Velvet, not realizing this giant was her protector. But Yang was struggling. She swore she was being hit by love at first sight. The girl had a faint blush as the two stared at eachother

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"Shit!" Didre swore as the last bit of her lunch slipped from her fingers. Unlike most of the people in the Castle, she preferred to eat her lunch out in the fields. It was less of a trek. That also meant sometimes, the wind picked up her lunch, and flung it. Didre scrambled after the apple, not seeing the tall blond man her apple was rolling toward.

Jarl leaned down to pick up the apple as it kept rolling towards him. Seeing Didre try to scamble after it let him put two and two together fairly quickly, and he extended the hand to give it back to her.

“Take it this is yours?”

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"I swore to myself that I wouldn’t join in the Hestia spamming" You make us proud man. you just restored my faith in tumblr. and raised my love for your blog

Whoops, this is really old.

Freya is best goddess anyway

Not On The Schedule

He felt himself stomping towards the exit desperate to get to the vehicle rolling his eyes as he heard the hurried footsteps of his sister and her assistant.

He had barely seen her in passing, she was altogether new to his small group which made him edgy of at least that’s what he liked to blame it on instead of her piercing blue eyes.

With a sigh he pushed back the thought of her perfect pink parted lips a memory he kept from the first time they met and focused instead on the next few minutes.

Flashes began thanks to the mob of camera men and women outside as he heard Caroline mutter something about keeping a tight schedule that made his lip quirk.

The doors opened and instantly he felt himself tense his small pause caused his sister to run into his back and almost topple over into the crowd.

Another flash hit his eyes Klaus swore these sunglasses were only for show as a conversed-clad someone stepped on his foot as he tried not to get shoved again.

Klaus threw a small glare in Caroline’s direction at the small stomping and she threw him an ‘oh please’ glare he half-smirked knowing him stomping on her feet would hurt more.

Still for her to treat him like that made him feel good considering most of his assistants before were only too happy to appease him even if he was at fault.

He turned his head caching sight of his sister as she pushed her way through with amazing durability especially in the outfit and shoes she had walked out in.

One girl he saw almost jumped Marcel his bodyguard they were this close to the SUV when the vehicle lurched forward without them and crashed into a water hydrant and it exploded before his eyes.

His stomach dropped as his only viable exit drove out of his grasp quite literally his head turning to his sister who was shoving a few people off of her boyfriend Marcel.

A thought appeared that maybe he should hire her for the next outing instead of Marcel as the noise went up a level people quickly realizing he was in the middle of the thicket.

The fans rioted in an instant as he felt a hand grab his firmly he gripped it unable to turn in that direction to see so Klaus wasn’t sure who it was or where they were dragging him.

He nearly fell as he helped one woman up who then promptly dropped at his touch thrilled he shook his head at her as he moved faster.

It wasn’t until he threw his head back his eyes widening at the sight of her, her hair bouncing in the wind as she got them through maneuvering their bodies like a master.

Klaus held her hand tighter as she pushed through saving him as he forgot about his luggage and everything only focusing on them both.

Her face turned worry marring her features as she drags him through the crowd his glasses falling a second later he swears he hears them crushed as they crouch and run.

He hears Marcel behind him yelling for him to ‘go’ and he kicks it into high gear his other hand grabbing her forearm as she leads them the other way.

He feels an elbow to his face and can only imagine how Caroline is holding up in front of him now that his fans seem to have caught on that she’s with him and not a part of the crowd.

His hand quickly grips her at her waist maintaining their closeness as the situations intensifies and then finally he doesn’t feel as if he’s being groped from every angle.

It’s the first time they’ve ever been alone and someone he’s more nervous now than he was before impossible but true and it’s all her.

“Where are we going?” he asks as she gives one final tug and they hastily run into an alleyway he hadn’t noticed before.

“I’m kind of making this up as I go along,” she says with little confidence as his fingers entangle with hers the crowd quickly gaining as they walk speedily.


