The older I got, the more often I met girls who were living the stories I wanted, the stories that taught me how to make my own life in their image: girls who hopped trains, hitchhiked alone across continents, vagabonded through other countries, bicycled solo for thousands of miles, wandered without company through wildernesses. But for the most part, those girls’ stories—our stories—are left off the printed page. We get dragons, sure; we can be sorceresses and princesses, witches and swordswomen, assassins and vampires and robber brides and queens. Sometimes we even get to be monsters. But a girl whose heart’s too big for her body, a girl whose whole self says go out the door and keep going—that girl’s still got to write her own book.

So I did.

—  Sarah McCarry

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are there any cute swordy girls you have your eye on? or do you like the 'fine wine' with the knights instead?

"Don’t get me wrong, the swordswomen are cute, but my mind’s on someone else…


"A-and the knights? Oh gosh, that’d be weird…"

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You. What could you possibly require from me? I do not have time for small talk.

He pressed his back against the door frame, watching the swordswomen walk closer to him. Though a bit of fear was in his mind, he didn’t allow it out. He never would allow such a dumb emotion out. 


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1. If you’re given a chance to be a part of your favorite fanfic/book/movie/game or whatever, what would it be and what would be your role?

My favorite game of all time EVER is The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. A fanartist who did an AU based on the Running Mailman. He fell in love with a bronzed-skinned Hylian (though I honestly think she was a Gerudo, which makes it even more interesting, because Gerudo’s are a desert race entirely of women thieves and swordswomen. No men are allowed at all), and they had a daughter. I’d either be their daughter or the actual Gerudo woman.

2. If you’re a fanfic writer, which among of your fics would you like to turn into a movie. If you’re a reader, pick 3 fics you want to direct.

Okay, so I seriously want to direct Bellingrath by willowwingNo Lube, No Condoms, No Service and Flights by ddelusionall. Three of my all-time favorite fics from my two all-time favorite fic writers (and two of my favorite unnies)! Wish I could pick four, because then I’d pick Before the Deluge by Neh-Sarang (formerly “baileymoyes”)

3. If you were a permanent tattoo and you get to choose who gets you, what would it be and where do you want it done?

I think I’d like to be a permanent tattoo on Amber… HaHa. Firstly, she doesn’t have any as far as I know, so I’d be something special and memorable for her (most first tats are memorable). And I’d like for it to be somewhere secret to everybody but known by her (because she’d hold me secretly and only someone she truly cared about would be able to see it).  Secondly, JJ and Yuchun have so many meaningful tats, I’d get lost in the fray. Besides, I’d rather interact with them in reality than be a part of their skin that doesn’t get to speak to them.

4. Do you often dream? If yes, describe your most interesting dream. If no, what was your last dream about.

Yes. My most interesting is probably the one that sparked the first book I wrote (haven’t finished editing or published, but I did write it, which is the first step… HaHa).

5. But what if, you can live in your dreams but you can never leave them. Yes or No? Explain your answer.

This is a toughy. Lately most of my dreams have been pretty horrible for one reason or another, and it usually involved Hermanito. They’re also just very hyper-realistic and overexaggerated versions of the worst parts of my life. Okay… so, there it is, I’d prefer to never have to stay in my dreams because I already have to deal with pain, I don’t need to deal with it in exaggerated form… HaHa.

6. If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else currently living, would you do so? Whom would you pick?

I don’t think I’d want to trade with someone else. For no other reason than… the only person who’d have the life I truly want is one that I imagine… Haha.

7. You can write a letter to God, or whoever you believe in, what would you say to him?

Hey. You’ve been having a rough time lately. How about I come pick you up sometime this week (whenever’s convenient for you), and we go grab a bite to eat, some drinks, and go to Dave & Busters (it’s a game park) or maybe just go play Laser Tag? Does that sound cool? Let me know. Hope today’s better for you than yesterday was.

PS: I know right! Just Us was pretty much PERFECT! Are you getting 3Voices III? If so, you GOTTA let me come over and watch it, dude!

8. If you turned into an angel, whom would you choose to help first?

My mum. Without getting into detail, our relationship has always been… rocky, and a lot of it stems from what she sees as shortcomings in herself. It’s always marred the way she’s treated me. If I could, I’d be there to make her feel better, help her make better decisions, and take away this stress she puts on herself, then conversely puts on her family.

9. Would you rather go back to the past and meet your ancestors or go way into the future to meet your greatchildren?
I don’t plan on having kids… so no great-grandchildren… HaHa. Besides, I’d like to be part of the changes that happen. Ancestors for sure. Wanna see if I can help change things back then to make sure the future is as awesome as it should be.

10. You need to kill some supernatural beings, who do you bring along?

Bruce Lee and Lailah Ali… HaHa.

11. List ‘who you want to be’ as Husband/Boyfriend, Bestfriend, Brother/Sister, Parents, Enemy, etc. in any fandom.

I love all my fandom chingus like family. So I don’t know… HaHa.


1. If you could ban one type of food, what would it be?

2. It’s your 20 year high school reunion. The bitch/asshole who used to pick on you shows up looking a hot mess, and everybody knows their life is worthless now. They come up to you. What do you say to them?

3. What food are you craving at this very minute?

4. You meet your bias and instantly hit it off with him/her. After a few days he/she asks you on a dinner date. Where do you go? (Lot of food kestians… I’m hungry… HaHa.)

5. Who’s your biggest non-Kpop bias?

6. What’s one gross human bodily function you can forgive?

7. When did you know your ultimate bias was “The One”?

8. Have you ever started liking a member of a group that you didn’t think you would? If so, who?

9. What did you do for your last birthday?

10. What time is it right now?

11. What’re the first three songs that come up in your mp3 when it’s on shuffle? The first is playing when you meet your bias for the first time. The second is the song that plays when he/she proposes. The third is the song that plays when he/she surprises you with an anniversary dinner.

Okay then! That was fun. Coming up with kestians is sorta difficult… HaHa. So I tag… lee-joon-ssi-wonderful, cn-to-the-diana, yoochunsnoona, and mandarince (cuz she was so nice to answer the ones I sent her before, and I love her answers ^^)


Crowds filled the alley and I catch the back of a man riding an elephant—through the thin alley—doing their best to gracefully round a corner and avoid an awning and overhead sign.  I run into a girlfriend, and zigging and zagging through the alleys and ghats to the front of the parade, to photograph the FRONT of the elephant, we come face-to-face with silver faced, elaborately embellished disc head swordswomen, with raised swords.  Yes, that is the point of the sword!  We grab each others’ hand and run… 

Shivaratri, Varanasi, India

M!A- Genderbend- Kirena and Sasha

Gods, this was a predicament.

As the rosy blush faded from his cheeks, his scarred face pulled into a grimace as he strapped on the armor- feeling the awkward plating tug at him- feeling for all the world like it didn’t belong on him.

Which, in all fairness, it didn’t- his real armor was the standard-issue armor Ylisse gave to its swordswomen- but it would be gathering dust for a while, it seemed, as the last bit of plating was secure on his person.

Sasha sighed- reaching for his blade- when he heard a knock on the door.

"Er, come in…"  He coughed- still unused to hearing his own voice.