Hello (: I’d like to take the time to introduce myself in this first post. So…(bare with me I’m not good with intros) Stormer is what I’d prefer to be called and I am a writer/illustrator. If you noticed the funny title (The Legend of Elgranon) that is the name of a novel I am currently writing and hoping to publish in the future. If you are interested at seeing what it is about, check out my website:

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There’s a reason Mink rarely ventures outside the Northern District, or the compound where the his team resides. It was busier here, compared to the ghost town he practically lives in. The Southern Distract was vastly different, alive with people going about their business. He’d stopped outside one particular shop, peering in through the window. A moment later though, he can feel a heavy gaze on him, and without turn towards the source, he speaks. “Quit staring.”

& ( swordstorm ) ;;


( DARKSLAYER ; ) yamato’s punishment was dealt swiftly and bereft of hesitation upon the vermin that crawled in the foulest reaches of the underworld, the yamato’s blade nigh screaming as it cut the very air in twain with the sheer force of his arm-movement. artistic and unparalleled in his bladework, yet another fallen carcass faded into shadow-matter at his feet as a resolute expression graced the cambion’s noble, alabastrine features. damnation’s bane was this frost-haired swordsman who had vowed to reach the human world once again, even if he had to crawl out on hands & knees ( which was decidedly beneath his stature, but his life mattered much more. )

the caves quaked and rumbled with mundus’ anger at his prisoner’s escape. alas, he did not have too much time left, already slightly weakened with the strength it had taken to free himself from his bonds. vergil needed to make good on the promise of escape soon, otherwise, a certain doom would befall the blue devil and he would be forced to remain swathed in darkness’ grasp forevermore.

                                            ‘ …tch. ’ 


If anyone did happen to check out my website (which is quite unlikely lol) much of it is older information that I had originally created. I haven’t had a lot of time to change it but I hope to fix most of it in the next couple of days so please bare with me. If anyone has any questions, you may ask any here on my tumblr account, deviantart account (same as my tumblr) and my blog on my website.