Caroline feels like a computer that won’t boot, ‘Klaus Mikaelson is holding my hand‘ should not be the only thoughts running through her head.

He’s my boss and I’m not a weirdo fan wanting a lock of his hair,” she tells herself thankful its still loud enough that he can’t hear her and mad that she even said it outside of her mind.

Klaus smells unbelievable but seriously that wasn’t the point she tells herself as she takes a deep breath her eyebrows shooting up as she hears noises from behind them.

“Quick,” she says shoving him against the wall as a few of the remaining fans run past them her lips brushing his accidentally spiking her blood pressure.

Klaus licks his upper lips as she tries not to think anything of it focusing instead on the crowd of people a few feet away from them searching.

He shifts against her crowding them both into the corner they have hid themselves in as she hears one say, “Is that him?” Caroline looks at him in panic.

“Sorry,” she whispers against his lips as she presses her lips to his her eyes rolling back at how his lips feel against hers.

Her eyes roll back to keep from moaning as his fingers weave through her hair his head tilting as he kisses her from another angle as the crowd passes.

They hide in the shadows looking like two lovers instead of what they really were assistant and boss that thought is like a wet blanket over the warming heat building in her stomach.

It’s the one thing that makes her stop kissing him as his lips linger over her face, “Thank you,” he whispers in her ear as it grows quiet.

He groaned deep in his throat the moment her lips touched his it was a clever idea one that had been played out in a few of his films but he’d never done it before.

Not with someone that made him feel like the characters in his film felt, his eyes fluttered shut that instant feeling her body pressed to his.

The fog clears making him shiver as she speaks, “Not a problem,” she replies as drops her hands from his chest refusing to meet his eyes as she takes a small step back giving him some space to breathe.


Their eyes locked as she tucks her hair back into her ponytail and fixes her green jacket his body tingles with excitement, he vaguely wonders what is happening to him.

His back feels like its glued the brick behind him keeping him from moving on from the moment it when she fixes him with look that he makes an effort to move.

“You know that’s the look you give Geniveive right before you take her in your arms and kiss her in the first Kiss Me Or I’ll Kill You movie.” Caroline tells him as she crosses her arms.

Klaus smirks in victory, “I thought you didn’t watch my films,” he comments wishing he could see the pink coloring of her cheeks as she laughs nervously.

She really hates him, she thinks as she shoves him softly hearing him grunt as he bounces off of the wall and uses the action to spring forward.

“Well I’m a sucker for vampire hitmen flicks,” she says as he draws closer his hands reaching for her as she walks backwards and he strides forwards.

“I wish they’d let you keep you accent though,” she remarks as her hands go up his chest pressing against her fingers.

“You like it, do you?” Klaus asks as his hand caresses one of hers over his chest her mouth falls open then clamps shut making him want to eat the grin forming on his lips.

“I mean it’s- it’s not bad,” she stutters as he touches her hands running them down his front until she’s hugging him to her, “Like beer goggles,”” she blurts as she smells him again.

Klaus chuckles as his hands ride up her arms massaging her as she mewed his face leaning against hers as he holds her neck and cups her face.

“I feel the same way about your laugh,” he admits their mouths an inch apart, “To put it shortly it makes me feverent,” he tells her, “The happy lines it makes I spend so much time trying to recreate with paper.”

Caroline feels the wind get knocked out of her, “We should be heading back, I think I dropped my phone,” she sputters as she grasps for a reality because this can’t be it.

She wracks her brain trying to think whether or not she got hit in the head earlier and if so how hard as his eyes search hers.

His hands on hers heating her up as he shakes his head, “They can wait a little longer,” he tells her as his lips brush her quivering lip once his nose pressing against hers.

“But the schedule,” she pants as her chests pushes against his with every breath he smiles nodding softly, “Klaus,” she sighs as he kisses her again.

“We’ll make it,” he murmurs in between kisses as Caroline gives into him feeling that he means more with those words than just the schedule.

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Hi! I just wanted to thank you because I met Ed last night and I honestly owe a lot of it to you. I don't have an active tumblr anymore but last year I found yours and you met Ed like twice in two months through contests and I swore that next time he came to NYC I'd enter every contest I could find. And I entered a few and I WON??? It was the best experience of my life so yeah I wanted to let you know :)

SEEEEEEEE I always tell you guys that if you enter everything things will eventually work out in your favor and see! It works! It really works! 

I’m so so so happy for you and I hope that meting him was everything you ever expected it to be! Congratulations!! :D


read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1FRgLCe

by Antecedent

Sherlock Holmes, a shy, aloof ballet dancer, loves ballet, and ballet only. He tried it once, being in love, but after humiliation and heartbreak, he swore it off forever. Then, John Watson comes along, and turns his world upside down The kindhearted rugby captain sits on the studio floor just inches from him, laughs at his dry sense of humor, waits for him after dance, and drives him home afterwards. Sherlock wants him, but how can someone so undeserving and incapable of love think that someone as wonderful as John Watson would ever love him back?

Words: 1117, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1FRgLCe

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talk about your first love

I was young and I swore I loved him, I swore we fit perfectly. we got along so well and never fought, we always laughed with each other, and in my head I told myself we were meant for each other. after a year and a half I guess he didn’t think so anymore and left, we tried to be best friends like we had always promised we would be if we ever broke up. it was about 6 months after when I realized I had lost the person I loved and my best friend as well. call me crazy but I still hold on to the little hope that he might come back into my life one day. I doubt that will happen, but you never know. he has a new girlfriend now, and it’s been a couple of years. I hope he’s doing well

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When my best friend came out to me when we were children, I swore I would protect him with my life. When we were doe-eyed teenagers dreaming of our someday families, he asked me to be the surrogate mother of his children, and I said yes, of course, like it was the most natural thing in the world. Now he's found the love of his life, and he's asked me to officiate the wedding ceremony. I'd do anything for him, but my fear of public speaking has been weighing on my mind a lot recently. Any advice?

Awww, oh my gosh, that’s one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard. :) I can totally understand you being nervous as hell, that’s really nerve-wracking, to officiate a wedding. I’ve spoken on a stage in front of a bunch of people and it’s definitelt scary, but you just gotta practice what you’re going to say, probably write it down so you have a script in case you get lost. If possible, visit the place where the wedding will be so you can stand up there and get used to it. I think you should try not to look at the people in the audience but focus on the faces of your friend and his fiance, feel their joy and excitement, and focus on how proud and happy you are to be able to share this moment with them. You get to do this, not anybody else, and that’s so awesome. Try to use that to push down or overpower the anxiety. You can do this.

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Silver Lining, Young Do and Eun Sang, 226.

this is new

“Give those back!”

Eun-Sang’s laughter rang through the house as she raced down the stairs and sprinted to the garage. She had the keys to his favorite sports car clutched tightly in her hand and he was struggling to get his pants back on. He’d lost them because she was very good at distracting him when she wanted something. His wife knew how to pick pockets.

Young-Do should’ve been able to catch her but she put both members of their staff, three doors, and a couch in between them to slow him down. By the time he made it to the garage, Eun-Sang was backing out and speeding away. Young-Do swore, grabbed the keys to his motorcycle and his helmet as he shoved his shoes on and chased after her.

Catching up to her was easy until they got into traffic. He should’ve had the advantage with his bike but the moment they got onto the freeway, Eun-Sang…drove like a race car driver. She sped through gaps he didn’t even see until she was through them. It was hot, summer, and she had the windows down. He could see her lovely hair waving behind her as she took him out of Seoul and into the country.

He was shocked they didn’t get pulled over.

Thirty minutes later she pulled off the highway and into a gas station. He parked next to her and yanked off his helmet as she got out of the car. She was still laughing as she walked up to him. Eun-Sang yanked him down by his jacket’s lapels and kissed him.

“It’s been six months. Are you bored yet?”